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1312 Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine

Midseas.h.i.+re, Limon City.

Jasmine wrapped a scarf around her face and exited the apartment.

She had heard that the annual Limon Carnival had begun, so she wanted to visit it at the square.

Because of the war last year, the carnival hadn’t been held. This had greatly disappointed Jasmine. After that, she suffered the greatest trauma in her life. From then on, she hid at home and didn’t dare to go out.

Perhaps it was because she had been confined at home for too long—one that was very cramped—Jasmine had been eager to go on the streets recently. She wanted to walk around just like she did in the past.

As she turned her gaze, she saw her reflection in the large gla.s.s window by the side of the street.

Her figure was pitch-black without any other color. Her long dress reached her ankles, and the veil of her hat covered half of her face. From the bottom of her eyes to her neck, there was a scarf wrapped several times around her neck. Both of her hands were wearing a pair of knitted gloves.

This was completely different from the cheerful and lively Jasmine in her memories.

In the previous war, a cannonball had destroyed her original home and resulted in a fire. She suffered burns to the face, causing her body to be covered in wounds.

If not for the fact that she was lucky enough, Jasmine would’ve died from the serious injuries. But even so, she felt like her life had ended from that very moment.

Her nose had been burnt away, leaving only two black holes. There were many traces left behind by the fire on her face, neck, and hands. If she were to walk in the dark, she would pa.s.s off for a devil perfectly.

Jasmine clearly remembered one thing: on the first night of moving to this apartment, she had washed up in the public bathroom before sleeping. Just as she walked out of the door, she saw a youth walk over. The youth had also seen her.

Under the crimson moonlight, the youth revealed an expression of extreme horror, as if he would jump up at any moment. He turned around and ran away.

Finally, he controlled himself and took a few steps to the side, not daring to look at Jasmine’s face again.

This pierced through Jasmine’s fragile heart. From that day onwards, she never left the house again. Even if she had to wash up, she would wait until it was late at night.

In this aspect, she was very grateful to her parents because they didn’t say a word. They did their best to maintain their lives, relying on their original savings and the work they later found to barely support the family. They didn’t need Jasmine to work outside for a salary.

After walking a distance, Jasmine saw the main venue of the carnival—Lemon City Square.

There was a sea of heads and all kinds of reveling emotions. The enthusiastic atmosphere made Jasmine subconsciously stop in her tracks.

She didn’t dare approach, afraid that someone would notice that she was dressed strangely, afraid that she might accidentally drop her scarf.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she finally stopped. She found a clean spot by the street and sat down. She stared intently at the square.

After an unknown period of time, Jasmine sensed someone beside her.

It was a young man in a long black robe and a tall hat. He was like a magician from a circus.

The square is over there… Jasmine wanted to remind him, but after she quivered her lips a few times, she didn’t part them.

She didn’t dare to speak to anyone.

However, the young man took the initiative to walk over. He took off his hat and bowed slightly.

“Miss, do you know what this machine is for?”

Machine? Jasmine subconsciously looked up and dazedly followed the young man’s gaze.

Under the streetlamp, a small wardrobe-like machine was sitting there at some point in time.

Its surface was a bra.s.s color with a few transparent gla.s.s, gears, and bearings embedded in it. The components were exposed, looking very crude.

Jasmine retracted her gaze and shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know what the machine was.

At the same time, this also expressed her intention to reject conversing.

“It’s called a ‘Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine,'” the young man introduced with a smile. “It’s my invention. It can automatically fulfill the wish of someone who operates it. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Merlin Hermes, a wandering magician.”

Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine… Jasmine realized that she could understand every single word but failed to understand the combined name.

“You can give it a try. As the first user to experience it, it’s free,” Klein, who had taken on the ident.i.ty of Merlin Hermes, said with a smile.

Jasmine shook her head, refusing the conversation.

Klein didn’t give up. He looked at her and said, “For example, you can make a wish to be restored with your original looks.”

These words were like a sharp arrow that shot into Jasmine’s heart. She stood up in shock and retreated hastily in an attempt to leave.

She suspected that he had already seen her current appearance.

“If you don’t give it a try, how do you know that your wish won’t come true? It’s free,” Klein said unhurriedly as he looked past her into the background.

Jasmine gradually slowed down and finally stopped.

If she could be restored with her original looks, even if she had to pay a huge sum of money, she would still be willing to do so.

