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Despite Laz, Leona and Ruby not wanting their time together to end, they all knew that it was time to go back to the rest of the world. They got dressed and packed up their various bags before giving the cave one final look around. Not surprisingly, when they went to leave, the little spider appeared on Laz's shoulder as though it wanted to go along with them.

"Want to follow me little guy?" Laz asked while laughing, only to see the little spider nod it's head in response.

"He's really kind of cute..."

"He's so little and furry..."

Even the girls couldn't help but compliment the little spider. Had it been ma.s.sive like the one that Laz and Vivi first fought when they came here, the girls probably wouldn't feel the same way, but since the little guy was just kind of furry, seemed intelligent and was only the size of a fist, neither girl ended up minding him, even Leona who did not like spiders.

Seeing the girls show approval for itself, the little spider raised a leg into the air and started waving at them. Seeing this, both girls waved back and Ruby even came in close to it to touch it. Seeing her show no hesitation, the spider ended up jumping over to Ruby's hand and staying there while she petted it, closing it's eyes. After about a minute of this, the little spider opened it's eyes again and looked at Leona before waving it's leg again. Although Leona had said that the spider was cute, it was still a spider in the end and she wasn't too sure she wanted it on her. Before she could express this though, Ruby, seeing her hesitation, moved her hand over and dumped the spider on Leona's shoulder.

Leona was frozen at this development. The only thing that could be said was that she didn't scream. The little spider raised it's leg and put it on it's own head, almost as though it was showing Leona that she could pet it. After a while of doing this though and not seeing Leona move, the little spider who's face seemed lively up until this point, started to show a rather sad and dejected look in it's six eyes and put it's leg down before turning around. It was going to leave and rejoin Laz. Before it could jump though, Leona had brought a hand down on it's little head and started gently rubbing it. She couldn't help but be moved by it's rather human like actions and knew that she had made it said.

Realizing this allowed her to get over her fear and pet the little guy.

Feeling her hand on it's head, the spider turned around and put on happy face that seemed to glow. Leona couldn't help but be more moved and picked the little thing up in her hand before continuing to pet it more as they walked out of the small upper cave area, down past the lower cave area and back out to the well area.

"Will this thing be ok?" Ruby asked as they climbed up the well.

"Yeah, two weeks or so and it will be back to how it was. Give it a month and you could have a boss monster sp.a.w.n..."

"What? Boss monster? The h.e.l.l?" Ruby asked, causing Laz to have to explain everything that happened the first time they went in. After all, it would be a really big disservice if he didn't warn them ahead of time. At the same time, he also had to explain to Ruby that the whole boss monster sp.a.w.ning thing was just a guess on his(Vivi's) part since they didn't wait that long this time.

While he was giving Ruby some words of advice for future use of the cavern, Leona was happily playing with the spider as it ran all over her arms while she tried to catch it, tickling her the entire time.

After they walked down the mountain, Ruby leaned in and gave Laz a rather pa.s.sionate kiss that lasted for almost a minute before she broke off. Leona, although not as bold as Ruby, also gave Laz a deep kiss before shyly retreating. As Laz stood there dumbfounded, both girls ended up running to Ruby's car and taking off before he could say anything.

As he stood there alone and shook his head, the darkness of the night was starting to retreat into morning. The interesting part was that it was actually already Tuesday. They had started the adventure in the evening on Sunday and had been gone almost a day and a half. When Vivi had met the girls, it was already dinner time back then. So although Laz was feeling weird after having missed a day and a half, the biggest feeling he had was hunger.

As he walked up to the door on the camper, he suddenly felt like there was something in his pocket. Pulling out a piece of paper that had been shoved in there at some unknown time, he opened it up to reveal a note from Leona. She was asking if he wanted to go with her and Ruby to the open concert night at the club next Sunday, all of them together. In the ended, he read a line that seemed to be from Ruby since the writing was different that just said, 'We will a.s.sume the answer is yes and I will be driving so be ready by 5 pm. No, you don't have a choice.' And this was followed up with a smiley face and the girls names.

'Did they think I wouldn't know who it was from?' Still, when he thought about it, he had no idea how a three way date was going to go and couldn't help but smile at the idea. Of course he was going, he would be an idiot not to.

Tucking the paper back away, Laz made it inside the camper, only to find Vivi pa.s.sed out of the bed. Without waking her, Laz just stripped off his clothes and climbed in. Before he even knew it, she had already gotten herself comfortable on top of him with her head snuggled up next to his.

