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Chapter 411 The Aggrieved Madam Ling

“The Third Prince seemed strange today. He asked about Sister Ziying of the Cloud Reflection Courtyard and took out a picture scroll. He asked us if we had seen Sister Ziying before. Later, he went over there by himself and said that he was going to check something out. He also asked Lanning about it just now.”

Ning Xueyan smiled indifferently, but her beautiful eyes fell on Madam Ling’s face.

As expected, Madam Ling’s face paled. She clutched the quilt and then loosened her grip intermittently. “A picture scroll? What is it?”

“I’m not too sure either. My grandmother looked very surprised. She even said that it’s a ‘b.u.t.terfly pattern.’ It was indeed a b.u.t.terfly-shaped birthmark. I have never seen Sister Ziying before. Although Lanning used to be her maid, she was not her personal maid. She had never bathed her, so she said that she had never seen it before.”

Ning Xueyan replied. This matter could not be hidden from others. Although there were not many people in the room at that time, Ning Qingshan and Ning Lingyun were there, so what she said would inevitably be made known to the others. However, there was another reason why she said this. It meant that Lanning had never been close to Ning Ziying before. Moreover, the Third Prince had already asked about it. What should be said and what should not be said, had already been said. It was useless for Madam Ling to be cautious.

She did not need to focus on Lanning any more. According to her character, Madam Ling would likely create some problems in order to deal with Lanning. So, Ning Xueyan desisted Madam Ling’s thoughts.

“Has he asked about it?” Madam Ling’s hands trembled. She paid close attention to this matter. Ning Xueyan noticed that she did not pay much attention to the so-called “b.u.t.terfly pattern”. Ning Xueyan thought that Madam Ling did not know anything about it. Thinking about it, Ning Xueyan had never heard of it herself. So, only a few knew about the birthmark.

At first, she wanted to ask Madam Ling about this matter. But now, it seemed that Madam Ling did not know anything about it. Otherwise, she would be shocked like Madam Dowager.

“Yes,” Ning Xueyan said with certainty.

“Has he asked about… your Eldest Sister and Eldest Brother-in-law?” Madam Ling’s voice trembled. She stared at Ning Xueyan and swallowed her saliva. Although she still had evidence of Ning Ziying’s losing her chast.i.ty, she did not want to bring it up until the end. It would only harm others without benefiting herself. Besides, it was not true. Even if she was stupid, she knew she could not do it.

Besides, no matter why Ning Ziying died, even if she lost her chast.i.ty, she could not let Ning Ziyan marry into the Xia Manor, on her behalf. And Xia Manor did not respond to it at all. Did this mean that there was something wrong? Madam Ling felt guilty and panicky, so she could not help asking Ning Xueyan.

There was a flash of gloomy regret in the First Madam’s eyes. If she had known that, she would not have cared about anything. She would have killed Lanning directly, so as not to create so much trouble. Except for Lanning, there was no one else in Lord Protector’s Manor who knew about the marriage between Ning Ziying and Xia Yuhang.

Madam Ling wanted to kill Lanning at that time. However, her plan was ruined by Ning Xueyan. Then, Lanning followed Ning Xueyan to the Cold Mountain Temple. When they came back, many things happened and Madam Ling did not have time to do any further plotting. Then, Madam Ling also went to the Buddha Hall. She had really been too busy to attend to anything else.

Then, Madam Ling gradually forgot about it. When the matter of the Cloud Reflection Courtyard was discovered, Madam Ling also wanted to deal with Lanning severely. But now, she was no longer the First Madam, who was able to rally mult.i.tudes at her call. She only had Mother Chen as her henchman. Even the people in the manor did not handle things for her, wholeheartedly.

Madam Ling’s two daughters were not in the manor, and her son was still injured, so she could not find anyone who could help her. Lanning was also very sly. Most of the time, it was Qingyu who came to visit her. Even if she wanted to find an excuse to punish Lanning, she could not do it directly. Thinking of this, Madam Ling’s eyes were filled with hate.

So what if Lanning had said it? She did not believe that a maid’s words could be credible without any evidence. If the little bi*ch in front of her dared to ask her maid to say that, she would get her into the trouble. It was said that she deliberately instigated her maid to say that, to ruin her sister’s reputation.

“The matter about Eldest Sister and Eldest Brother-in-law? He also asked about it, but Lanning did not say anything. The Third Prince did not focus on it. He said that Sister Ziying seemed to have a great background, and it seemed that our family could not afford to offend her.” Seeing that Madam Ling was looking at her coldly at her with a gleam in her eyes, Ning Xueyan knew what she was up to. She sneered secretly.

Lanning, a maid, did not have the final say about that marriage. So, she had to do it little by little. Now it seemed that she did not need to do anything to make the whole situation worse. She did not expect that Xia Yuhang and Ning Ziyan would come just as the Third Prince was there. It was a complete coincidence.

“Didn’t that girl mention the marriage?” Madam Ling was stunned and looked at Ning Xueyan with a gloomy look. She did not believe what Ning Xueyan had said. Ning Ziying was an orphan, and her parents died early. She was just an ordinary person staying with Madam Ning. If Ning Ziying’s mother had not sent her a large sum of money from regions south of the Yangtze River when she was still alive, she would not have taken her in.

