Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1321 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (1)

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Chapter 1321 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (1)”

“Girl, you deliberately stalled for time just now didn’t you?” Grinding her teeth with resentment in her voice, Keeper Red now got it on why this la.s.s would spend so much time leading her on.

Bai Yan didn’t want to bother wasting more time on this old hag anymore so she didn’t verbally reply, instead, she answered by disappearing in a blur and then slas.h.i.+ng down at the woman from the back. Though, her blade only just narrowly missed the target by a breath’s hair, it still made the other side break out into cold sweat.

“Hmph,” sneering with frustration in her tone now, “so that’s how it is, that pill is a forbidden drug to help your power grow for a short duration. No matter, even if you did get stronger, you’re still no match for me who has already reached the intermediate level of the Demi Divine Lord level!”

She may say that so proudly and confidently, but truth was Keeper Red wasn’t so sure she could overcome Bai Yan in her current state. Nevertheless, the members of the Celestial Palace would never yield in their tempo. Even if she couldn’t win, she must at least put up a front, especially when the opponent was someone that has an absolute grudge against them!


Without another word to give rest, Bai Yan continues to attack with ever increasing speed and strength.


Not far away, Yun Ruo Xi the deceitful witch was currently spying on this battle from the shadows with her cold dark eyes.

“Why is she coming back here?” Clenching the fist into a tight ball, she mutters this out with no recipient in mind.

It’s not enough that she got the demon king’s love? Now she also wants to come back and take what’s mine away as well?

If one could spew venom from their eyes then this lady could most certainly do that right now. It’s poisonous, just one glance and that’s enough to tell she would murder for her goal.

“Mi… Milady….” Speaking was the maid from the rear, her voice meek and nervous while following closely behind. “We… shouldn’t we go into hiding?”


Without any forewarning, Yun Ruo Xi sends a loud smacking slap across her attendant’s face and snapped around: “You shut up, I do not need you to remind me!”

Based on what?

Based on what can she appear again and I must go into hiding?

It was not easy for me to get this far in life today, so why must she return and destroy everything I have!

“That woman is nothing but a s.l.u.t, why should I be afraid of a s.l.u.t?” Huffing and puffing to make her own chest rise repeatedly, “She was always like this, hypocritical and a liar. Back then all she needed was to speak for me before that old coot, then I would also be that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s disciple. What close friend? She never took me as a friend!”

Unlike his current state of partial insanity and mad state, the old coot mentioned here was once upon a time the number one Keeper in the Celestial Palace, a person of immense power and influence. Imagine being offered a chance to become the disciple of said person, and all it required was a single request from a friend?

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1321 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (1) summary

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