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Like a reflector of some sort, Princess Meixiu deflected every attack the monster threw at her.

Bam! Bam!

Not only that, with every deflection, she was able to offset the balance of the monster gradually, knocking it back further and further to the walls before she threw out rapid flurry of combination attacks!

"What a powerful bloodline!" Shen Murong and w.a.n.g Dong remarked grimly in their mind.

It was said that martial artists that managed to perfect their moves to the pinnacle level would be able to display otherworldly strength beyond their current realm!

However, what they were seeing right now was a display of power even surpa.s.sing that!

There were no flashy skill arts used in her attacks, just plain fists, simple palm and raining kicks, but the overwhelming might behind these simple moves was far more formidable in their effects than those of the usual skill arts!

In her Ancestral State, the embodiment of the world's top martial artist as well as their first old ancestor, Doulou Xingkong, will be reignited in each of her bodily cells through her genes and bloodline, inducing supreme might that will temporarily increase her strength to that of the Nascent Soul realm!

This was the trump card of the Doulou's royal family!


In addition, undead were more susceptible to blunt and impact attacks, and such were the effects from her current continuous a.s.saults!


The Skull Centipede Emperor that was backed into the corner and was getting pummeled around finally could no longer tolerate it and screeched angrily!

Then, with a spin of its ma.s.sive and long body, the monster turned into a deadly spinning top that sent shockwaves into its surrounding.



Everyone without exception, even Princess Meixiu in her Ancestral State was blasted off into the walls and crashed against it like broken dolls, spurting out blood and worsening their injuries!

Moreover, the Skull Centipede Emperor was not finished yet.


Along with its spin, the monster shoots out long and large spikes of bones from its body, flying towards the human cultivators with terrifying speed!

"d.a.m.n it!" Elder Cheng Chao knew that this particular attack was far beyond the means of the people around her could chew on, so suppressing her injuries and fatigue, she dashed forward and extended her palm!

"Impenetrable Palm Wall!"


A huge green apparition in the form of a palm extended out in front of her, bouncing off the spikes of bones when they hit it!

Peng! Peng! Peng!


The relentless shootings of bone spikes from the Skull Centipede Emperor kept on pressing against her palm and visible cracks swiftly started to show!

This defensive skill art of her's was extremely powerful that can ward of any attacks with the exchange of shaving off her spiritual Qi to negate the damage.

However, each of the bone spikes possessed lethal amount of firepower behind them, and the current lack of spiritual Qi for her to absorb meant that she was quickly losing her ground!

"If only we are fighting on the surface right now.. I would have mopped you within seconds!" Elder Cheng Chao cursed beneath her haggard breath.

"Elder!" Princess Meixiu dashed forward and extended her palm to channel her spiritual Qi into the palm barrier in order to help reinforcing it.


Almost immediately, the princess spurted blood and stagard to her knees!

"Princess! No!" Elder Cheng Chao's face turned pale when she saw the current state of the princess behind her.


The Ancestral State of the Doulou's royal bloodline was indubitably the champion when it came to boosting the host's combat capabilities. But at the same time, the rate of spiritual Qi it consumes was nothing to laugh at either!

The lower one's realm was when using it, the faster their rate of spiritual Qi drying out! After all, gaining such miraculous strength would always comes at a price, and such was the law of the world, balance as everything should be.

With the Princess's current Core Formation realm, gaining temporary access to the power of a Nascent Soul realm was only short-lived, about ten breaths!

Therefore, it was already pus.h.i.+ng for her to hold out more than that limit when she a.s.saulted the monster before, and now, sending whatever spiritual Qi she had left in her reserve to reinforce the palm caused her cultivation to become unstable, inducing severe internal trauma!

Crack! Pew!

In that moment of losing her focus to strengthen the palm barrier, a bone spike managed to punched a hole on it and pa.s.sed through, heading directly to impale the downed princess.

"No!!!" Elder Cheng Chao, Ruo Hen, Ling s.h.i.+n and the rest of the expeditionary soldiers screamed with a horrified voice!


A red fountain of blood rained towards the ground creating a very tragic scene. Everyone's mouth was agape as this crimson scene painted the picture!


All of them could not believe it, especially the princess when she looked up. There was a man standing tall before her like the Mount Tai!

"You fool.. what are you doing sitting down like that?" the rasp voice of a gentle man said while blood was flowing down from his left chest that was penetrated by a long bone spike, stuck in his body.

It was w.a.n.g Dong!

The tip of the bone spike was only inches from reaching the princess's forehead right now, and if not for him stopping the momentum of the bone spike with his body earlier, her life would have been forfeit!

"Kughhh!!" with a grab of his two big hands, w.a.n.g Dong pulled the long bone spike off from his chest and threw it to the side, revealing the huge gaping hole on his body!


A breath later, the gaping hole immediately closed!

"What a terrifying recovery speed!" Elder Cheng Chao said to herself as she witnessed this.

It seems that the w.a.n.g Clan must not be underestimated!

To think that such a life-threatening injury like that could recover in seconds.. it was unheard of, even in their Doulou Empire!

Turning around, he saw that the princess was still rooted on the ground with a face full of disbelief, as if her thought process was frozen.

"Sigh.." w.a.n.g Dong shook his head as he approached her.

Next, w.a.n.g Dong made another action that thoroughly stupefied everyone again.

"Eh?" the princess finally snapped out from her daze, and the sight before her was a scene that she will never forget for the rest of her lives.

She was being carried on the arms of w.a.n.g Dong!

The manly and stern look on his face, the blood on his martial Gi robe as a result of saving her, the firm grip of his hands holding her body..

All these combined together made the image of w.a.n.g Dong extremely suave and handsome in the eyes of the Princess!

"Take care of your princess!" w.a.n.g Dong said sternly towards the dumbstruck Ling s.h.i.+n and Ruo Hen as he carried her to them before settling her to sit on the ground.

"You are no longer in a condition to fight. Stay there and don't be a burden!"

After saying this, w.a.n.g Dong turned around and look towards Shen Murong and Wei w.a.n.g. As if they had agreed on something previously, they all nodded with a serious expression!

"So.. it's come to this.."

The three of them stood side by side in front of the expedition army looking mysterious.

Then, with a wave of their hand, they each gripped out a weapon from thin air, summoned from the spatial ring!

Shen Murong with a pair of crimson gauntlets!

w.a.n.g Dong with a pair of fist bra.s.s knuckles!

Wei w.a.n.g with an adamantium katana!

Just a single one of these weapon will be enough to shock the world thorough and thoroughly if they ever appeared on the public view, and now, three of them were suddenly wielded just like that in the hands of these three cultivators from the Jiu Empire!

With this third surprise, the people from the Doulou Empire could not help but to be put on the verge of insanity!


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