Ning Ziying did have a wealthy family background, but most of the money was now with Minister Xia. Madam Ling still felt distressed when she talked about it today. Initially, she wanted Ning Ziyan to return some to her. Ning Ziying’s dowry was plentiful, but the d.a.m.ned girl had turned her down, because of the Xia family.

Thinking of this, Madam Ling felt uncomfortable again and thought that she had suffered a great loss. If she had killed Ning Ziying earlier, she could have kept most of the dowry, before sending it to Xia Manor. She would not have sent all the dowry to Xia Manor. However, Ning Ziyan did not agree and insisted on taking action at that time.

“She does not have any background. She is just from an official family of the Jiang family and might be one of the best families in regions south of the Yangtze River. But when she came to the capital, every family was superior to hers! Moreover, they are all dead. Among the Ning family, our Lord Protector’s Manor is the most n.o.ble one.”

Madam Ling snorted and leaned back. She waved her hand and said coldly, “I’m tired. Fifth Young Lady, you should go and have a rest. Your Eldest Sister has come to Lord Protector’s Manor. You can meet her later. Even if you marry into Prince Yi’s Manor in the future, you can’t let others think that you do not have a good relations.h.i.+p with your sisters. In the future, you will be a co-consort in Prince Yi’s Manor. You can’t contend with others.”

Did she want to drive her away? When she left, she defended Ning Ziyan against injustice. It was a threat to her. Ning Xueyan sneered secretly. Ning Ziyan killed her, so she did not have any sisterly ties with her. It was funny to tell her that they were sisters.

In the past, when Ning Yuling and the others bullied her, she had never said that they were sisters. But now, she took it as a matter of course.

“Mother, don’t worry. When I came in, my Eldest Sister accidentally fell into the lotus pond. I’m afraid that she won’t have time to talk with me at this time.” Ning Xueyan stopped talking and stood up. She looked peaceful, and her voice was polite, but there was no respect in her look. Her jet-black jade-like eyes even made people feel as if they were being ridiculed.

“You…” Madam Ling was furious. It seemed that she was going to get up.

“First Madam, don’t be angry. You have to take care of yourself. The Eldest Young Lady is fine now. She is safe and sound after changing her clothes.” Mother Chen had just finished tidying up. When she saw Madam Ling suddenly rise, she quickly ran over and held Madam Ling in her arms, to persuade her.

“Mother, if there’s nothing important, I’m leaving now.” Ning Xueyan narrowed her eyes, as if she did not see Madam Ling’s eyes which looked as if she wanted to eat Ning Xueyan. With a hint of undisguised provocation in her s.h.i.+mmery eyes, she said this coldly. Then, she left without looking back, and Qingyu hurriedly followed her.

“You… Look at this bi*ch. How dare she, how dare she talk to me like this?” Madam Ling was held by Mother Chen and could not get up. She pounded the bed hard, and her eyes turned green with anger.

“First Madam, Prince Yi’s Manor sent betrothal gifts just now. Not only will Prince Yi marry the consort and the co-consort at the same time, but he has also sent the betrothal gifts to them at the same time. The Fifth Young Lady is not the same as the Fifth Young Lady she used to be. You had better calm down and don’t go against her. Otherwise, Madam Dowager will blame you again. And you have to take care of your health!”

Mother Chen looked at Madam Ling in a meaningful way, patted her on the back, and comforted her.

Madam Ling coughed twice. Although her face was still pale, she looked calm. Her eyes were full of hatred, like a poisonous snake. “I know that this little bi*ch is a treasure in that d.a.m.ned old woman’s eyes. And my Ling’er is no better than gra.s.s. She sent her to the Xia Manor without any dowry.”

She knew that it was not the best time to argue with Ning Xueyan now. If she could not keep the baby in her belly, she would definitely frame that little bi*ch.

“Yes, First Madam. Don’t worry. As long as you can bear with it, the Fifth Young Lady will be punished, no matter what happens next.” Seeing that Madam Ling had calmed down, Mother Chen let go of her hand.

“How is Yan’er?” Madam Ling leaned back and asked, gritting her teeth. There was a trace of ferociousness on her pale face. In the dark room, she looked like a ghost. Her precious daughter had been pushed into the lotus pond by the little bi*ch. As long as she thought of this, she could not suppress the anger in her heart. Just now, she was almost irritated and wanted to slap Ning Xueyan twice.

“First Madam, don’t worry. The Eldest Young Lady is fine. She was just frightened. She sat quietly in the room and did not go anywhere.” Mother Chen was afraid that Madam Ling would ask about it, so she went to check on Ning Ziyan. After seeing that Ning Ziyan was fine, she came back to report to Madam Ling.

“Ask Marquis to come here tonight. Tell him that the Eldest Young Lady is here. Ask him to come over for dinner. You also need to inquire about the Third Prince.” Success or failure depended on these days, so she had to wait. In any case, she could not slack off. As for the Cloud Reflection Courtyard, she did not believe that Ning Ziying had any n.o.ble ident.i.ty.

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