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A few dozen people teleported over through the teleportation array, and among them was a splendidly dressed elder with extraordinary bearing. A single glance at him was enough to know he was a significant figure and was a peak-stage Heaven Monarch expert.

Beside the elder was a middle-aged woman with an even stronger aura field. She was also a peak-stage Heaven Monarch expert, and one look was enough to tell that she had in the upper echelons for a long time. Her head was raised high, and there were fifty individuals behind her. The weakest of them were high-stage Heaven Monarchs, and there were ten peak-stage Heaven Monarchs.

The arrival of this group of people had made Tantai Wudi wild with joy because one of them was the Tantai Clan Head, the publically known Four-Star expert, Tantai Hong. The other individual was the elder from the Heaven State Region's Luo Clan.

The Luo Clan was the dictator of the Heaven State Region, and the Luo Clan's elders were envoys with authority to kill. Tantai Wudi thought that the arrival of reinforcements could thoroughly shock Jiang Yi who was a demented maniac.

Little did he expect… Jiang Yi to instantly give the order, and those hundreds of black-armored experts didn't have any hesitation. As soon as Jiang Yi gave the orders, hundreds of attacks poured out. They were like an iron blood army which only listened to military orders and would kill first before thinking about the consequences.

"How dare you!"

As soon as Tantai Clan Head—Tantai Hong—had received a message from the clan, he immediately requested for Elder Luo Bing to lead her men to the Heaven Flame City. However, he didn't expect to see a ruin-like city lord residence as soon as he teleported over. Furthermore, the entire ground was filled with severed limbs, and these murderers dared to kill in front of him right now?

He was instantly enraged, and his curved blade appeared with radiating coldly. That curved blade was flowing with runic patterns and was actually a spirit-connected cardinal treasure. He locked his radiating essence force on Jiang Yi and activated his divine s.h.i.+eld and was about to make the move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before he could attack, Tantai Wudi had been blasted by the countless attacks. His divine s.h.i.+eld ruptured immediately, and his body had turned into However, right at the same moment, an indifferent female voice echoed. "Tantai Hong, stop!"


The Tantai Clan Head was startled, and his hand which was going to launch the attack immediately stopped. The Tantai Clan's elders who were originally going to attack had also stopped.

The one who spoke was Elder Luo Bing, and her words were like the imperial decree. Who would dare to go against a member of the Luo Clan?

"Elder Luo Bing!"

Tantai Hong's florid face was filled with anger, and he pointed at Jiang Yi and others while yelling with rage, "You saw it, right? These murderers are rampantly killing without any restraints. This is a provocation to the Region Lord. If we do not kill them, how can we appease the people's anger? How are my deceased clansmen going to be rea.s.sured?"

"Tantai Hong, there might be some misunderstanding about this matter. Do not be hasty."

Elder Luo Bing spoke indifferently. She should already be very old, but she looked like the age of thirty or forty years old and was still attractive. She pointed at the black-armored martial artists beside Jiang Yi and said, "These people are not bandits. They are the… Black Flag Army!"

"Black Flag Army?"

Tantai Hong's eyes contracted while the countless Heaven Monarchs in the sky were in a commotion. They took a careful look and quickly spotted a small black flag symbol on the chest of these black-armored martial soldiers. Everyone instantly took a deep cold breath.

"Black Flag Army? Qi Tianchen is too excessive. Even if I have to disturb the Region Lord today, this old one will not rest unless Qi Tianchen gives me an explanation!"

Tantai Hong roared with rage, but he didn't dare to attack. Jiang Yi mocked in his heart but felt rather suspicious. Was this Black Flag Army incredible? Not even Tantai Hong dared to make a move? Even this Elder Luo Bing was also with restraining fear?

Tantai s.h.i.+ and Song Zhong were astonished as well, and their eyes were filled with bewildered. Wasn't Jiang Yi from the Gusu Continent? Why was he able to mobilize the Black Flag Army?

In fact…!

This was the first time Jiang Yi had heard the three words 'Black Flag Army'. He didn't even know where these black-armored experts came from. When he had decided to wreak the Heaven Flame City one hour ago, he had transmitted a message to the Shadow Emperor's subordinate and asked them to mobilize some men. They were these people.

The Shadow Emperor's subordinate had mentioned that… in Heaven State Region, their men had occupied a large city. If they wanted to mobilize experts, they would mobilize a few tens of thousands of Heaven Monarchs in the Heaven State Region. They could even mobilize a hundred peak-stage Heaven Monarchs.

After Jiang Yi transmitted a message, the Shadow Emperor's subordinate immediately sent a message to the upper echelons and quickly got a reply. The reply had mentioned to let Jiang Yi play as he pleased, and it would be fine even if they slaughtered the entire Heaven Flame City as someone would be able to withstand the consequences.

After receiving this reply, Jiang Yi no longer had any scruples, and so he brought Tantai s.h.i.+ to the clan and asked for an explanation. Before they could provide an explanation, the Hua Clan Head actually made the move. Jiang Yi couldn't be bothered with all the nonsense and ordered for the killings.

