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Chapter 603: Looking for the people

Hu Feng took 300 elite cavalries from the border of Chu Country to the Luoying Mountain range, then crossed the boundary of the Luoying Mountain range to Xiye Country.

The road near the Luoying Mountains was very dangerous. It was a desolate land. Swamps and miasma can be seen everywhere. In such kind of place, there was no need to send troops to stay. This was a natural defense.

But who would have thought that the Xiye soldiers will dare to go deep into the Luoying Mountains and walk through the mountains, which was extremely dangerous? There was no official road in the mountains at all. It’s easy to get lost and even be attacked by beasts. Even if they were not afraid of beasts, but if they get lost, they might not be able to get out of this mountain in their entire lives.

This time, it seems that they brought people who know the way. Otherwise, they won’t be able to catch the villagers across the border so smoothly.

Hu Feng wet the cloth towel with water, tied it to his face and covered his nose and mouth. He said: “Everyone, you cover your nose and mouth. Don’t inhale the miasma, and move as fast as possible. The longer you stay here, the more you will endanger yourself.”

The people he brought with him were all elite cavalry soldiers who had followed him through the battles. They all had skills and experience. However, whether they were experienced or not, this cannot save them.

After pa.s.sing through many obstacles, they finally found the entrance. There were many messy footsteps, but all the footprints were going in the same direction.

Zhou Gang said: “It seems that they haven’t come out yet. We came at the right time, should we wait here?”

Hu Feng shook his head: “I can’t wait. Let’s go to the mountain now, follow the footprints until the end. Remember, leave our own marks.” He couldn’t wait even for a single breath. He wanted to find his father and Bai Zhi immediately. He couldn’t wait to shred those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds into pieces!

They walked in the forest for two days and two nights. They followed the footprints, but they couldn’t find those people. They have been walking for two days, so it’s almost time for their group to meet.

Zhou Gang said: “They didn’t get lost, aren’t they?”

Hu Feng pointed his finger at a sign on the tree and said: “No, this is their mark. How can you get lost if you follow the mark? Did something happened?” When he thought of what Zhao Sue said, that Bai Zhi went after them… … Everyone will think that this was a crazy idea and that she will only die.

They didn’t think that Bai Zhi was different from ordinary people. She could always change the situation at a critical moment. She had such skills.

“Keep going, don’t stop.” Despite this though, he couldn’t relax before they stood in front of his eyes in a good condition.

After walking for another half day, a soldier who exploring ahead rushed back: “His Royal Highness, there is something up ahead the road.”

They rushed over in the front. When they saw the scene, everyone was stunned.

There were corpses everywhere. All of them were hacked to death with knives and swords. No one was an exception.

Hu Feng and Zhou Gang rushed forward to identify the corpses. These people were wearing the clothes of the Xiye army. There was no corpse from the villagers.

Although Hu Feng, a native of Huangtuo Village, doesn’t know all the villagers. He knows a lot.

Zhou Gang was stunned for a while, and then suddenly asked: “They killed the Xiye soldiers and then fled?”

Hu Feng couldn’t help but smile: “It seems so.” His Bai Zhi always gave him a surprise.

Zhou Gang pointed his finger to the corpse on the ground and said: “These people didn’t seem resisted or struggled. As if they were stabbed to death while sleeping.”

Hu Feng said with a smile: “Did you forget that Bai Zhi’s refining medical skill is very powerful?”

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 603 - Looking for the people summary

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