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Chapter 1067 Luck

“Sir Dylas, I don’t know where you have heard that from, but I’ve never heard about it.”

Dylas couldn’t even breathe and almost suffocated.

‘d.a.m.nit, weren’t you the one who let it slip last time? And you are still asking who?

‘Yet you are saying it’s false? If there is no such thing, why did you even speak about it?

‘d.a.m.n b*stard, you are just greedy for more benefits, aren’t you?

“Sir Morgan, we are very close friends, don’t tell me you have the heart to watch a very close friend die in a filthy place like the Raging Flame Battlefield?

“We will be able to fight side by side once again If I increase my power, we will be able to face those muscle-headed Beastmen together…

“Naturally, if there are any requirements, if you need anything, just bring it up and I’ll absolutely satisfy Sir Merlin’s request.

“Ah, I remember, I obtained a Darkness Essence before, but I don’t have it on me. I’ll give it to you next time we meet.

“That thing would have been wasted here. Sir Morgan has advanced to the Heaven Rank, you are the most suitable person to display the effect of Darkness Essence and this would increase everyone’s strength. Having a bit more strength when facing the Beastmen would be a lot better…”

Surprise appeared on Morgan’s face as Dylas brought up the Darkness Essence.

Darkness Essence might be a valuable material to other mages, but to a dark mage, especially one with the Darkness Law as a foundation, it was the most valuable treasure.

To a dark mage who relied on the Dark Elemental G.o.d growing within their Demiplane as their main source of strength, Darkness Essence was the best nourishment.

Morgan’s path to the Heaven Rank wasn’t the same as an ordinary dark mage.

Ordinary dark mages had to keep purifying their darkness mana until it was at its purest, this was the foundation needed for the Extraordinary transformation.

After advancing, the side-effects of darkness mana would disappear and those negative emotions and negative mana side-effects would become nourishment for the Darkness Elemental G.o.d within the Demiplane.

But these negative emotions would be purified before advancing to the Heaven Rank, and thus, the growth of the Elemental G.o.d would be about the same as other mages.

As for Morgan’s darkness mana, it wasn’t purified as he broke through to the Heaven Rank. All the negative emotions and negative side-effects were forcibly peeled out by the Law Runes and thrown into the Demiplane.

This was bound to increase the speed at which the Darkness Elemental G.o.d was born, and it would be somewhat stronger than other Darkness Elemental G.o.ds.

Darkness Essence could accelerate the growth of a Darkness Elemental G.o.d if it was thrown into the Demiplane, as well as increase its potential.

This was the most important thing to a dark mage.

Potential was a lot more precious than strength…

Morgan smiled, that bribe could be considered sincere. Moreover, Morgan clearly understood Dylas’ words. Dylas was bowing his head so he could quote him a rough price and he would absolutely not bargain.

Seeing the usually proud Dylas lower his head in front of him made Morgan feel extremely good.

‘d.a.m.n, this is really great. That Dylas even says stuff like us being close friends having fought together, pah, am I an idiot easy to fool?

‘We only came in contact a few times in Noscent due to the Henry Family’s business, and that guy had been shockingly arrogant back then.

‘If not for his uncle, how could he obtain so many resources to advance to the 9th Rank?

‘What a joke, if his uncle didn’t have a good position in the Shadow Tower, he would have already been killed by those shadow mages inside the Shadow Tower…

‘Or he would have been killed outside.

‘Idiot, did you forget what kind of att.i.tude you had before? I didn’t…

‘When you targeted Sir Merlin, you even dragged me in. F*ck, that was setting me up! You were courting death and pulled me in with you! Fortunately, I was smart enough and wasn’t fooled.

‘Hmpf, since you want to bow your head to let me fleece you, then I wouldn’t be worthy of the Henry Family’s teachings if I didn’t make you bleed enough.

‘In business, the other side would always sell at a very high price if they knew how precious you valued something.’

Morgan felt very comfortable as he watched Dylas bowing his head. After a small hesitation, he slightly loosened his mouth.

“Sir Dylas, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, it’s just that Sir Merlin doesn’t have a surefire method. After all, only fate can guarantee that a 9th Rank Archmage can complete the final Extraordinary transformation and advance to the Heaven Rank, don’t you agree?”

