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“He hasn't left yet? What's going on? Does he still have some trump card?” Yang Feng is sitting aboard an arc battlestar. With the cloaking mode activated, he observed the fierce battle between the Cangzhi Plane's expeditionary force and the seven G.o.ds of the Andrak Plane from afar.

Under the siege of the seven G.o.ds, although the expeditionary force resisted, but the seven G.o.ds killed Warlocks at all time.

Frantically combusting divine force crystals, the seven G.o.ds bombarded the Cangzhi Plane's army with spells containing law force.

The seemingly endless divine legions madly attacked the human Warlocks, and killed some from time to time.

Under the tremendous pressure, the human Warlocks didn't have the leisure to seal the divine soldiers. Instead, they used powerful spells to bombard the divine legions.

Even though the human Warlocks knew that the divine soldiers they killed will soon be reborn, but they had no choice but to cast formidable spells to obliterate the enemy. Otherwise, a moment of carelessness could spell their doom.

Mechanical tentacles pierced into the heads of generals from the Cangzhi Plane's expeditionary force and read the information hidden in their brains.

“So this is the case. The one who came to hunt me down is the 73rd Prince Bai Tianxing. His mother's family is the Jiang family of the Eight Great Families! He is one of the top contenders for the position of Crown Prince. He cannot retreat. If he takes a step back, he'll fall into a figurative precipice.”

After he read the information he was looking from the heads of the generals, Yang Feng understood the situation Bai Tianxing was in.

If you want to conquer the Andrak Plane, the best course of action is to have Great Warlock rank elites sneak into the Andrak Plane, infiltrate the human world and a.n.a.lyze the plane origin will. When the plane origin will is fully a.n.a.lyzed, the Cangzhi Plane's Warlocks can manufacture corresponding secret treasures. By then, the Other Plane Development Division can invade the Andrak Plane with overwhelming strength and speed and destroy the resistance from the seven G.o.ds in one fell swoop.

After all, the Andrak Plane is only a grade 6 plane, and can only birth 9 G.o.ds. Besides, the highest level the G.o.ds here can reach is the weak divine force rank.

Using secret treasures developed to resist the plane origin will, the Other Plane Development Division's Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Sun Warlocks will be able to exert their full strength. By then, even if the Andrak Plane's G.o.ds join forces, they are no match for them.

However, as Bai Tianxing is anxious to establish accomplishments, he led 1 million elite troops to attack the Andrak Plane head on. But then Yang Feng eliminated 90,000 elite troops. If Bai Tianxing returned to the Great Cloud Dynasty now, he will receive countless accusations, and may even be deprived of the right to lead soldiers, unable to make any more contributions.

Now Bai Tianxing can only go all in and ask for reinforcements, and then subdue the Andrak Plane in one fell swoop. This is not the best option for the Other Plane Development Division. But for Bai Tianxing, it is the only viable choice he has.

After Yang Feng determined the situation, he didn't immediately attack the Cangzhi Plane's army. Instead, he focused his attention on the Andrak Plane's surface world. He opened a magic cube mecha academy to cultivate magic cube mecha pilots. At the same time, he deployed a variety of weapons and communication networks in the surface world.

Yang Feng's magic cube mecha soldiers who have already experienced real combat are hunting the remaining human Warlocks in the surface world.

The magic cube mechas are equipped with human Warlock detectors. Although human Warlocks can conjure spells to conceal themselves from most people in the Andrak Plane, but they cannot hide from the magic cube mecha soldiers.

One after another, the Cangzhi Plane's elites hiding in the human world were ferreted out, and then killed.

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the Other Plane Development Division's headquarters, in a hall, a black cat is lying on the throne. This black cat with a rune inscribed on its forehead is an avatar of the Division Chief Amol.

Amol is an Infinity Warlock, an Infinity Warlock who has formed a virtual world too boot. Upon hearing his name, many experts from other planes shudder from fear.

A Glorious Sun Warlock rank expert said respectfully to the black cat: “Lord Bureau Chief, His Highness Bai Tianxing requests 2 million reinforcements to support him and help him capture the Andrak Plane.”

The black cat replied indifferently: “2 million reinforcements! How shameless! Since he lost, have him return. Now that we know the coordinates of the Andrak Plane, the plane will be in our pocket sooner or later.”

