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"R-Resonating s.h.i.+mmers and vibrating radiance.. U-Ultimate graded weapons!!" Princess Meixiu and her expedition party stared at the three weapons in the hands of the trio in absolute disbelief as they swallowed a mouthful of saliva!

The term 'Resonating s.h.i.+mmer and vibrating radiance', was actually a poetic a.n.a.logy made to describe the majesty of an Ultimate graded weapon when a first of its kind was discovered by an explorer in an ancient ruin!

The explorer clearly described his first experience as being thoroughly mystified by it! More specifically, the s.h.i.+mmer from the reflection of the light on its body that seemed to resonate perfectly with the nature, such that even the light that touched upon it was affected by the great power harnessed within and was cut down forcefully, producing a crisp vibrating radiance, a trait only possessed by a weapon of it's caliber!


Everyone that aspired to become a powerful cultivator had always imagined themselves with an Ultimate graded weapons in hand. Thus, they were very versed in that unique description as it was their only lead to finding one even if they thought that it was an exaggeration.

It was only now that they witnessed it themselves did they find the description to be not only accurate, but exact!

How in the world did three of them suddenly appeared in their hands like that?

Aren't those weapons supposed to be the rarest of the rare, such that it would be more easier to find a needle in the middle of a wheat field?

Didn't the legends said that only those favored by the heavens would be able to obtain them, and that it would cost them everything they have?

Heck, Heavens forbid, they aren't supposed to appear in pair, not to mention three at the same time!!

What the f*ck is going on? Are we dreaming?

"T-Those weapons.. how.." Elder Cheng Chao was the most stupefied of them all. She was an old veteran and only the Heavens knew what she had to go through to obtain even a single piece of information relating to such weapon by rummaging through countless old tales and myths!

It was only after spending huge amounts of effort that she was able to piece a few information together for the location the Legendary Ten Commandment sword that brought them to the Red desert!

"Ah? Our weapons? Eh... It's nothing too difficult!" Shen Murong answered casually as if it wasn't something worth mentioning. However deep inside, he knew full well that they were dumbstruck to their core and even he would be the same given their position in this matter.

Still, if he were to answer that their Lord had forged them out like making pancakes one after another, would they even believe him?

Heck, he didn't dare to say it lest he was sure that these ma.s.s of agitated people would ignore the monster in front of them to pummel him instead!

They would take it as if he was mocking their intelligence!

"Pu!" everyone found his answer to be stifling in their chest.

"What? That cannot be! Ultimated graded weapons are-"

"Ahem! We have no time to chat! Let's slay that monster now! Hahahahaha!" w.a.n.g Dong that understood Shen Murong's difficulties quickly interjected Elder Cheng Chao before she could even finish and gestured towards the brother beside him to not answer them.

Like a pair of twin brothers by birth, they nodded to each other in understanding!

"Let's go!"


The moment they channeled their spiritual Qi into their individual weapons, these stuff of legends, even though they were devoid of soul, seemed to scream in excitement by instinct as it pulsated waves of overwhelming might!

Crack! Crack!

The ground beneath their feet started to crack outwards like the shapes of cobwebs and their aura surged with unstoppable momentum as if a broken dam!

Pinnacle stage Core Formation realm..

Pinnacle stage Golden Core realm..

Pinnacle stage Nascent Soul realm!


Just like that, their aura bursted straight into the Pinnacle stage of the Nascent Soul realm within seconds!

This sudden upgrade to the highest zenith of the power level in the Tian continent had the trio felt like they were ascending to become true immortals to slay deities and rob the Heavens of their treasures!

Who can stop them now?

"Ahh!! What power!!!" the crowd exclaimed excitedly as they witnessed this overpowered scene and they could not help but to have a series of o.r.g.a.s.m! Even Elder Cheng Chao felt her ovaries to suddenly explode in activity and become fertile again despite her old age!

This was why everyone seeks to obtain Ultimate graded weapons! Just the sheer insane jump in power level would be enough to send a peasant by the street to become an overreaching and domineering Overlord!

It was like an ant that jumped into the water, only to leap out to become a dragon at the next moment!


The Skull Centipede Emperor also seemed to be affected by the sudden torrential surge of powerful auras coming from the three human cultivators in front of it, and it screeched sounding fearful and wary of the trio now!


w.a.n.g Dong dashed first and unleashed his most powerful fist art!

Thousand Fists of the Northeastern Star!

Like the rapid fire of arrows from the bows of a thousand soldiers, his fists connected with the skeletal frame of the monster with almost no delay at all!



The Skull Centipede Emperor screeched in agonized pain as some of its bones began to crack and shatter under the punis.h.i.+ng might of the thousand fists from w.a.n.g Dong!

"I'm next!" Shen Murong then followed suit and also deployed his most devastating offensive skill art!

Dragon Ascending Swipe!

Rotating his body, Shen Murong then moved into an uppercut motion, following which, a vivid image of a dragon claw swiping the Skull Centipede Emperor appeared!


As if it was suddenly hit under its jaw by a force equivalent to a thrown mountain cliff, the skeletal monster's bone cracked and shattered further as its ma.s.sive body was lifted into the air from the resulting impact!

At this point, it was obvious that it had suffered some serious injuries and was struggling to remain alive!


Wei w.a.n.g that was charging his spiritual Qi inside his katana then suddenly appeared below where the monster was before with a 'swosh'. Taking a stance, Wei w.a.n.g grasped the handle of his katana firmly as his eyes glinted like a hawk's!

With a burst of his breath, he then unsheathed his katana with a speed that cannot be seen by the naked eye, producing a delayed sonic boom even!

Quickdraw of the Splitting Sky!



"Do you think that I am here to babysit you all?" Duan Li spoke coldly behind his helmet while thinking his voice sounded cool this way as he floated above the naked and unconscious You Wing with exposed b.u.t.t cheeks who had his armor disintegrated from Duan Li's aura before.

"W-We do not dare!"

The rest of the Extermination Knights quickly flew to bow before Duan Li as they apologized. A number of ideas appeared in their mind as to the ident.i.ty of the powerful expert before them!

The previous aura that Duan Li used on them was similar to when the Imperial Palace collapse, and it was far too different from the aura of their Emperor as they were used to feeling it!

At the same time however, this aura of his was several magnitudes more stronger if not beyond that than anything they've ever felt before, and they could only think of several people with this kind of power!

The strongest expert of any Great Clans, even stronger than the clan leaders themselves..

The Great Patriarchs!

"If I'm not mistaken, since his aura first appeared in the Imperial Palace, it should not be possible for any other Great Patriarchs of the rest of the Great Clans to be there.. then that means.. this person in front of us should be..!!" as his thought process arrived there, the person clad in silver full plate armor that seemed to be their leader began to sweat buckets!

The rest beside him also seemed to have come to their own conclusions as well and their face turned pale!

The person standing before them with overwhelming power should be..

The Great Patriarch of the Royal Liu Clan!

"Paying respects to the Great Patriarch Liu!!"


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