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Sony who stood beside Brahmini just below the dias blurted out in surprise "Who is he ?" and the girl beside her guessed looking at the man and Shriya "Is he her brother? Is he alive?".

The man then held Shriya's face in his hands and kissed her forehead gently. Now even Shriya was shocked with this gesture from him. She didn't expect this and she felt a bit embarrased suddenly. He smiled at her with cute innocent puppy eyes and said "Congratulations Shri".

Vams.h.i.+ who was capturing the photos got a perfect shot of that moment and he didn't know whether he should feel proud or sad. He thought and grinned "Why did this picture turn out so perfect. If they didn't want it, it would definitely be a waste."

Though the man was six foot tall and amazingly handsome, he still had childish innocence in his eyes and his voice.

He didn't seem natural,something about him is different but Sony and Brahmini couldn't pin point it. His body was well built but he bent a bit and the way he spoke made others confused.

Kunal who heard the girls shook his head and mumbled while staring at them "He is Abhi's brother".

The girls looked at them and before they could say anything the priest reminded them while looking at his watch "It was almost time to exchange the rings".

Naveen who was flabbergasted came to his senses and said to Shriya "Now go". Shriya hurriedly walked upto the stage and took the ring from the box.

Rahul went to the man who just arrived and hugged him. He said with a smile "You made it on time bhai. Come". He took him with them and Naveen also joined them.

Abhi was also shocked but he smiled too looking at her beaming face. Though he didn't understand what just happened he left it out of his brain.

They both exchanged the rings and everyone clapped. The priest left soon after the ceremony.

Abhi and Shriya looked at their friends and family and then smiled looking at each other.

The servants brought a beautiful two storey cake and placed it on the table. Abhi placed his arms around his woman's shoulders and took her to the cake.

Everyone gathered around it and in between their friend's wishes and greetings, they cut the cake and fed to each other.

There was a also photo session of both Abhi and Shriya. They took so many beautiful pictures trying out almost every romantic pose. After a few single shots their friends joined them too.

The atmosphere was so lively and happy there. Everyone enjoyed forgetting their special status. No one would have believed that these people belonged to two most richest families in the country. Even Barun who always maintained an indifferent face under any circ.u.mstance was laughing like a kid.

Abhi, Rahul, their other brother also took a picture with Shriya Preeti and Gouthami as a family picture and they also took a selfie and Rahul sent it to his grandpa right on that moment.

After the photo session they walked on to the dance floor. The lights dimmed and the music started playing in the background.

Kunal and Sony also joined the dance floor and so did Manvi and Uday. Rahul and Gouthami also stepped on it. Naveen and Brahmini were the last ones to join.

The others sat around a big table watching and cheering for them. The man who came just then started capturing everything on his phone. Preeti sat next to him and they both ate the ice cream and cake and giggled at each other like kids.

Abhi held Shriya in his arms and Shriya said looking at her man "You are the best. Thank you so much for the gift. I never expected this. You are so cool". She was so excited and happy that she couldn't hold herself anymore.

Abhi smiled and replied "I know I am cool, but what are you thanking me for now?".

She said "Don't act anymore. But I am curious how did you know about him ? I just told you that I had a crush on someone, but I never thought that you would bring him here. I am truly amazed."

Abhi felt his heart drop with shock. He looked at her with an unexplainable face expression and she continued "But how did you manage to find him in just one day. ? I myself don't know anything about him". She gave him a complimenting look and leaned into his arms they moved according to the music.

Abhi almost choked on his saliva when he understood the meaning of her word. He asked her again to get a clarity "You mean you had a crush on Yash ?".

She looked at him with a face which said 'As if you don't know' and said "Yeah, teenage crush tobe specific".

She then asked him "So his name is Yash ?" and he asked with doubt "Don't you know ?".

She shook her head and said as a matter if factly "No, I don't. I might have forgotten. I met him once briefly five years ago in my hometown".

He looked at Yash and then at Shriya and gave a low chuckle. Shriya was confused and asked "What happened ? Why are you laughing now ?"

Abhi said while caressing her cheek gently with his fingertips "He is Yeshwant k.u.mar Malhotra. My brother. I am laughing because my girl had a teenage crush on my younger brother".

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