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A person suddenly walked forward and said, “This subordinate is the First Lieutenant Yuan Zhen. I would like to take the liberty to ask the Lord Commander a question. The Holy Palace has ignored us for 100,000 years, but they have suddenly dispatched a Commander here. What instructions are there for us?”

These words weren't polite, but it was a strategy that the several of them had already discussed before arriving here. Since this new Commander was a mysterious variable with unknown intentions, they would take the initiative to launch an attack. Of course, they had also prepared for any further possibilities. Regardless of how this Commander responded, they would be able to control the situation.

As for why they were so confident? That was simple…this was the Endless Sea. This was the place they had lived in and managed for countless generations. Although they weren't able to free themselves from the shackles of their destiny, a newly arrived Commander couldn't shake their positions.

Qin Yu's smile didn't change. He shook his head. “In truth, even I don't know why I was sent here, much less as the Commander of the Holy Nether Guards.” This was the truth, so he spoke confidently. “So, I really cannot reply to Lieutenant Yuan Zhen's question…I suppose that everything can continue as it was before.”

Yuan Zhen was clearly stunned. He had come up with all sorts of tentative plans, to be aggressive, to be soft, to admit defeat a little…but he had never expected this to be the result. Listening to the meaning behind these words, it seemed this new Commander had been…exiled here?

But as this thought appeared, he quickly suppressed it. He had almost been tricked! If this person really had been exiled here and sent to join the Holy Nether Guards, his entire life would be ruined already. Why was there any need to add some superfluous t.i.tle like that of the Holy Nether Guard Commander?

This person's words didn't match his intentions!

Thinking all the same lines as Yuan Zhen, Fu Shan and the other two lieutenants also furrowed their eyebrows in unison, a dignified look in their eyes. This person was truly worthy of being a chess piece sent out by the Holy Palace. Although he looked young, his methods were fierce and decisive. He wore a calm and warm mask on his face, but he was actually not easy to deal with.

Without giving them much longer to think, Qin Yu lifted his hands and rubbed the point between his eyebrows. “I am somewhat tired today, so I will go and rest first. If there is anything else, we can discuss it later.”

Fu Shan nodded, “I will escort the lord to go and rest.”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “No need. You must all have a great deal of business to attend to, so just ask anyone here to guide me.”

Seeing that he wasn't willing to talk too much, Fu Shan called over an a.s.sistant. After giving the a.s.sistant some orders, the a.s.sistant bowed and said, “Commander, please follow me.”

Although he bowed, his voice was cold without any meaning of respect.

Qin Yu carelessly nodded.

The side of the Holy Nether Guard was thick with resentment built up over innumerable years. Before he could think about how to win them over, he first needed to think of ways to relax the relations.h.i.+p between them. In the current situation, if Qin Yu displayed an att.i.tude where he wanted to be friendly with everyone, they would likely all dread him.

Some matters in this world were all the same. It was best not to try running before one could walk.

Like this, Qin Yu followed behind this Holy Nether Guard. Beneath the scrutiny of countless eyes, he leisurely entered the large floating city.

Yuan Zhen licked his lips. “Commander, this person has hidden himself deeply!”

That's right, in the eyes of every Holy Nether Guard, Fu Shan was their only Commander. As for this newcomer…who cared? If he really wanted to pick up chicken feathers and pretend they were arrows, they would beat him black and blue in the next instant!

Fu Shan relaxed his eyebrows. “No matter what, he is the Holy Nether Guard Commander recognized by the Holy Palace. Be careful in your work and don't let him grasp your weakness. Otherwise even if you can withstand it, it won't be good if there is too great of a commotion.”

Yuan Zhen hesitated, “Then what we do after this…”

Before he finished speaking, everyone knew what he meant.

Fu Shan lightly said, “Our arrangement is the Lord Commander's official residence, right?”

Yuan Zhen's eyes brightened. He smiled. “Of course. Since the Lord Commander has arrived, we naturally wouldn't dare to neglect him. It is just that the Holy Nether Guards have been stranded here in the Endless Sea for countless years and we are extremely barren on all sides. There is also the fact that the Commander's position has been left empty for so many years, so it's understandable if that uninhabited residence is a bit run down and dilapidated.”

