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However, to Pain's surprise, Hanc.o.c.k wasn't affected at all as he failed to pull her.

“Is this similar to Gravity fruit?”

Hanc.o.c.k stepped up and directly stood in the air and attacked.

Slave Arrow!


A pink arrow suddenly moved so fast that it disappeared and directly went toward Pain. The interval between the use of his ability didn't pa.s.s yet, so he could only jump to avoid the attack.

At this moment, all the members of the Akatsuki attacked Hanc.o.c.k.

Although she seemed to kill Kakuzu and Hidan easily, they would step down, even if they were in front of Has.h.i.+rama.

Although they were proud, it didn't mean they were stupid, because they knew this woman was strong.

Deidara arrived at Hanc.o.c.k's side, and a clay doll was thrown at her, and then it became bigger and bigger =.

“Using this kind of thing, do you want to blow all of us?”

White Zetsu looked at the sky as he spoke without hesitation.

“Art is An Explosion! Take this!”

Deidara didn't pay attention to Zetsu as he directly said excitedly.

But, even after he shouted, the explosion didn't appear.

He saw that Hanc.o.c.k caught Deidara's clay and directly made it turn into stone and lost the ability to explode.

“d.a.m.n! If she can do this, what can I do…”

Deidara was very depressed and annoyed. When he was facing the old man Onoki, he used his explosion, and the old man was afraid of them that he even used the Dust release.

When his clay is directly destroyed, they won't explode.

And now Hanc.o.c.k could do the same.

He liked explosion, and if he didn't make them, he would feel uncomfortable.

“That's rude, always throwing these disgusting things.”

Hanc.o.c.k looked coldly at Deidara, and her foot gently moved. She suddenly flashed extremely fast and arrived in front of Deidara and kicked him.

Deidara was caught off guard, he crossed his arms in front of him and tried to resist the attack, but he couldn't as he started turning into stone.

A move to kill Deidara. After that, She didn't stop, as he foot stepped on the ground.


The ground trembled, and several cracks appeared in all directions.

“Not good!”

This was Deidara, and the other one was just a clay clone as he hid underground and wanted to sneak on Hanc.o.c.k. But he was discovered by Hanc.o.c.k.

“How did you find me? You don't have any Dojutsu…”

Deidara released many techniques to resist, but he couldn't do anything as blood flow from his mouth.

White Zetsu tried to rescue Deidara, but he couldn't, Deidara had several broken bones, and his internal organs were ruptured, and he was on the verge of death.

“The… d.a.m.n… That's it… b.a.s.t.a.r.d… Try my ultimate Art…”

“You're talking too much!”

Hanc.o.c.k stood coldly as she once again stepped on the ground.

There was no more sound coming from the ground.

Deidara's body was directly smashed into a meat paste, and his soul left his body.


His last trick was used as well, Deidara soul was angry, but it gradually faded and went to another world.

But at this time, a force prevented his soul from ascending. At the same time, a figure appeared in front of him.

“This is…”

“It's not easy to die, come and talk with me.”

Roja waved his hand at Deidara's soul with a sinister expression.

A scream was heard from the ground by Hanc.o.c.k, and only he could hear it as the Akatsuki members were oblivious about it.

At this moment, Hanc.o.c.k was surrounded by hundreds of puppets.

“Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets!”

Sasori appeared in his real body; behind him was the Third Kazekage. Hanc.o.c.k was indifferent while hundred of puppet surrounded her.

Not far away, Pain and White Zetsu didn't intervene, and Konan who was originally here turned into papers and disappeared.

“It's amazing, a normal puppeteer can control ten puppets, and that is excellent, but you control a hundred…”

This was the second time White Zetsu saw this, but he still exclaimed: “He used this ability to capture a country alone, I don't know what can the snake of the Mist do facing this number.”

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