"Who is leading the Black Flag Army? Show yourself!"

Elder Luo Bing yelled out clearly, which pulled Jiang Yi back from his thoughts. A peak-stage Heaven Monarch from the Black Flag Army walked out and cupped his hands. "Qi Tianyu pays his greetings to Elder Luo Bing."


Elder Luo Bing was very satisfied with the Black Flag Army commander's att.i.tude. She spoke indifferently, "Why are you trespa.s.sing the Heaven Flame City and starting a ma.s.sacre? The Region Lord had once given the order that all disputes are to be mediated in Heaven State City, and the use of force is forbidden. You are all too bold. Are you not afraid to bring misfortune to your clan?"

"We are all guilty!"

The Black Flag Army commander bowed with cupped hands while the hundreds of people behind him bowed apologized humbly as well. Qi Tianyu spoke sincerely, "Clan Head had said that after this matter has ended, we will seek for forgiveness at Heaven State City. Right now, the Clan Head is already at the Luo Clan's disciplinary hall and personally seeking forgiveness."

Luo Bing and the others rolled their eyes. This Black Flag Army was simply like ruffians. They were consciously going against the rules, and they didn't even blink when during the killings. They were rather frank in admitting their sins, and it was as though they were saying that one could do whatever one wished to him. In any case, they have already killed.

"This Black Flag Army's boss has quite the character. I have to get to know him if there is a chance!"

Jiang Yi smiled secretly, and from the looks of the situation, the boss of the Black Flag Army didn't go seek for forgiveness and had probably gone to pull some strings. Furthermore, it was obvious the Qi Clan's backer was much more influential than the Tantai Clan, and it was unknown how much stronger their strength was. Or else, this Tantai Hong wouldn't be standing here foolishly as though a little mistress that had some hidden grudge.

Elder Luo Bing had no choice but to let out a bitter smile and said, "Alright, this matter will be decided by the disciplinary hall. Everyone is to scatter. Tantai Hong, the Luo Clan will give you an explanation."

"The Tantai Clan has served the Luo Clan loyally for tens of thousands of years. Would the Luo Clan please serve justice for my clan!" Tantai Hong scowled miserably and bowed with his hands at the front to Luo Bing. When Jiang Yi saw that the matters had been settled, he waved his hand and said, "Let's go, return to Black Flag City!"

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

In the corner of the plaza, a few Black Flag Army soldiers rushed out, and they were carrying two children—it was Xiao Yu and Xiao Tian. When Xiao Yu saw Tantai s.h.i.+ and Jiang Yi, she yelled out loudly, "Mother, Uncle!"


Tantai Hong looked at Xiao Tian and Xiao Yu before looking at Tantai s.h.i.+. When he saw that Jiang Yi was preparing to bring them and departed to the north of the city, he was instantly enraged again. "After killing my clansmen, you still want to take away my daughter-in-law and my grandchildren? If you dare to take away anyone today, this old one will fight with all of you even if I have to risk my life. Heaven Flame Army, obey my orders. Prepare to attack!"

"Daughter-in-law? Grandchildren?"

Jiang Yi stopped and didn't say anything yet, but Tantai s.h.i.+ walked out from the war chariot at the side and spoke with anger, "Father-in-law, this is the last time I will be addressing you as such. I want to ask you. When my husband's clan was being oppressed, where were you? When Tantai Ya had colluded with the bandits and killed my husband in Sin Sea, where were you? When we, mother and two children, were being pursued by the bandits in Sin Sea, where were you? We suffered untold hards.h.i.+ps and returned to the city, but when Tantai Ya wanted to enter my room on the same night of our return to violate me, where were you?

"Tantai Ya is your son, but is my husband not your son? When have you ever taken a direct look at Xiao Tian and Xiao Yu before? From today onward, this mother and children will not have any more ties with the Tantai Clan, and you are not worthy to be Xiao Tian and Xiao Yu's grandfather!"


Tantai Hong was trembling from anger. His aura presence was so violent that it was going to go berserk. Yet, Jiang Yi spoke coldly, "Black Flag Army, obey my orders. We will break through towards the north city gate. Kill anyone who dares to make a move. Charge!"

Qi Tianyu's pseudo-divine artifact was unsheathed, and he locked onto Tantai Hong and yelled out. "Elder Luo Bing, please forgive us. The Black Flag Army only obeys military orders, and the Clan Head had said that Lord Xue's orders are military orders! Black Flag Army into formation! Charge!"

Qi Tianyu gave the orders and five peak-stage Heaven Monarchs stood at the front to open the path. Ten peak-stage Heaven Monarchs locked onto Tantai Hong and the Tantai Clan's elders while the rest of the soldiers activated their divine s.h.i.+elds, surrounding Jiang Yi, Tantai s.h.i.+, and the others in the center and started to rush towards the north of the city.

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