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Wouch! Wouch!

Zetsu's voice just fell, and Hanc.o.c.k didn't wait for the Puppets to attack, she rushed forward and instantly destroyed them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just like that, the Puppets were destroyed. What is catchier was Hanc.o.c.k's movements, which seemed just gorgeous. Whenever she hit, her target would turn to stone.

None of the Puppets could stop her.

Looking at this, Sasori couldn't keep his calm anymore. Not that he could feel anything but, but he was worried. He directly used the Third Kazekage's puppet and joined the battle.

“Iron Sand!”

The Third Kazekage had the ability to control Magnetic Sand. It was once praised as the strongest ability in the Sand village. Under his attack, Iron Sand moved in storms as it moved toward Hanc.o.c.k.

It was difficult for most to defend against such a wide area attack.

Hanc.o.c.k faced this attack and didn't dodge at all. She just looked cold as the iron sand surrounded her.

The Iron sand hit her, but it seemed the iron sand hit against solid iron. The Iron sand couldn't even get past her Haki.

“This is impossible!”

Sasori looked at this and was horrified, not that he could feel a thing. (T/N: These are added because Sasori is a puppet who can't feel a thing.)

In the distance, Zetsu and Pain looked horrified. Just with her flesh, she was unscathed against the Iron Sand attacks. Is this woman really human?

“Do you really expect to hurt me with this level of attack?”

Hanc.o.c.k snorted and looked at him with disdain. She just directly went toward Sasori.

“Iron Sand Attack!”

Sasori couldn't afford to face her directly, so he commanded the puppet to attack Hanc.o.c.k with the cone of Iron sand that it formed above her.

“Just get out of the way already!”

Facing this attack, Hanc.o.c.k just flew up and kicked in mid-air turning the Iron Sand into stone and which cracked and fell.

Hanc.o.c.k arrived in front of Sasori with nothing stopping her.

Sasori was terrified and tried to resist with his puppets, but they were directly destroyed and finally, Hanc.o.c.k turned him to stone with a kick, and slowly Sasori cracked down and crumbled.

“This woman… Is terrifying…”

White Zetsu said as he sighed. Although Hanc.o.c.k didn't use any powerful attack from start to end, she gave him the feeling that he was in front of Madara.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

At this time, five figures arrived and fell into the Field.

“Pain Rikudo is here.”

Tendo Pain looked at Hanc.o.c.k and sighed in relief. He knew that alone, he wouldn't be able to face Hanc.o.c.k.

Kakuzu, Hidan, Sasori, and Deidara fell to Hanc.o.c.k, and Roja still didn't appear yet.

Nagato controlling the six bodies was shocked, and his heart sank as he didn't expect this woman to have such power.

Hanc.o.c.k looked at the six pains, and with her Haki, she could tell that they were bodies controlled from a distance and snorted: “You don't dare to come out and send these dolls?”

“I didn't think you can see our secret this fast…”

Tendo pain coldly said: “But you made a mistake. We are the Pain Rikudo, and we are G.o.d!”

“Five-seal Barrier!”


The seal was activated and trapped Hanc.o.c.k inside.

After that, the six pains didn't stop, as they decisively tried to seal Hanc.o.c.k.

But, before they could, a proud and enchanting voice came from inside the seal.

“Do you think you can trap me like this?!”


An earth-shattering sound came from inside the seal. Under Hanc.o.c.k's blow, the seal was directly destroyed. It didn't hold a candle to the Four Red Yang Formation at all.

After breaking the seal, Hanc.o.c.k directly rushed at Pain.

“s.h.i.+nra Tensei!”

Pain's face changed as he directly tried to block Hanc.o.c.k.

What surprised him is that his attack didn't even push Hanc.o.c.k back and only paused her slightly in mid-air.

Hanc.o.c.k actually resisted s.h.i.+nra Tensei!

“How can this be possible? She actually withstood s.h.i.+nra Tensei…”

This was a first for him to face someone who could do this. His body was sent back by the rebounding force of his attack.

“Summoning Jutsu!!”

The Animal Path pain pressed the ground, and a huge three dog-headed monster appeared in the field and rushed toward Hanc.o.c.k.

“Get out of my way!”

Hanc.o.c.k kicked the dog, and the remaining two heads snarled at her and moved toward her.

“Disgusting thing.”

Hanc.o.c.k showed her disgust as she avoided the dog and raised her hand and pressed on its body.

“Capture Light!”


The monster was shrouded in pink light as it screamed, and finally, when the light receded, the dog was turned into stone as it directly collapsed.

The light receded from the monster's body, but it moved toward the six pains.

The Preta path of pain jumped up and tried to absorb the light, but his ability didn't work as he was directly petrified in mid-air.


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