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Chapter 713: Cured?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Back inside.

Feng Wu had no idea how conflicted Empress Dugu was feeling. Right now, she was focused on treating the empress dowager.

All the other people cleared out of the room.

In the end, the only ones left were Feng Wu, Emperor Wu, and Master Chu.

“Your Majesty, Master Chu, you’ll have to leave the room, too,” Feng Wu said in a calm voice.

Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu. “Kiddo, are you sure?”

“I’m only half as good when other people watch me work.” That was the only explanation Feng Wu gave.

In fact, she wanted to work alone because she couldn’t use her spiritual essence when other people were around. It was still a secret.

Emperor Wu darted a warning look at Feng Wu. “You know what will happen if you can’t cure Her Majesty!”

He then left the room with Master Chu.

Master Chu actually wanted to stay, for he wanted to see how Feng Wu did it. He was still completely at a loss.

But he couldn’t stay, for even Emperor Wu had left.

Darting a regretful look at Feng Wu, he walked out of the room, turning to look back repeatedly with every step.

Feng Wu was finally alone.

She took out a bottle of blood-thinner she had concocted before and fed it to the empress dowager.

After the aneurysm, the old lady’s intracranial pressure had soared and her vitals were dropping fast. Feng Wu had to use the blood-thinner, her ultimate weapon, right away.

Only then did Feng Wu reach out with her right index finger and make a small cut between the old lady’s eyebrows.

She slowly pulled her hand back.

A streak of dark red blood flew out of the old lady’s head with her movement.

Feng Wu directed the blood into an empty teapot.

The clot had dissolved, and flowed out of the cut as well.

Finally, with a wipe of Feng Wu’s fingers, the tiny cut on the old lady’s forehead healed completely without leaving a trace.

Outside —

Empress Dugu stared at Master Chu. “Master Chu, are you sure about this? Can that girl do it?”

Master Chu smiled bitterly. “If she really was the one who treated Her Majesty before I arrived, then she’s definitely a much better doctor than I am.”

Master Chu had a big heart.

1As the head of the bureau of physicians, it was easy to a.s.sume he would be jealous of those with better medical skills. However, all Master Chu cared about were good skills, not who they belonged to.

And that was exactly why Emperor Wu liked him.

A cultivator’s character was more important than their martial prowess.

Gripping her handkerchief, Empress Dugu stared at the closed door!

If… if the empress dowager died from Feng Wu’s treatment… she would be able to get rid of that paranoid, biased old hag forever. And Feng Wu would die for it as well…

G.o.d, please hear my prayer.

Empress Dugu repeated it over and over again in her head.

“What are you doing?!” Lady Northern Feng glowered at Empress Dugu.

The question startled Empress Dugu, but she reacted quickly enough and glared back at Lady Northern Feng. “I’m praying for Her Majesty, of course! What do you think I’m doing?”

“I think you’re cursing Her Majesty.”


Empress Dugu glared at Lady Northern Feng with bloodshot eyes.

“Your Majesty —” Tugging at Emperor Wu’s robe, Empress Dugu wailed, “Lady Northern Feng is giving me such a hard time. Your Majesty, you have to do me justice.”

Tears welled up in her pretty eyes and she cried like a blossoming pear tree in the spring rain.

The emperor would have found her adorable on any other day, but he was in no mood at the moment. Instead, he rebuked her. “Knock it off!”


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