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"What am I? why do you ask such a dumb question? I am human of course or do I look like an elf or a lizard man" Blake wore a confused expression as he answered the question.

Hearing Blake's answer, the young paladin wore a dejected expression on his face, he really didn't want to believe Blake's words but the sincere expression he put on, kept disturbing the young paladin. 

Was this guy unaware of what he truly is?

As a paladin, he can easily tell if someone is a supernatural being or not. The moment Blake and Jean appeared with Philip and Dimitris, he could tell Jean was a vampire but when he looked at Blake he was a bit confused. He knew the young man was a vampire just like Jean but something else seemed off. Only after exchanging a few blows with Blake did he finally realize this Kid was not human at all. But just like Blake said, he wasn't an elf or a lizard man. Judging with just appearance, Blake looked like any other human with the gift of magic but once you try to peep beyond his body and look even deeper, all he saw was cl.u.s.ters of darkness, spinning like a black hole with numerous strange ancient symbols probably representing the different powers contained in this body. At the center of the black hole was a black-robed figure with a pair of black angelic wings, with a death scythe in its boney hands with blazing purple eyes. No normal person can have this! He is definitely a monster!

"Don't lie to me! You are not normal!" The young paladin felt his head spinning due to the confusing things he saw. He definitely could not accept this guy as a human.

"Of course, I'm not normal… I will be the one to succeed the death mage, how can I be normal if I want to do that" Blake flashed a vicious grin as he spoke those final words.

His body vanished and the ground beneath his feet shattered as he appeared in front of the young paladin in the blink of an eye. His eyes turned black, like two tiny black holes it forcibly gathered shadows towards Blake's raised hand.

Darkness magic: Shadow blade!

Right before the young paladin's eyes, a similar black longsword once used by Andrew appeared in Blake's hand, hacking down at him mercilessly. He quickly gathered his thought as he held his magic broadsword with both hands, swinging it at the black longsword!

Holy prayer: Divine strike!



Their blades only met each other twice and with each collision was sounds of explosions and strong shockwaves, forcing both sides to retreat by ten meters. The young paladin wore a serious expression and struggled to hold on to the heavy magic broadsword because his hand felt numb, while on the other hand Blake didn't seem affected.

"This… So this is your real power?" The young paladin said, hoping to strike off a conversation to buy himself some time to recover.

"My real power? Don't delude yourself into thinking I cant do better than this…" Blake said disdainfully and he charged towards the paladin again.

"Tch! Don't underestimate the power of a paladin!" The youth roared and shot forward as well.

Holy prayer: Haste!

Holy prayer: Divine protection!

Holy prayer: Bulk up!

Utilizing three body strengthening techniques at the same time, the aura of the young paladin underwent a qualitative transformation. If he was like a commoner in Blake's eye back then, now he was like a well armed warrior.



The paladin's sudden increase in power stunned Blake and before he could even react, the golden-haired youth was already standing in front of him with his magic broadsword raised high! When the weapon descended, it carried an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of force with it, instantly shattering the shadow blade in Blake's hand while severing his right hand from his shoulder entirely.

"This…" Blake frowned and took a few steps backward but the paladin wasn't going to let this opportunity slide.

His figure was like a golden light, appearing in front of the fleeing Blake once again swinging his magic weapon at Blake, horizontally. 

"Hmph!" Blake frowned as he easily determined that this paladin was planning to split his body in two.

Suddenly his skin color turned brown and his eyes resembled that of a snake. Numerous snake scales appeared all over his body and the lower half took the shape of the body of a serpent.


Blake's movement skillfully curled around the blade successfully evading it while throwing his fist at the paladin's face which was exposed. 


The youth refused to be distracted by Blake's demonic transformations and focus on the battle at hand. In a battle between two top tier masters, a single mistake is all that is needed to determine the victor of the battle. Now that he and Blake are so close to each other, he decided on wining this brawl before asking questions. 

Using his magic weapon he blocked claw attack and swiftly held on to Blake's left hand with his free hand. Raising his weapon high he hacked down once again chopping of Blake's left hand before kicking the monster away.


Blake crashed on the ground hard and quickly sprang on his feet before returning to his normal form. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that he lost two hands, instead, he stared at the young paladin with hints of admiration in his eyes.

If anyone were in this situation, they will probably be too nervous to bring out their best but this young paladin is doing the exact opposite. Even though he is well aware of the fact that once he defeats Blake, Dimitris will definitely order the three peak grade silver realm undead to kill him, he still maintained his cool and remained focused. Blake, Jean, and Dimitris found it difficult to believe that this kid is a member of an aristocratic family who usually spoil their kids with wealth and comfort. The thought of killing such a talented person felt strange to them and the felt reluctant to harm this youth

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