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Chapter 2774 Extreme Living LandThe phoenix's white flame wrapped around Han Sen in a flash. It made Han Sen look like a burning torch, but it didn't actually sear him. He felt no pain or burning sensation. While the fire looked scary, there was no heat. But within the burning flames, Han Sen's black Dongxuan Armor started to turn white.

Aside from that, Han Sen felt no changes occurring within his body. His Dongxuan Armor's power wasn't locked or limited.

When the fire went out, the Dongxuan Armor had turned into a white, semi-transparent crystal. It looked like a dream, like something that couldn't possibly exist in the real world.

Han Sen's eyes suddenly widened. He generated his Dongxuan Sutra power and realized his dongxuan power was activated. With it, he could harness white phoenix fires.

“Now that you have the phoenix flame's power, you can make effective use of the phoenix feather,” the phoenix said with a smile.

Han Sen wasn't overjoyed by this, though. His Dongxuan Sutra was already fine, but now his armor was linked to the G.o.d phoenix flame. If he used his Dongxuan Armor, it would trigger the phoenix fire.

That seemed like a good thing at first thought. The phoenix fires was a high-cla.s.s power that most people would admire, but it simply wasn't Han Sen's forte. If the phoenix had placed its phoenix flames on the Dongxuan Armor, it wasn't likely that the fire's only function was allowing Han Sen to use the phoenix feather.

Although Han Sen immediately thought this, he didn't say anything to the phoenix.

“Go. If you can bring back that baby phoenix, I will allow your people to live here, protected by our race,” the phoenix promised.

“This place is a smoldering wasteland. Who would want to live here?” Han Sen thought to himself. The conditions that the phoenix had wrought on the land around it didn't seem to be all that inviting.

It seemed to understand what Han Sen was thinking, though. The phoenix continued, explaining, “This is where the phoenix race started. Now, only I am left. I don't really need much s.p.a.ce anymore. If you can bring that baby phoenix back to me, I will allow you to make use of a million miles. You may cultivate it however you see fit, and if an enemy shows up, I promise to help you chase them away.”

After that, the phoenix looked across the burned world and said, “After bad things reach their lowest point, good things then tend to rise. This is an incinerated land, but it isn't a dead realm. It can yield benefits beyond your wildest dreams.”

“What kind of benefits?” Han Sen couldn't help but ask.

“Only the dying can live. Death comes first so that newborns can grow. This xenogeneic s.p.a.ce has extremely potent powers of life. Any creature, whether it is a plant, animal, or xenogeneic, will grow better here than they would in the outside world,” the phoenix said.

“Why don't I feel anything special about this place?” Han Sen didn't believe what the phoenix said because he couldn't feel anything strange going on inside him. He couldn't detect the lifeforce in this xenogeneic s.p.a.ce doing anything that the phoenix had just described.

“Do you have any seeds?” the phoenix asked, looking at Han Sen.

“I don't have seeds, but I do have a small plant.” Han Sen brought out a cactus from Destiny's Tower in a gla.s.s pot.

“Put it in the soil,” the phoenix said.

Han Sen was confused. He took the cactus out of the pot and planted it in the soil.

Then, a miracle happened. The cactus had been the size of a fist, but as Han Sen watched, it began to grow. A second later, it was the size of a football. And it was still growing.

“Any creature that can absorb this extreme living power can grow quickly, just like this plant you have planted. Beneath the extreme living power, a being can develop very fast and reach the max of what one's genes can support. There is only one extreme living land in the universe, and it is here. It belongs to the phoenixes. There is no other in the universe,” the phoenix said with a look.

As the phoenix spoke, the cactus that Han Sen had planted reached the size of a barrel. And still, it continued to grow. It shocked Han Sen a great deal. He couldn't even explain how staggering this was.

“Does all the land in this place have power similar to what I'm seeing here?” Han Sen asked, looking at the phoenix in wonder. He knew what that meant. If any creature could grow that rapidly in a certain location, it almost suggested that the area was a glitch. It went against the laws of nature.

“Yes,” the phoenix said with a nod.

Han Sen was speechless. He was so happy to hear that he might be allowed to enter a xenogeneic s.p.a.ce as profound as that. It would be a great boon for the development of humans.

Plus, he would have a true G.o.d phoenix to protect the race. Humans in this universe would be as safe as Tarzan. Aside from the three higher races, no one could even attempt to a.s.sault the territory protected by the phoenix. Now, Han Sen was seriously considering handing over the little red bird.

“Don't worry, Mr. Phoenix. I'm going to try my best to locate the baby phoenix. I will bring it to you.” Han Sen licked his lips as he spoke.

The phoenix was happy with Han Sen's performance thus far, and it didn't keep him. It told Han Sen that when he located the baby phoenix, he simply needed to return and ring the black-steel bell. Then, the phoenix would come to pick up Han Sen and the baby phoenix.

Han Sen collected his phoenix feather and left that nirvana. He was so tempted by the phoenix's offer that he thought to himself, “It is a shame that the little red bird is a mix. If the phoenix isn't fond of it, this might turn bad. I shouldn't risk it.”

Han Sen decided that he wouldn't bring the little red bird there, after all. After departing from the xenogeneic s.p.a.ce, he traveled a great many leagues away.

“The Very High don't know that I have escaped, but I'm not going back to Sky Palace. In case the Very High have already found out, I should delay the news for as long as I can,” Han Sen thought for a while. He was now planning to go back to the G.o.d Area to hunt deified xenogeneics for a while. That way, he could max out his deified gene tallies.

But Han Sen didn't dare stay near the nirvana. He contacted Xie Qing King and made plans to live with him for a while.

Xie Qing King immediately agreed to Han Sen's request. He gave out orders to send s.h.i.+ps to collect Han Sen.

“You don't have to pick me up. I just need to know if it is safe where you are. I'm in trouble, and my ident.i.ty can't be exposed,” Han Sen said.

Xie Qing King was chewing on a big cigar. With a pleased look, he said, “A while ago, I bought a system that was part of the Sky Music Area. There are two planets with life, and the views aren't bad. I bought them to use as a vacation home. You should consider living there. The Sky Music Area is part of the Thousand Treasures. They are in charge of defense and security. Unless there is a universal war, I doubt any petty thieves would risk trying to break in.”

“Holy c.r.a.p. Do you earn that much money from writing comics?” Han Sen's eyes were wide open. Xie Qing King had bought an entire system to use as a vacation spot. It was too ridiculous to believe.

“Call me Teacher Xie. I am the most famous author with the best-selling books ever. The books have millions of fans across millions of races across the entire universe…” Xie Qing King said lazily, waving his cigar.

“Teacher Xie, does your comic studio need any extra hands?” Han Sen was practically drooling. It sounded like easy money.

“Yes, but we don't need people like you who don't have active imaginations. There's also the fact that you're very stingy.” Xie Qing King obviously wasn't mincing his words when it came to insulting Han Sen.

Han Sen was rendered speechless. His personality was certainly rooted in reality, but he didn't lack imagination.

Still, Han Sen had to admit that he had no artistic capabilities. Shaking his head, he struck an agreement with Xie Qing King and went to the man's vacation planet.

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