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Chapter 230 Getting Engaged, s.h.i.+zi Gifts Geese, Malicious Woman Gives Birth to a Deformed Baby Part 3/3

Zi You felt her head swell. How could she have time to make her wedding dress? She was so busy that she wished she had three heads and six arms. If the wedding dress was really up to her, she would certainly embarra.s.s herself on the wedding day. But she looked at Nee Liu's eyes staring seriously at her. She didn't dare to say anything and honestly replied, “Yes.”

She was thinking that she would have to find a few embroiderers to embroider her wedding clothing.

Just as she was worrying, someone came from the Palace. It was Wet Nurse Lin from the Empress Dowager's side.

Wet Nurse Lin told Zi You and Nee Liu, “The Empress Dowager knows that the wedding is approaching and there's not enough time, so she sent this old slave here to tell you that she's going to help, so the National Guardian won't be slighted.”

Nee Liu was very happy! She bowed in thanks towards the direction of the Palace.

Old General Mu, who had received Mu YingYi's carrier pigeon's message far away in Nanjiang, found out that his granddaughter and Shangguan LingRan's wedding was on December 24, which was a few days before the Spring Festival. He, Zi You's maternal grandfather Xie Yunzhai, and Shangguan LingRan's two s.h.i.+xiongs from Xuanyuan Sect couldn't sit still.

They held a discussion and decided to go back to the capital to attend Zi You and Shangguan LingRan's wedding.

Old General Mu disguised himself as Xie Yunzhai's guard and Xie Yunzhai was still a businessman. He had never been to the capital before and no one had seen him before, so he didn't need to worry and fear that he would be recognized.

The two old men took a dozen or so disguised guards, left everything in Nanjiang to second-rank General Dingguo Zhang Ziheng, and quietly went to the capital.

The disciples of Xuanyuan Sect returned to Mount Emei and planned to come with their s.h.i.+fu Daoist Xuanyuan to the capital.

Shangguan LingRan was Daoist Xuanyuan's most beloved and most valued disciple. Perhaps he really would descend the mountain to attend the wedding.

Zi You soon found out about all of this. She had sent Huoling and Jinshali, a cobra that submitted to her in Blackwater Pool, to Old General Mu's side already.

If anything happened to Old General Mu in Nanjiang, Huoling would tell Zi You.

Zi You told Shangguan LingRan and Mu YingYi, “My grandfathers are coming from Nanjiang.”

The three people were worried and immediately sent Yi Chen, Tuling, and Weishali to pick them up.

It seemed like a long time, but all of this happened just twenty days or so after Zi You and the others returned to the capital.

On the nineteenth day that Zi You returned to the capital, w.a.n.g Yiping gave birth to a deformed baby girl with two heads, three legs, and three arms at 2:00 a.m.

In fact, according to modern medicine, this was supposed to be twins who didn't separate, so they became a conjoined baby. But in the ancient times, such a child was seen as a monster. It was extremely unlucky.

Xuanwu Emperor wanted to confirm whether what Zi You said was the truth, so he had sent a midwife and female official to the General's Manor on the second day that w.a.n.g Yiping was imprisoned in Hundred Herb Garden.

Nee Liu had arranged a courtyard and good food for them. That female official was surnamed Wu and very shrewd. She was very respectful to Zi You and never inquired about anything in the General's Manor……

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