However, she knew that the wish in her heart couldn’t be granted by money.

I don’t have to pay anything… It’s a free try… What if it comes true… Jasmine’s thoughts were in an upheaval, and she slowly turned around as if she was being enticed by a devil.

“Really?” she asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Klein pointed at the machine.

“I can retreat ten meters, and all you need to do is to turn the wrench on the machine.

“You don’t have to remove your hat and scarf.”

The last sentence moved Jasmine into action as she quickly nodded and said, “Okay.”

Not long after Merlin retreated a certain distance, Jasmine moved closer to the machine, gingerly grasping the wrench on the “door.”

She was actually very worried that this was part of a prank that involved pulling the wrench, such as being splashed by water. This was something that would happen every year during the carnival. She and her friends had often played such pranks on others, but compared to a wish that could be fulfilled, she felt that it was an acceptable risk.

Even if it was proven that having her wish granted was impossible, it could still be treated as her experience at the carnival.

“Remember to make your wish before you turn it,” Klein reminded her from not too far away.

Jasmine collected her thoughts and silently voiced her wish.

“I want to return to my former self before the burns.”

With that, she turned the wrench nervously and expectantly.

In the next second, the “door” to the Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine opened. A normal wooden cane reached out and tapped Jasmine’s forehead.

What Jasmine didn’t notice was a golden ring embedded with rubies that had appeared on her hand.

When the wooden cane retracted back into the Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine, the golden ring with the rubies disappeared as well.

As the gears turned, Jasmine saw the machine’s “door” slowly close.

That’s it? she thought blankly.

She didn’t experience the feeling of having her wish fulfilled, nor was she being pranked. Everything seemed so strange.

“Congratulations. Your wish has been granted.” Klein walked back and clapped gently like a witness to a magical event.

My wish has been granted… How is this possible… Just as this thought flashed through her mind, she suddenly felt something beneath her scarf.

The spot where there were only two black holes left had been propped up!

Jasmine slowly raised her hand and touched her face, clearly sensing the presence of her nose.

And the quality of her breathing proved this point.

She suddenly turned around, her back facing Merlin Hermes. She walked to a shop by the side of the street and cast her gaze at the gla.s.s window.

Then, she removed the scarf covering her face.

Eyes that weren’t big, a nose that wasn’t too well-defined, and her lips that weren’t too full—the freckled face of a girl was reflected on the window.

Jasmine subconsciously raised her hand and covered her mouth. Her eyes glistened.

After a few seconds, she raised her arm and wiped her face with her sleeve. She turned to look at Merlin Hermes and said, “Are you a G.o.d?”

“I’m just a magician who likes to create miracles.” Klein smiled as he pointed at the machine beside him. “The thing you should thank the most is that—the Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine.”

“Fully Automatic…” Jasmine’s emotions stirred as she subconsciously repeated.

Klein nodded and said, “Yes, a Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine that can operate without any external help.

“You can understand it as a gas meter. As long as you throw in a coin, you can get a wish granted like how you obtain gas.

“The specific steps are very simple. Throw one penny in and make your wish before turning the wrench.

“Remember, only three wishes can be fulfilled.”

While explaining, Klein inwardly mocked himself, If I were to unfortunately die one day and become a Sealed Artifact, I hope it’s something similar to the Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine.

After leaving the capital of Midseas.h.i.+re, Constant City, Klein changed the method of granting other people’s wishes to prevent himself from being too bored.

One had to learn to seek joy in mundane work.

How miraculous… Jasmine couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt inside.

Her exhilarated emotions calmed down a little.

“Will it… I mean will this Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine stay here forever?” Jasmine asked hesitantly.

Klein smiled and said, “No.”

“It could stay here for three days, or maybe not that long. Perhaps it would disappear when the sun rises.

“But it won’t disappear forever. Perhaps one day, you will see it at the corner of the street again.”

Jasmine’s mind was in a mess and she was unable to sort out her thoughts. All she could do was bow to the machine and say seriously, “Thank you, Mr. Fully Automatic Wis.h.i.+ng Machine.”

Then, she bowed at Klein.

“Thank you, Mr. Hermes.”

As soon as she said that, Jasmine recalled the words Merlin Hermes had just said. Filled with antic.i.p.ation, surprise, and embarra.s.sment, she asked, “Three wishes can be granted?”

“Yes, but it won’t be free in the future. You will need to pay a penny,” Klein replied, unfazed by the question.

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