Smiling to himself, Laz closed his eyes to sleep, all the while not noticing that the little spider had crawled off of him and found itself a nice comfy spot on one of the overhead cabinets that had a few blankets on top of it.


Waking up later, he noticed that Vivi was already up and out of the bed. strangely, he heard the water in the small shower going and couldn't help but think to himself,

'She's taking a shower? Can she even wash herself?'

Laz had to admit that he was amused by this and thinking that he could use a shower for the day, decided that he would just pop in to join her. After all, what kind of big brother would he be if he didn't help her wash her fur.

As he snuck over to the bathroom, he opened the door as quietly as he could, but even then, Vivi heard him. Currently, she was almost done with her shower and was actually about to turn off the water and get out when she heard him coming in. Although she was startled, she was aware enough to quickly change from her human form back into her wolf form before he flung open the shower curtain. As soon as he did that, she ran out though.

*WHAT THE h.e.l.l ARE YOU DOING?* Vivi yelled.

"I was going to help you wash your fur..." Laz said as he noticed her wet self escape while grabbing the towel she had left on the floor with her mouth.

*DID I ASK FOR YOUR HELP YOU IDIOT?* Vivi quickly made her way to the small couch and jumped up on it while somehow wrapping the towel around herself.

"Well then... I guess I will just take a quick shower myself," Laz said while laughing, completely unaware that he had just barely missed seeing her secret from him.

Although it didn't seem like a big deal on the surface, Vivi had a very real fear that things between them would change if Laz found out how she could change herself human. And that was something she really didn't want to happen.

Just as Laz was cleaning himself up and turning off the water, Laz suddenly heard Vivi start barking her head off while yelling using her spirit sense.


Laz ended up grabbing a towel and wrapping it around himself as he rushed to see what was wrong. As soon as he got into the living room, he noticed that Vivi was backing away from a tiny little ball of fur with eight legs that was standing there while looking a bit dejected.

"WHAT?" Laz yelled while trying to figure out what happened.

Seeing Laz, Vivi jumped off the couch and ended up right in Laz's arms while trying to hide herself.

*IT, IT, IT, IT'S.... IT'S A SPIDER.....* Vivi said, while hiding herself.

Laz was truly amazed at this point. After all, she didn't have this type of reaction when they had gone into the spider cave last time. He felt like something was off...

"I know. The little thing followed me back from the cave..." Laz said, trying to explain.

*THE CAVE?!?* Vivi finally calmed down after a few moments before turning shocked. She then jumped off of Laz and landed in front of the little thing before sniffing it.

*Oh thank the G.o.ds....* Vivi said while breathing out a sigh of relief.

"What?" Laz was thoroughly confused right now.

*It's a demon beast.*


*Well, I would only have a problem if it wasn't. At least this thing is smart enough not to try to lay eggs in my fur...*

"THE h.e.l.l?"

*Never mind. Anyway, hi little guy.* Vivi then walked over and sat down in front of it, bringing her nose right in front of it's sad face. Seeing that the misunderstanding, if it could be called that, was cleared up, the little guy started getting all happy and friendly again.

"So... now your fine with it?" Laz was still stuck on her fear of normal spiders, but seeing that she seemed to have no issues with it now, he just let it go.

"Wait, you said it was a boy?"

*Yeah. You can't tell?*

"I... uh... how would I..."

*Moving on. What is it's name? Did it tell you?* Vivi asked, seemingly a bit excited.

"It didn't..." Was it supposed to? Laz didn't know the answer.

*Hey little friend. Do you have a name?* Vivi asked, all smiles.

The little guy thought for a moment before shaking it's head no.

*AWW... Ok, ok. Don't cry. We can come up with a name.* Vivi said while turning to Laz.

Laz, thinking as quick as he could, started shooting off suggestions for the little things.

"Uhh... Rebel?" He was met with the little spider and Vivi shaking their heads no.






*Are you even trying...????* Vivi couldn't help but yell at Laz for he lack of naming sense. She started to be really glad that she had awoken with a name. Had she had to rely on Laz for one, she just shuddered to think about what might have happened.

"Eh... Tyr?"

*Tyr?* Although Vivi wanted to reject the name just because it came from Laz, she didn't. For some reason, she seemed to think the name fit. While looking at the little guy who was also looking back at her, they both nodded their heads at the same time in agreement.

*Ok, Tyr it is then.*

"Well then, Vivi met Tyr. And Tyr meet Vivi. I guess this is turning out to be one really weird family...." Laz really had to wonder what was going to happen next. After all, things seemed to be going way to smoothly lately.

And that never ended well.

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