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Chapter 1066 Clever End of the Magic Era

Morgan suddenly became happy and promptly nodded.

“Understood, Sir Merlin, rest a.s.sured, I’ll immediately go and take care of this situation… I’m going now!”

Morgan anxiously rushed out, with an ecstatic expression on his face.

‘d.a.m.n, this is just perfect, that idiot Dylas came at a timely moment.

‘That d.a.m.ned scoundrel actually followed me here, that’s a whole new level of shamelessness. He had always been looking down on Sir Merlin, yet he is actually shamelessly seeking him.

‘He even shamelessly remained after Sir Merlin said that he didn’t want to see him…

‘That fool definitely wants Sir Merlin’s help to advance to the Heaven Rank.

‘Pah, such a stupid guy, does he think advancing to the Heaven Rank can be done so casually? Sir Merlin is unable to compound that golden potion without the Beast G.o.d’s Blood as material…

‘Did he plan on having Sir Merlin take out the Beast G.o.d’s Blood for him?

‘In any case, Sir Merlin didn’t say whether he wanted to help him or not. Don’t blame me Dylas, he left this matter in my hands.

‘I was getting ready to discuss the mana crystal loan with Sir Merlin when you delivered yourself to my door.

‘I’ll bring up the mana crystal loan with Sir Merlin after helping him get enough benefits from this, I’ll make Dylas bleed until he vomits blood and has to give up a kidney.

‘It’ll definitely be a lot easier to discuss the loan then.

‘In any case, as long as Dylas takes out a big enough fee, I’m sure Sir Merlin wouldn’t mind refining a bottle of golden potion for that fool.

‘What should I do if Dylas promise me benefits…

‘Forget it, I can’t accept, can anything compare to Sir Merlin’s golden potion?

‘I’ll ruthlessly squeeze Dylas dry and try to get as much as possible for Sir Merlin. I won’t stop until he throws up blood.

‘If Sir Merlin is happy, then the matter of the mana crystal loan would be smooth.

‘Isn’t it just 40 mana crystals? I’ll help Sir Merlin get 80 mana crystals from that foolish Dylas, as well as other benefits. The mana crystal loan would be a trifling matter then.

‘Moreover, if Sir Merlin is happy, he might refine the golden potion first.

‘Ahah, at that time, Arnaud and I would both be at the Heaven Rank.’

Morgan was smiling as he looked at Dylas like a golden goose ready to be fleeced…

“Eh, Sir Dylas, turns out you were here? Sir Merlin is in the middle of an important research and doesn’t have time.

“Sir Merlin sent me to speak with you. You can tell me, if there is anything you need. So, what was the matter you wanted to bring up?”

After saying those words, Morgan swaggered his way over and casually found a place to sit. He looked at Dylas with an expression that seemed to mean “out with it, hurry up and take out some benefits”.

Dylas sighed in relief when he saw that this wasn’t Lin Yun but Morgan.

‘Awesome, it’s actually Morgan. Fortunately, my relations.h.i.+p with Morgan is quite good and I didn’t offend him. Moreover, we are both from the Odin Kingdom.

‘Advancing to the Heaven Rank would be the same as increasing the power of the Odin Kingdom. As long as I take out some benefits to loosen Morgan’s tongue and come to an agreement, would Mafa Merlin still go back on his words?

‘As long as he dared to go back on his words, I would use it as an excuse to look for the other forces of the Odin Kingdom. They should be very interested in Mafa Merlin’s method of making a Peak Archmage complete the Extraordinary transformation.

‘Haha, when the time comes, I’ll be able to work with the others to grab Mafa Merlin’s secret and I would no longer need his help.’

A glittering smile appeared on Dylas’ face.

“Long time no see Sir Morgan. I often think of the past, those times when we fought side by side are some of my fondest memories.

“But I didn’t expect Sir Morgan’s talent to be so astonis.h.i.+ng that you would have already completed the Extraordinary transformation and become a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

“I’m still a Peak 9th Rank Archmage stuck at the most difficult step, I don’t know when I would be able to complete that transformation. I’m happy for you, but I’m also feeling somewhat lost.

“I previously obtained this thing which can increase the power of darkness magic, it is a waste for me to hold on to it. This is my congratulatory gift for Sir Morgan.”

After saying that, Dylas took out a crest flickering with black light. The image of a giant dark skull could be seen on the crest.

An amazed expression appeared on Morgan’s face.

“Sir Dylas, how could I accept? This Dark Lion Crest is very precious. It can not only increase the power of darkness spells, it can also lessen mana consumption. It had previously been auctioned in the Redbud Flower Auction and sold for over twenty Level 39 mana crystals…”

Morgan said those words, but he had no plan on accepting the item.

