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Chapter 2386: Hurry and eat this, Older Sister

The housekeeper finally reacted a moment later and chuckled. “Madam, don't be angry. Children are young and innocent and don't know how to lie. You look young to begin with, and people used to believe you and Eldest Young Master were siblings when you went out together. Anyway, you're good-looking, so it's no wonder the child misunderstood…”

There probably wasn't a single woman in the world who didn't like being described as good-looking, and Yin Yuerong was no exception.

At that moment, a servant entered the living room while carrying a bowl of black medicine. “Madam, it's time to take your medicine.”

Yin Yuerong perpetually came into contact with gu insects and her body was contaminated by poison, naturally sustaining damage, so she constantly needed to take medicine to recover.

This wasn't normal medicine. It was overwhelmingly black with an extremely frightening appearance and utterly unbearable odor.

As soon as the medicine was served, all the servants couldn't help but wrinkle their brows.

“Older Sister, what is that?” Tangtang asked inquisitively.

Yin Yuerong wanted to correct this child's term of address but didn't for some reason. She carelessly replied, “Medicinal soup.”

Baby Tangtang appeared worried instantly. “Are you sick, Older Sister?”

When Yin Yuerong saw the untainted worry in the child's eyes, she was startled. She couldn't remember how long it had been since she'd seen such pure concern.

When the housekeeper noticed the lack of response from her madam, she helped explain gently: “Madam's body has just been damaged slightly and she needs the medicine to recover. Don't worry.”

Yin Yuerong stopped paying attention to that child and merely picked up the medicine like it was a bowl of normal congee and downed it expressionlessly.

Even though it was such a frightening bowl of liquid that made others nauseous solely by the smell, all Yin Yuerong did was frown lightly after drinking it.

Tangtang unblinkingly watched Yin Yuerong the entire time. After Yin Yuerong finished drinking the medicine, he rustled around in his pocket and dug out a colorful item, opening it quickly as he sprinted toward Yin Yuerong. Then he stripped that piece of milk candy from its wrapper and stuffed it into Yin Yuerong's mouth. “Hurry and eat this, Older Sister!”

Ah-Zhong shouted immediately, “D*mn brat, do you want to die?! What did you feed Madam?!”

Tangtang blinked and peered at the man. “It's milk candy! It's very sweet, so the aftertaste won't be bitter anymore!”

Yin Yuerong wasn't on guard against the child in the slightest, so she was stuffed with the piece of candy without warning. A sweet fragrance filled her mouth instantly, slowly dissipating the nauseating bitterness inside.

She looked down and saw the child's concerned and antic.i.p.atory eyes.

“Older Sister, it's not bitter anymore, right? It was Mommy who bought this milk candy for me! I only had this one left!”

As the little fella said that, sadness filled his face.

He only had one left but still gave it to her.

She never expressed any emotion that indicated the medicine tasted bitter, so everyone thought she could tolerate this taste and she herself had gotten used to it ages ago. This was the first time someone was actually worried that she would find the medicine bitter.

Ah-Zhong panicked. “Madam, who knows what in the world that was? Perhaps it's poisonous. The little b*stard, he…”

Yin Yuerong's expression chilled at once. “Shut up. Is it your turn to speak?”

Ah-Zhong scowled at that child. He never expected the first meeting between these two people to be so strange.

No, he couldn't allow this to continue.

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