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Chapter 604: Missing

“Your Highness, what shall we do now? Are we still going down?”

Hu Feng looked at the dense forest in front of him and said: “Keep going and look for them.”

Following the sign of the Xiye Country, they walked out of the Luoying Mountains after 3 more days. From the exit, they looked from afar, it was the place he once lived in peace.

He took the soldiers to the Huangtou Village. On the way, he sees no one. The herbs they planted in their fields were scattering, but no one cared for it. Hu Feng’s heart sank a little. Are they still in the forest? Did they get lost? Did they went in the wrong direction and went to Xiye Country?

Hu Feng quickened his pace and finally entered the village. The village has completely changed. It was no longer the Huangtou Village in his memory.

There were many officers and soldiers in the village dealing with the corpses. When they saw them coming suddenly, they thought they were the Xiye Army.

Zhou Gang stepped forward and showed his ident.i.ty card, which calmed the tension.

“What about the people in the village?” Zhou Gang asked.

The Leader of the army replied: “General, the people in this village have been captured and haven’t come back. I don’t know if they are still alive or not.”

“No one came back?” Hu Feng asked while gritting his teeth.

The Leader shook his head: “No, no, not all of them came back, only two came back. They were sent to the government office. Both of them were sick, so they were sent to the medical hall to see the doctor.”

“Which medical hall?” Hu Feng asked.

The Leader thought for a while and said: “Oh, yes, it’s Baicaotang. They went to see a doctor in Baicaotang.”

Hu Feng led his men to the town. The town already restored its previous order. On the way to the Baicaotang, he pa.s.sed by Jiren Hall and the toy shop. He knew these two shops. Zhou Awu mentioned about it.

The door of the shops was closed, and no one was inside.

He stood outside the door, his heart was aching, and his hands clenched into fists.

Father, Zhi’er, Aunt Lan, where are you?

He turned around and took some of his men to the direction of Baicaotang. Boss Chen saw this scene on the second floor of the Diner’s Hall. Hu Feng was at the forefront. He seemed to be the leader of this group of people. He was very surprised. Hu Feng joined the army not too long ago, how did he become the leader?

Boss Chen ran downstairs and ran in front of him: “Hu Feng?” He was a little uncertain, he was afraid that this man was not Hu Feng.

Hu Feng stopped and saw Boss Chen, he nodded his head and said: “Boss Chen.”

“Are you really Hu Feng? I thought I was wrong. Have you found Zhi’er?” He also came back and inquire about Bai Zhi a few days ago, but he didn’t find her.

Hu Feng shook his head: “Not yet.”

Boss Chen knew that his relations.h.i.+p with Bai Zhi was unusual, and his father was also taken away. Now he must be in a bad mood, so he comforted: “You will find them. Zhi’er is not an ordinary girl, she is very capable. .”

Hu Feng nodded his head: “I know.” He looked at Boss Chen and said, “Awu told me that you have helped them a lot, thank you.”

Boss Chen waved his hand: “No, no. I and Zhi’er are very close to each other. We treat each other like brothers and sisters. She has saved my life.”

Hu Feng said: “There are some clues over Baicaotang, I have to go and ask.”

Boss Chen busily said: “Then, you go and get her back quickly.”

Hu Feng took his men away. Boss Chen looked at Hu Feng’s departing back and felt strange. Hu Feng seemed to have changed a lot, he was very different from before.

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Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 604 - Missing summary

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