The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1507 - Who Was He Calling Yanyan?!

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Chapter 1507: Who Was He Calling Yanyan?!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Before this, they were at the airport and he had suddenly said something about her seeing him naked and had to be responsible for it.

Zheng Yan’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

When she saw Mo Yongheng walking in front of her dad seriously and about to speak, she tensed and spoke first.

“Dad, it is no longer early. You just came back from overseas, you must be tired. Let’s eat first!”

“Young Master Yongheng has something to tell me. Stop interrupting, when I am done with this, I will eat with you.” Zheng Mohong looked at her and spoke.

He did not know how nervous Zheng Yan was.

She was about to be forced to get married.

She couldn’t wait!

When Zheng Yan saw that she was about to be ignored, she walked in front of Zheng Mohong and held his arm. She started coaxing.

“Dad, even if you are not hungry, you have to consider Young Master Yongheng too. I heard that Young Master Yongheng has been running around the whole day, he probably didn’t have time to eat. He is a guest, how can we let our guest go hungry?”

Thinking about it, Zheng Mohong hesitated.

He turned to ask the butler to prepare dinner and invited Mo Yongheng to the dining area.

“Young Master Yongheng, it’s rare that you come, let’s eat and talk!”

“Okay.” Mo Yongheng rarely came and hence did not turn down the offer.

He followed Zheng Mohong into the dining area and then he halted.

He turned back to look at Zheng Yan, who was still in the living room. “Miss Zheng, are you not coming along?”

Zheng Mohong was laughing at the side. “There is no need to call her Miss Zheng, just call her by her name.”

Mo Yongheng’s gaze flickered and repeated. “Yanyan, come and have dinner.”


Save her!

Who was he calling Yanyan?!

Zheng Yan came back to her senses and wanted to kill him.

She finally understood.

Mo Yongheng hadn’t managed to take his revenge on her at the airport and hence, he came to her house specially to take revenge.

If he really were to tell her dad about getting married, her dad would surely ask how they met.

Then, her actions last night would be exposed.

Her dad had always been grateful for his help towards Zheng Corporation three years ago. If he were to see the video and photos from last night, even if he could resist asking Mo Yongheng to be responsible, he would ask her to be responsible for Mo Yongheng.

Then, they were going to return to the awkward situation of being responsible for each other and getting married without liking each other.

She couldn’t allow that!

Zheng Yan followed them into the restaurant and before Zheng Mohong spoke, she sat down beside Mo Yongheng.

Mo Yongheng was stunned as he looked at her.

Zheng Mohong was shocked too. He reminded her instantly. “Yanyan, Young Master Yongheng is a guest. How can you be so rude to just sit down beside him without asking him if he minds.”

“Young Master Yongheng, do you mind if I sit beside you?” Zheng Yan smiled sweetly and asked.

Her sweet smile caressed Mo Yongheng’s heart.

He felt that his heart had skipped a beat.

He took a few seconds to react.

He didn’t answer her question, instead, he poured a cup of water for himself.

After he calmed his breathing, he spoke. “It is okay. As long as Yanyan is happy.”

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The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1507 - Who Was He Calling Yanyan?! summary

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