Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1322 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (2)

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Chapter 1322 “The Death of Demi Divine Lord (2)”

That’s pretty much the gist of how things went. Due to Bai Yan’s refusal to put in a good word for her, Yun Ruo Xi hated the former lifetime friend and began to hold a grudge in secret. From initial disgruntle resentment, to pure hatred later on, that’s how small hearted this witch was inside.

“Ha, Haha, this is all retribution. If that old coot had taken me as her disciple then none of this would’ve happened! This is all karma!” Laughing maniacally like she has a screw loose in the head, she gives one final glare to her one-time friend before turning around. In the end this cowardly b.i.t.c.h didn’t do nothing despite all those hateful words.


Back over in the air, the old female Keeper was starting to show signs of being overwhelmed under the constant attacks from all angles.

“Bai Yan, you ungrateful dog! Let’s not mention the grudge between the Demon Realm and Celestial Realm, your debt to Ruo Xi alone is enough to make you offer up your daughter to save her!”

No reply came from Bai Yan, only an increased onslaught of attacks from the demon queen after that outburst.

“Back then she suffered incredible damage to her own body in order to save you, that act of kindness has cost her more than you can even imagine! She can’t make an inch of growth because of you! Don’t you feel even an ounce of remorse for what you’ve done?!”

That finally drew a reaction because it’s just getting ridiculous. Snickering a cold laugh: “And who is this Yun Ruo Xi? Save me, and how did she save me?”

Gritting her teeth, Keeper Red sounded frustrated, “You forgot? When you didn’t betray us yet, it was Ruo Xi who saved you from the horde of demonic beasts chasing you. She risked her life to save you! And you, not only did you not give thanks to her, you even tried to defend those animals! That debt alone is enough to make you offer up a fox baby!”

Ticking her lips upward, Bai Yan’s expression was unbelievably frosty despite the smirk: “First of all, what you say about a horde of demonic beasts chasing me is not possible. Secondly, if Ruo Xi did save my life and become my benefactor then Di Cang wouldn’t have wanted to slaughter the entire Celestial Palace.” Pausing to gather her own composure as well after almost letting herself slip into rage, “I am not the one from the past. The me now is only one person, the daughter of Bai Ning, Bai Yan.”

Aside from the occasional flickers of memory coming out from the deep subconsciousness, Bai Yan couldn’t truly say that past life was herself, at least not yet anyways. Nevertheless, she believes in Di Cang and wouldn’t doubt his words about the past!

“How can Ruo Xi’s story be wrong?” The old hag sneered, not believing the other side at all: “You were enamored by the demon king’s beauty, that’s why you kept maintaining the Demon Realm did nothing to you. In the end you even turned the story around and tried to blame Ruo Xi, that’s how low and despicable you were.”

Ruo Xi, Yun Ruo Xi….? Not giving a reply, Bai Yan instead narrows her eyes in because she just remembered why the name sounded familiar. If I’m not wrong, that Yun Ruo Xi should be the same lady who tried to send after Xiachen in that valley.

As much as she would like confirm her speculations, this was obviously not the right timing. So, without another thought, she musters up the strongest attack and roared out using the destructive force hidden within her G.o.dslayer.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1322 - The Death of Demi Divine Lord (2) summary

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