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Chapter 1025 Dare To Make Trouble In Our Presence

At the same time, Ye Qingtang would certainly not pay attention to the cultivation realm of the two YunXiao Sect elders. Even if someone told her that the these two Yunxiao Sect elders were Heavenly Venerates, Ye Qingtang would definitely not believe them, and vice versa.

With her power, it would be a joke if Ye Qingtang still needed to be cautious and afraid of the threat these Yunxiao Sect elders


Whether it was the Long Family of the past or the two Yunxiao Sect elders of the present, their way of thinking was all alike.

No matter what, Elder Yin and Elder Gu would never have imagined that among the hundred-plus Ye Family disciples, even the weakest had already achieved the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Three. The most powerful one was already a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord despite his young age and might be even more powerful than the two of them…

“Listen up, everyone!”

Elder Yin suddenly swept a glance at everyone present and shouted loudly. The force of a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord spilled forth.

The hundred-plus talented youths from the Ye Family immediately looked over at Elder Yin and Elder Gu.

Some of the talented disciples who were sparring in the martial arts arena stopped and looked in bewilderment at the two YunXiao Sect elders.

Had these two old men gone crazy?!

However, the hundred-plus Ye Family disciples studied them for a moment and then realized that these two elderly men were unfamiliar and had never appeared in the Ye House before. They also did not seem like members of the Ye Family.

“Yunxiao Sect?”

At that moment, several Ye Family disciples noticed the YunXiao Sect totem embroidered on these two elderly men’s white robes, showing that they were elders of the Yunxiao Sect.

“May I ask why both of you have come to the Ye House?” A youth with a cold expression looked at Elder Gu and Elder Yun and asked.

“Ask Ye Qingtang to come out,” said Elder Gu coldly.

Before they entered the Ye House, Elder Gu and Elder Yin had used their force to seal the entire Ye House. Even if Ye Qingtang knew that the Yunxiao Sect elders had arrived and tried to flee, it would be in vain. Sealed in by the force of a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord, Ye Qingtang was effectively trapped in jail like sheep led to the slaughterhouse. It was impossible for her to run away from them!

“What… are you saying? Do you want to see our Eldest Young Lady?”

The youth immediately frowned. These two were merely half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lords, yet they were so arrogant that they dared to call a Yang Lord by name… and they even wanted the Yang Lord to come and meet them?!

“Perhaps you didn’t understand what I said. I asked Ye Qingtang to come out.” Elder Gu roared coldly as he looked at the youth. After a moment, the force of a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord swept through the area and enclosed the youth.

A cold light flashed across the youth’s eyes. He was unafraid of the force displayed by Elder Gu. With an expressionless face, he said coldly, “You… are seeking your death.”

“Hahaha, these two old fellows actually used their force to seal the Ye House. I’m curious as to what they’re up to.”

When they heard the Ye Family disciple’s ignorant words, a murderous look surfaced in the eyes of Elder Gu and Elder Yin. These Ye Family disciples deserved to die.

“Yunxiao Sect elders? Who do you think you are? Why don’t you look at where you are before you make trouble in our presence?!” Another fourteen or fifteen-year-old half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord stepped forward. He waved his hand and instantly destroyed the force emitted by Elder Gu.

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