Inevitable Road To Divinity 580 The Ice Divinity Needs Power For An Uncertain Future! Eleonora's Mother Is Here.

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An ice castle.

It was a pretty big castle with a lot frozen sculptures that were well crafted. The ice energies were very well condensed and if one only 'felt' these sculptures, then one might think of these as living beings.

Xue Ren and Eleonora were surely not thinking about the ice sculptures like that though.

They were going around the castle while holding each other hands tightly, sightseeing it like a couple they are. The lovely laughters of Eleonora were caused by that Xue Ren's strange humour as he felt like breaking a few ice sculptures.

Someone was so deep into an art that there were a few sculptures of a naked men.

Of course, at some point, Xue Ren and Eleonora would stumble at an unknown ice races, but it was an easy feat to just hide from them. During their hiding, Eleonora always would get hugged by Xue Ren tightly, then he would add something stupid yet again.

I will always protect you, my sweetie.

Hold me tightly, so tightly I won't be able to look anywhere else other than you.

There is an easy solution to that.



Acting like a prince and princess from two other kingdoms, Xue Ren and Eleonora were playing in that castle while also sightseeing! Then, their eyes spotted some unique ice particles. It was naturally a divine energy.

The Ice Divinity!

It was not a snow one that Xue Ren hoped to conquer, but a pure ice divinity! There was an Ice G.o.d who was in talks with his descendants. There were a lot of people gathered in an ice cave that was glittering as if covered in diamonds.

It was a very beautiful ice cave!

"How is your progress, father?"

"It's... too hard. We have gathered all ice races that we could've found and it still seems impossible."

The Ice Divinity softly let out sigh, then his hand rubbed his eyes as he was so d.a.m.n exhausted it was painful to even speak! The man had let out an order which was to gather all ice related races from all the universe.

The medium worlds and even higher!

Of course, many races were happy to join the ice worlds, but there were a few consequences of such rash move. Naturally, the other higher alliances demanded a resources as a pay. There were even a few that wanted to make a closer connections.

Which The Ice Divinity had complies as it was rather a similar attribute.

Nevertheless, the man had gathered a lot people together with his descendants.

The reason for that was simply - to rule and awaken a power!

"The throne of ruler can be gained by getting a keys from the higher worlds - the world's cores. But it's simply impossible for our ice divinity to conquer the whole universe! I have also heard rumours... that there are a lot of cracks happening in the universe."

"There is another universe?"

"I can't confirm it. But it seems there are many more! We must raise our powers as soon as possible!"

The Ice Divinity wasn't weak, but he surely wasn't at the top. If a ruler appeared, then he would just pledge a loyalty with his worlds. Not like he could refuse. However, the ruler powers are splitted and the cracks to another universes are opening up.

If there is an another ruler, then this is a disaster for their universe.

But if he gets a little of ruler's destiny and raise his powers, then the chances of survival should be higher! After all, this is a power up!

He was gathering people not only to raise his divinity by the believers powers, but also to awaken the world's core! Awaken the world's core and make her grab that ruler's destiny. It would be the best!

The best result!

"There is no way for us to become allies! Everyone is different and the only ones to make a contact with other universes arre surely that idiots from the top! Their greed is immeasurable!"

"Yes, father!"

The Ice Divinity continued the talk with a high hopes to awaken the ruler's powers. Only for his safety! One of his descendants also proposed to align themselves to another ice powers from other universes if they find them.

They are not weak, so the collab should be possible.

This was something that The Ice Divinity also thought, so he just nodded. Then, everyone went their own ways with an goal to become stronger! The hard times are coming, so they must be prepared... No one had the egoistic thoughts of raising up their own powers for themselves or to kill others in order to grow.

Those were the pure family ties hoping to support each other.

Of course, Xue Ren and Eleonora were listening up to this. The fact that someone was trying to grab the ruler's destiny was all fine. In an universe so wide and big, everything seems possible if one tries hard.

One might awaken it naturally, have an a.s.sistance or just go for it with one's strong will.

There are a lot of options, but Xue Ren and Eleonora were thinking about something else.

The Ice Divinity was using A Ruler's ways so he was gathering ice related races. It meant that Eleonora's snow race should be also here. The chances are high, but it wasn't something to be happy about.

Eleonora's mother was that kind of woman who went for a luxury!

She was a mere medium race lady, but her daughter's divintiy had truly f.u.c.ked her minds! She imagined a greater heights and luxury that came along with it... Even now, she was probably hating Eleonora for leaving her.

It wasn't confirmed at all, but Eleonora had such thought.

After all, her mother just left her in an attemept to revolt against her father.

"If she is here, then we will find her easily."


"I will hold you tightly when you face her."

"I know, prince."


The Ice Divinity can wait.

Xue Ren and Eleonora left the castle and came back to their ice and snow family. It was easy to find them as Xue Ren had that connection with Utilis and so Eleonora. However, when they came back, Xue Ren and Eleonora opened their eyes widely.

Their daughter had found rather a nice... snow village...

But this snow village had a woman who resembled her mother.

This woman was holding Schnee so tightly as if she was her lost daughter... or greatest treasure.


Eleonora gasped at this coincidence.

Then, her body got warm as there was a tight hug from behind.

Just from looking at how estatic snow woman is, Xue Ren could tell that she was happy that Schnee appeared. Their looks were the same and it was clear that Schnee was stronger and unique. Someone of that high race.

Eleonora's mother, Elena, was screaming with a joy as she already formed a plan to make a good future for herself by making Schnee believe she is her descendant.

Furthermore, Utilis and s.h.i.+ni were also here.

It was as if they were here for Schnee yet their powers seemed even stronger!

Not only a nice life, but also a bodyguards!

"You are surely my descendant!"

Schnee was far more beautiful, but there were indeed resemblances. After all, that's a daughter of Eleonora! Such a beauty surely will get a liking from The Ice Divinity or their strongest descendant.

'Village? My place is within an ice castle!'

That's what Elena thought!

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