Dylas unhesitantly nodded as Morgan finally relented.

“Sir Morgan, you are right, no one can guarantee anything. But you should understand that we should make all the preparations needed in order to increase our chances of success ever so slightly.

“In the end, whether we succeed or not, isn’t that up to fate?

“Right now, I just want to slightly increase my chances. That way, the odds that fate would look after me would slightly increase…

Dylas was convinced that Morgan advancing to the Heaven Rank was due to luck. After all, who could guarantee that they could make a Peak Archmage advance to the Heaven Rank. That would be too shocking and impossible.

Unfortunately Lin Yun wasn’t there or he would have looked at him with disdain.

When Noscent developed to its peak, everyone was talented due to the appearance of the Mana Baptism Potion. Archmages filled the streets, and if one were to throw a brick, they might end up hitting a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Noscent’s Planar Colonization Era was an era of crazy development. Abyss and h.e.l.l were crazily invaded by mages.

Apart from G.o.ds, no one could stop the path of these crazy mages.

At the peak of the era, as long as one was well-off and gave up on their potential, advancing to the Heaven Rank wasn’t a hard matter.

Dylas kept bowing his head, humbling himself. The pride in Morgan’s eyes was getting more visible and the corners of his mouth kept rising.

“Sir Dylas, I’m only telling you this as someone that fought side by side with you, you can’t casually tell others…

“Sir Merlin really has a way to increase the chances of a Peak Archmage completing the Extraordinary transformation. But that method is very complex.

“Sir Merlin has to spend a lot of energy every time, and during that time, Sir Merlin is unable to fight. He consumed too much energy after helping me and can’t do anything apart from immersing himself in research every day.

“Eh, I feel sorry for Sir Merlin when thinking about it. I came out this time because Sir Merlin is too weary and cannot receive you…”

Morgan held back his pride and sighed as he saw Dylas being humble.

‘I’m not tricking you, Sir Merlin really can’t guarantee it. After all, who could guarantee that refining a potion would be successful? One would have to be a machine to be able to do so.

‘Let’s see how much an idiot like you plan on offering…’

Dylas understood that it was time for him to make an offer.

After contemplating for a bit, Dylas gritted his teeth and extended a finger.

“Sir Morgan, I’ll take out a hundred Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. Those things are the most valuable things here after all.

“As long as you have these mana crystals, you can trade for anything you want in the temple. In addition to all kinds of precious materials not available in Noscent, there are various kinds of True Spirit Magic Tools.

“I checked earlier, a hundred mana crystals are enough to trade for a first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool…”

Dylas was right, a hundred mana crystals could truly be exchanged for a very good True Spirit Magic Tool. It’s just that the True Spirit Magic Tool could only display all its power when used by a suitable mage.

After such a long time, Dylas only had 110 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. Taking out a hundred mana crystals was making him bleed.

But when he heard Dylas’ words, Morgan jumped out of his chair as if he had been bitten by a snake.

He pointed at Dylas with shock and anger.

“Sir Dylas! Are you kidding me?! I wanted to help you out of kind intentions, but you are humiliating me!

“100 mana crystals? Do you take us for beggars?

“F*ck, I shouldn’t have come out to see you. 100 mana crystals aren’t even enough to trade for the necessary ingredients in the temple, how could I ask for a favor from Sir Merlin with that?

“You don’t know how difficult this is! Sir Merlin will waste a lot of energy and it’ll even influence his own strength.

“Just leave, I’ll treat it as if you were never there to begin with, hmpf!”

‘d.a.m.n, does that b*stard know the secret of the Beast G.o.d’s Blood? 100 mana crystals is just enough to trade for one drop…

‘Does he want Sir Merlin to take out a pile of materials at his own cost and work free of charge to refine that golden potion?

‘How could he be so naive…’

After angrily criticizing him, Morgan turned around in order to leave. This startled Dylas and he immediately stood up to keep negotiating with Morgan.

“Sir Morgan, don’t leave, don’t take offense. I really didn’t know the true worth of that method. It’s not that I’m being stingy, I only have 100 mana crystals.

“I have no clue as to what the method is, how many things are needed and what they are. As you said before, how could I know about it?

“By all means, don’t be angered…”

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