Fu Shan turned around and left. He really wanted to know what sort of reaction this new young Lord Commander would have. A sharp light flashed in the depths of his eyes. This was because this reaction would serve as an extremely important basis for his judgment. Just why did this new Commander come here?


Holy Nether City was extremely large. 100,000 years was enough for any group of people to multiply and develop into a ma.s.sive tribe of people. So, after Qin Yu entered the city and boarded the carriage, he saw many people.

There were no speedcars here; it maintained a relatively primitive and rough original way of living, as formidable people did in the past. For instance, the carriage that Qin Yu was sitting in was being pulled ahead by two flood dragons.

Unfortunately, such a dignified carriage wasn't able to obtain him any respect or awe. Rather, there was a bit of curiosity and even more indifference and hostility.

The one controlling the flood dragons was the Holy Nether Guard who had guided him here. His figure wasn't tall or strong and he even appeared a bit thin. After mounting the carriage, he didn't speak a single word. A cold chill swirled all around him. He clearly had no intentions of flattering this new Commander.

The flood dragons flew forward at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. So when the carriage came to a stop, not too much time had pa.s.sed. Qin Yu stepped down from the carriage and saw the black building in front of him, one that gave off an overpowering momentum. His lips twitched a little. It seemed that his unpopularity here was going to continue for quite some time.

Rundown…this word wasn't sufficient to express Qin Yu's first impression of this place. To be more precise, it should be 'ruins'.

The large entrance seemed as if it had experienced a great war. The large black stones that had been glued and stuck together had been shattered by some tyrannical strength, left tumbling all over the floor. Thick weeds grew haphazardly across the ground. One of the thick front doors had been ruined and the other half was rotten to the point of collapse; it could no longer block anything.

His line of sight pa.s.sed straight through the door, past a high shadowy wall to a lake that was nearly submerged in gra.s.s and trees. The occasionally revealed lake surface was covered with dark green algae.

Qin Yu almost laughed from anger. Did these people from the Holy Nether Guard really think he wouldn't lose his temper? But thinking it over, perhaps these people were waiting for him to grow angry. So after mulling things over some more, his complexion calmed back down.

The Holy Nether Guard who led him here had his face covered behind a fierce blood red mask. Even so, he wasn't able to hide his surprise and disappointment from Qin Yu's eyes. Qin Yu secretly thought that he had been correct in his a.s.sumption, and his expression relaxed.

“Go back to Fu Shan and tell him that this place is very unique. He is quite thoughtful.”

When the icy cold Holy Nether Guard heard this, he finally revealed a bit of stress. He carefully looked at Qin Yu's face but couldn't make out any change in mood. Annoyance and disappointment surged within his heart. Then, he cupped his hands together and quickly departed.

Qin Yu reached out a hand to push open the half-remaining rotten front door. He watched on helplessly as the door loudly crashed into the ground and disintegrated, causing dust to rise up everywhere. Even if he was already prepared for this, he still couldn't help but twitch his eyes.

Walking into the ruins of this dwelling, he could feel the dignity and glory that still hadn't been fully erased with the pa.s.sing of time. He could imagine how lively this place must have been many, many years ago.

Unfortunately, thinking about these things was useless. If Qin Yu wanted to live here, he would need to clean up this area himself.

He looked around for a long time. Finally, near a rock garden sculpture, he found a stone chamber. This place should have been a training room in the past. The construction was exceptionally fine here. Even if the maintenance array formation had been destroyed, it still retained a certain degree of integrity.

After cleaning up the area, Qin Yu took out an illumination bead from his storage ring. Qin Yu looked around nodded. The environment here wasn't too bad. At the very least, looking at the messy courtyard from the entrance, there was an aesthetic sense of broken beauty to it.

People always had to have optimism even amidst suffering in order to live comfortably, right? Moreover, there was an old saying, if you wanted to make use of others, you at least had to let them vent themselves. 

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