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Chapter 1325: I Only Want You (23)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She could not tolerate how haughty and obnoxious the woman was.

An Xiaoning reiterated, “I’m asking you once more. Why did you have to do that to her? She’s still so young. What grave mistake did she commit to warrant such a severe beating from you? You can’t possibly hit her for no reason.”

The woman ignored her and began swinging her rod at An Xiaoning, catching the latter off guard. An Xiaoning did not expect that she would actually try and hit her.

She quickly grabbed the other end of the rod and s.n.a.t.c.hed it away effortlessly before throwing it into a ditch behind the tree.


An Xiaoning walked toward the girl and moved her hair away from her face. She knew that the girl was still conscious because she had seen her raising her head to look at her just now.

‘”Are you alright?”

An Xiaoning was slightly stunned the moment she saw the girl’s appearance. She had a beautiful pair of eyes and a matching set of nose and lips. In fact, she was stunningly gorgeous, despite the bloodstains on her face. Although she appeared extremely disheveled, An Xiaoning could tell that she was not a villager at all and felt that she exuded a natural posh aura.

The wounds all over her body were evidence of her unfavorable predicament.

A gentle tenderness formed in the girl’s eyes, and she mouthed some words with her lips: “Save me.”

An Xiaoning stared at her and left without uttering another word.

Disappointment was written all over the girl’s face and she had long become immobile. She had tried to escape several times before, but she never once succeeded.

Seeing that An Xiaoning had already left, the middle-aged woman closed the door and humphed. She then untied the rope wrapped around the girl to release her from the tree before dragging her into the house forcefully.

The girl was overwhelmed with the stinging pain from her raw wounds. It was so unbearable that she wished she could die.


She was then thrown into the lamb fence where she lay motionlessly on a pile of lamb feces.

The same thing happened to her every day. Ever since she was young, she had never lived a day in peace.

She had no idea why she was being treated that way either.

The rain continued to pour heavily.

The girl started to hear some sounds.

She struggled to sit up and finally managed to do so after expending all her energy.

In the darkness of the night, a figure descended slowly from the rooftop. The girl took a closer look to discover that it was An Xiaoning.

She thought that An Xiaoning wouldn’t rescue her since she simply returned to her house just now.

She did not expect An Xiaoning’s arrival at all.

The girl said softly, “I’m here.”

As soon as An Xiaoning stepped foot onto the ground, the lambs began bleating. After sedating the dogs, she still had to deal with these creatures.

However, they stopped bleating after the girl murmured something.

It would be a piece of cake for An Xiaoning to carry an immobile person away. However, the stench was far too intolerable.

An Xiaoning left brazenly through the main entrance. She had even pried the fences open so as to make it seem as if the girl had climbed away on her own.

An Xiaoning brought the girl back to her room and helped to undress her. She then placed the dirty clothes into a large trash bag, which she planned to dispose of later.

The girl emitted an unbearable pungent stench that was mixed with the metallic odor of blood. It was as if she had never showered before. An Xiaoning could barely stand being around her. Hence, she instructed Fan s.h.i.+xin to collect some water from the tap, which she then used to bathe the girl with.

The water should be safe for use for a bath.

The girl had never been cared for in such a manner before. No one had ever bathed her, washed her hair, or put her clothes on for her. She felt extremely touched that a stranger would show her so much kindness.

An Xiaoning took out a set of her own clothes and put them onto the girl. She then grabbed a towel to wipe the girl’s hair dry before tying it back into a ponytail.

“Listen to me, you can’t stay here any longer. Hence, we’re going to take you away from this place now. Once you’re in the town, s.h.i.+xin will bring you to a safer place. Alright?”

The girl nodded with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank you, Sister.”

“Don’t mention it. Come, let me carry you.”

“I’ll do it,” said Fan s.h.i.+xin.

“Let me do it, I’m stronger.” An Xiaoning sat down on the bed and said, “Come, get on my back.”

The girl leaned forward and wrapped her arms around An Xiaoning’s shoulder.

An Xiaoning used her inner energy to pick her up. The girl was holding an umbrella in her hand, and so was Fan s.h.i.+xin, who was guiding them with a torchlight.

Although Fan s.h.i.+xin was not carrying anyone, he could barely keep up with An Xiaoning’s pace.

The girl said softly, “Sister, my name is Jing Chu.”

“Your mother may be abusive, but she gave you a nice name.”

“She wasn’t the one who named me.”

“Huh… who did, then?”

“There’s a tattoo on my arm that had been present ever since I was a child. I only found out later that it was my name, Jing Chu.”

“What did you say to the lamb to stop them from bleating when I rescued you?” An Xiaoning asked.

“I can communicate with animals. I told them to be quiet so they obeyed my instructions.”

An Xiaoning was appalled.

She can communicate with animals?

Seems like she really isn’t an ordinary human.

“Oh, I see. Can you hear the communication between animals too?”


“That woman… is she your stepmother or your adoptive mother?” An Xiaoning asked after much consideration.

Jing Chu answered, “Neither. I’ve never addressed her as my mother. She never told me where I came from either. All she does is. .h.i.t and berate me.”

“Did she ever explain why she abuses you?”


“How old are you this year?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea when my birthday is either.”

“I think you’re still very young. That woman said that she had been beating you for more than a decade. You should be almost twenty now. But what happened to your leg?”

“They’re broken. I broke them when I was younger. They healed by themselves, but she broke them again. After a repeated cycle, I became crippled.”

An Xiaoning sighed in sympathy. There were truly all sorts of unlucky people in this world.

“It’s alright, you’re free from all that pain and suffering now. From now on, I’ll protect you and you’ll live well.”

Jing Chu teared up and asked, “Sister, what’s your name?”

She answered, “I… An Xiaoning.”

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