The Glorious Sun Warlock handed a note to the black cat and uttered respectfully: “Bai Tianxing promised to give you 70% of the Andrak Plane, Lord Division Chief. The Jiang family also hopes that you can agree to his request. This is a gift from the Jiang family.”

The black cat opened its eyes lazily and looked at the slip of paper, and then revealed an anthropomorphic smile of derision. After a moment off silence, it said: “I leave this matter in Deputy Division Chief Jiang Ziming's hands. I'm going into seclusion to do an experiment. You can take your leave now!”

The Glorious Sun Warlock bowed respectfully and took his leave: “Yes, Lord Division Chief!”

There is only the black cat left in the hall.

“Decline follows the zenith – the Great Cloud Dynasty seems to be unable to escape this rule. The Jiang family, to even use the Jiang family to pressure me. Heh, the Great Cloud Dynasty isn't my home anyway. It's none of my business.” There was a flash of cold light in the eyes of the black cat, and then it closed its eyes.

The Andrak Plane, the surface world, in the Inquisition's headquarters, Kafina dressed in a maid outfit kneel sitting on the ground is served Yang Feng, a respectful expression on her face.

Yang Feng is watching a video on a holographic projector. In the video, beautiful girls full of vitality are piloting magic cube mechas for training.

Watching the beautiful girls, Yang Feng thought of an anime he once saw on Earth and smiled: “If I joined the academy, I would be the only male who can use magic cube mechas. That would be fun!”

Suddenly, bright light shone, and Katrina's holographic projection appeared in midair. Dressed in splendid clothing, she looks majestic.

Katrina said with dignity: “Judge, our Lord has sent an avatar. Please come to the temple!”

“I will be there as soon as possible!” Yang Feng stood up and walked towards the temple.

In the temple of the G.o.ddess of Love, there is a Divine Hall that is sealed all year round, and even the Pope cannot enter. Only when the G.o.ddess comes in with her true body or an avatar will it open. In theory, orders issued in the Divine Hall are far more effective than orders issued by the Pope.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the Divine Hall, he saw a mesmerizing woman with fair skin sitting on the throne. With just a glance, this woman can fascinate countless people.

Katrina stood next to the mesmerizing woman with a respectful look on her face. From this, Yang Feng understood that this bewitching woman is the feeble divine force rank G.o.d the G.o.ddess of Love.

Feeble divine force rank G.o.ds are equivalent to Moonlight Warlocks. In fact, if a feeble divine force rank G.o.d combusted divine force and used a divine armament containing law force, they can even defeat some weak Glorious Sun Warlocks.

In the Andrak Plane, before solving the plane origin will suppression, even a Bright World Warlock may not be an opponent of a feeble divine force rank G.o.d.

Yang Feng bowed and saluted the G.o.ddess of Love: “Greetings, my Lord!”

Releasing faint divine might, the G.o.ddess of Love spoke solemnly: “Ole, I order you to immediately take your magic cube legion to the plane's outer s.p.a.ce and attack those monsters from the Cangzhi Plane.”

Yang Feng sighed slightly and touched his forehead, and a queer soul seal appeared on his forehead.

Feigning the helplessness, misery, and desolation of a martyr, Yang Feng spoke with a bitter smile: “My Lord, in order to wipe out those monsters from the Cangzhi Plane, I made a deal with an evil G.o.d that involves my soul. Now my soul, much like the souls of the magic cube mecha soldiers, belongs to the evil G.o.d.”

The G.o.ddess of Love looked at the seal on Yang Feng's forehead and said lightly, “Connect me to that evil G.o.d, I want to meet him!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Yang Feng took out a holographic projector and pressed it, and the holographic projector radiated light.

The G.o.ddess of Love couldn't help but cast a look of curiosity at the holographic projector, but she kept silent, maintaining the dignity of a G.o.d.

A dozen seconds later, light shot out from the holographic projector and formed a lifelike image of Yang Feng's true body in the void.

Yang Feng smiled slightly: “Well met, G.o.ddess of Love!”

When the G.o.ddess saw Yang Feng, her face flickered, and she gritted her teeth and said, “You are the human Warlock Yang Feng wanted by the Cangzhi Plane's Great Cloud Dynasty? You have some guts to use us to deal with the people from the Other Plane Development Division.”

Of the seven G.o.ds, the G.o.ddess of Love and the G.o.d of Murder have the highest intellect. After she captured several human Warlocks, G.o.ddess of Love used various incredible techniques to easily pry all information out of the captives.

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