LEGENDARY GUARDIAN 270 Chapter 270: What Are You?


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"Sure…" Dimitris answered indifferently and waved his hands.

The three peak grade silver realm undead nodded in agreement and vanished, soon a ma.s.sive golden crucifix appeared above them, while a barrier made of wind and lightning surrounded them. The three silver realm undead elite stood in mid-air and watched the war raging on afar. Since Andrew and Philip's life were no longer in danger, the angel of death shot Blake a final glance before it vanished. The young paladin could not see the angel of death but these five could see him clearly, this must be a side effect of always staying around someone who has cultivated the death magic to a profound realm.

Seeing Dimitris had no intention of using the three silver realm undead on him, the young paladin heaved a heavy sigh of relief but he didn't lower his guard. In his own opinion, Blake is just as dangerous as those undead beasts. The aura exuding from Blake's body may not be exactly the same as that of Derik but it was quite similar to Derik's aura when he was younger, the corrosive effect and the darkish purple color.

"Don't you think your chances of defeating me will be higher if you make use of those undead puppets to fight? I would have done the same if I were in your position" The young paladin was quite honest and spoke out his mind.

Even Jean, Dimitris, and Blake were stunned, they never expected their foe to say such a thing even though he had zero chance of surviving against the undead elites. They were quite sure the boy wasn't gloating about the issue, instead, he was just expressing his honest opinion on the matter.

"Are you tired of living?" Blake asked with a confused expression. He still couldn't understand 

"Not really, I'm just curious" The youth answered with a strange expression on his face.

"You harmed my family… I wish to win this battle with my own strength" Blake answered honestly.

As soon as he was done speaking, the ground beneath his feet shattered and he suddenly appeared beside the paladin casually reaching for the youth's head with an open palm. His movements seemed simple to anyone who was observing the fight but the paladin could feel the threat of death from this simple attack, for some reason he was a hundred percent sure that he would die if Blake's palm makes contact with his body. 

Daring to be careless he leaped backward and swung the magic broadsword at Blake, sending an arc of divine golden energy to split the kid in half.

"So this is the power of a paladin… Disappointing…" Blake snorted and welcomed the golden energy arc with an open palm, grabbing on to it and tossing it aside as if it was nothing. His eyes showed only disappointment and this agitated the paladin greatly.

"Don't you dare get, we are only starting!" The paladin sneered and launched himself, Blake, with his magic broadsword raised high.

Holy prayer: Divine strike!

With a roar, the youth's blade was covered in a golden aura, slas.h.i.+ng down at Blake who refused to move from that particular spot. In response, Blake once again welcomed the attack with an open palm but this time his palm was protected by his darkish purple aura.

"Didn't I say you shouldn't get" The paladin suddenly roared and he changed his footwork, vanis.h.i.+ng right before Blake's eyes.

"It is too late to regret!"

Blake was stunned by this and panicked, taking a step back but the young paladin's figure had already arrived beside him and his magic broadsword hacked down at Blake's wrist, severing the palm from the rest of the hand. It was a clean-cut!



The paladin quickly launched himself into the air after his attacks connected, performing a backflip before landing a few meters away from Blake with a bang.

"Cool…" Blake commented as he stared at the paladin with a casual expression on his face.

Seeing this, the paladin almost spat out blood in anger, he just couldn't wrap his head around what was taking place in his presence at the moment. He was sure he severed Blake's palm and he could still see it lying on the floor. What he couldn't understand is how Blake was still unaffected by this and had even enough time to commend him, he didn't even bleed after his palm was cut.

"What are you?" The paladin asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"What do you mean by that?" Blake asked indifferently as he walked over to his severed palm, picked it up and placed it back to its normal position, and just like a dream, the palm reconnected as if it was never cut with no signs of injury present.

"Don't toy with me! You know what I mean so, answer the question! What are you?" The paladin seemed to be enraged by Blakes nonchalant att.i.tude towards him. He knew Blake was looking down on him and this greatly p.i.s.sed him off.

In his opinion, a paladin should be the worst nightmare of any person gifted with death magic and supernatural beings. His ident.i.ty as a paladin has made countless supernatural beings and many dark mages tremble with fear and flee for their lives! Even the four werewolves he killed before Andrew arrived trembled with fear before he killed them. But ever since Andrew arrived with, more people have been popping up to challenge him. It started with Andrew who refused to flee even though he was aware of his ident.i.ty and then there was Philips who boldly walked up to him and attacked without hesitation or fear. Now he has to deal with Blake who glares at him as if he is not worthy to be his opponent, using his bare hands to take his attacks head-on. To this young paladin, this is considered very disrespectful.

At this point, he remembered what Andrew said about the others being a lot crazier than himself. For some reason, the paladin had a strong feeling that if he makes a single mistake in this battle, Blake will swiftly end his life!

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