‘Such a stingy start, you want to advance to the Heaven Rank yet you only brought up a Dark Lion Crest? It’s worth at most one or two Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, and you want to bribe me with that?!

‘Is that even a good bribe? I’m now fighting for the interests of Sir Merlin, if I accept that small favor from that guy, how could Sir Merlin look after me…

‘How could I use Sir Merlin to gain benefits? What benefits can compare to the golden potion.

‘That foolish Dylas, he is trying to be clever. How could he resemble me? I’m a smart and wise person.’

Dylas was somewhat surprised by the fact that Morgan wasn’t accepting his gift, but he still squeezed the crest in Morgan’s hands while politely saying, “Sir Morgan is too polite, this is just a gift to congratulate your breakthrough. We have known each other for a long time and fought side by side in the past. You have advanced to the Heaven Rank, as my closest friend, shouldn’t I give you a gift?”

Disdain flashed in Morgan’s eyes as he unhesitantly returned the gift to Dylas.

“Sir Dylas, even if that was the case, I don’t seem to remember having fought side by side with you. If there is anything you want, just hurry up and say it, I’m also very busy.

“The Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts are very hard to find in the Raging Flame Battlefield, I need to hurry up and hunt for mana crystals. Who knows what those stupid Beastmen are up to after all…”

Morgan acted in a businesslike manner, his head was tilted back as he was looking down on Dylas.

Dylas’ eyelids twitched and a sinister expression flashed in his eyes. He turned silent for a moment before inquiring, “Sir Morgan, you told me Sir Merlin helped you advance from the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm into the Heaven realm. I wanted to ask if Sir Merlin could help me advance too.

“As you said, who knows what those Beastmen are plotting in the Raging Flame Battlefield. Last time I saw one of them having already advanced to the Heaven Rank while being able to use Extraordinary Power.

“Their strength would greatly increase if they could obtain the blessings of the Beast G.o.d. We will be screwed if they end up having many Heaven Rank powerhouses…

“Odin Kingdom, Andlusa Kingdom, this doesn’t matter now, we are all allies. The Beastmen don’t care about the kingdoms.

“If we don’t unite, the Beastmen might get rid of us.

“Since Sir Merlin has a method to complete the last step of the Extraordinary transformation, we should just unite and increase everyone’s strength.

“Sir Merlin is powerful, but he can’t deal with several Beastmen using Extraordinary Power.

“Naturally, I won’t let Sir Merlin exert himself in vain. We can have a business deal and I’ll definitely satisfy Sir Merlin’s requests.…”

Dylas used righteousness, rewards, and even a thread of threat in his offer.

Morgan sneered and looked at him with disdain.

‘Idiot, you came with a request for Sir Merlin, yet you actually want to use force. Stupid guy, even I advanced because I was lucky.

‘I never explicitly said that Sir Merlin definitely had a method, you are talking as if you are completely certain it is the case.

‘And who would be as stupid as you, trying to pay the lowest price to get benefits. There is no lack of people who would pay a lot more.

‘Whoever advances to the Heaven Rank first would have an advantage. Who knows when those Beastmen would come to attack? Those who hadn’t advanced to the Heaven Rank by then might never leave the Raging Flame Battlefield.

“Sir Dylas, I think you misunderstood something? Who told you Sir Merlin had a method to make 9th Rank Archmage complete the last transformation and reach the Heaven Rank?”

Morgan flatly denied this matter and refused to admit it.

Dylas was stunned. What he had said was completely based on the fact that Lin Yun truly had a method to make 9th Rank Archmage forcibly complete the Extraordinary transformation.

But Morgan now said that, so how could he confirm this? There was nothing to confirm.

A 9th Rank Archmage advancing to the Heaven realm relied on luck, no one knew fate’s plans.

The most talented and powerful people also didn’t dare to guarantee that they could advance to the Heaven Rank.

“Sir Morgan, what’s going on?”

Dylas was shocked, he was at his wits’ end and didn’t know what to say.

A proud expression flashed in Morgan’s eyes and the corner of his mouth rose.

‘Stupid guy, you tried to be clever, but how can those petty trick compare to my great wisdom. If I say there is, then there is. If I say there isn’t, then there isn’t.

‘What, don’t tell me that I couldn’t advance to the Heaven Rank because people dared to say that I would be unable to? Can’t I just suddenly get some enlightenment towards the power of Laws?

‘Fool, you wanted to obtain Sir Merlin’s help, yet you want to pay such a low price.

‘You don’t even know how foolish you are. You have always been setting yourself against Sir Merlin, criticizing him both openly and in secret. But even I have to look up to Sir Merlin. Now, it’s time for you to puke blood…’

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