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The young paladin felt nervous when he felt their strange, unable to understand why these people have chosen to glare at him in such a manner. He began considering the possibility of them using the silver realm undead on him.

"As expected… people with black magic can never be trusted." He whispered.

Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself for what may come next, replacing his anxiety with pure determination. His fearless att.i.tude was something Blake and the others admired, unfortunately for this young man, unless monsters like Creed and Isabel come over to save him, no one in this army can get past those three silver realm undead elites gifted them. his fate was decided the moment he almost took Andrew's life.

"It's very unfortunate you have to die here, I would have preferred to have you as a friend" Blake sighed ruefully.

"Come on, get it over with… send your undead puppets to end it quickly" The young paladin sneered.

"What are you talking about? I have no plan on using those three undead puppets on you… they are only here to make sure no one interferes with our battle" Blake was taken aback by the young man's accusation.

"Liar! Since you are unable to defeat me, why won't you use such vicious methods?" The youth frowned.

"Me, unable to defeat you? Do you really think I was trying to kill you back then? I was only testing your strength" Blake sneered.

"What?" The young paladin muttered in disbelief and he took a step back. He wanted to reject Blake's claim but the look on his face showed he wasn't gloating, he was actually telling the truth.

"Do you think this is my true strength?" The paladin roared furiously. He refused that Blake who was at the low grade of the silver realm could defeat him.

Light has always been stronger than darkness, it could be considered as its natural weakness. As long as he and Blake are at the same cultivation realm, he refused to believe Blake would defeat him, he should have the advantage in this battle.

So why does he feel so insecure and unsure?

"It doesn't matter how strong you are… I am stronger than death mage when he was at the low grade of the silver realm… I was created to surpa.s.s him and that's what I intend to do…" Blake explained slowly.

"Created? Are you not human?" The paladin was stunned.

"I am human… But an improved version…" as soon as Blake said this, his body shot forward.

Without been told the young paladin knew Blake was trying to reach his hands, so he quickly moved forward to intercept. In his enhanced form each stride he took left web-like cracks on the floor, shaking the earth.

Holy prayer: Vanquis.h.!.+

With a roar the young paladin hacked down, releasing an arc of golden aura which split the earth as it moved. Seeing the golden wave, Blake only licked his lips and a sly smile appeared on his face as he took the form of the serpent demon again and slithered out of the way. 

"This again!" Blake frowned.

At first, Blake used darkness magic similar to Andrew's and he a.s.sumed that was his power, but now he's using demon possession magic just like Philip, just how many types of magic does this kid possess and what does he mean by he was created?

The paladin pushed aside those thoughts and focused his attention on Blake who was not too far now.

Holy prayer: steps of fate!

Instantly his body vanished, reappearing behind Blake with his magic weapon raised high.

"You are getting on my nerves…" Blake snorted disdainfully and suddenly vanished from the paladin's view.

This confused the paladin at first and when he realized even his surrounding was filled with darkness he let out a bitter laugh. This was the same spell Andrew used on him when they fought, his suspicion was correct, Blake possessed two types of magic.

"Now, we can start" Blake's voice reached his ears and before he could cast a spell to clear the darkness, Blake had already released him from the magic.

His hands were reattached and he wore his usual indifferent look on his face. Taking a few steps forward, Blake revealed a playful smile and his eyes let out red light.

"Gaaaahhh!" the young paladin felt dizzy for only a second but that was almost enough time for Blake to act.

Blake quickly appeared in front of the youth, swinging his arm at the young paladin who retreated in response but it was already too late to retreat


Blood poured out from the deep slash wound on the chest of the youth which was caused by Blake's hand.


The young paladin fell on one knee while using his magic sword to support himself. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Blake with fear boldly written all over his face.

"Curse magic! You possess three types of magic!" The paladin cried out in fear.

"You still underestimate me… Pity" Blake said and his shadow expanded.

From his shadow over ten undead souls emerged, standing behind Blake respectfully while gazing at the young paladin with resentment. Their skin color was gray and the death aura lingered around them, funny enough the young paladin was familiar with some of these people. He camped with the allied army for so many days, it was only natural for him to take note of some familiar faces.

"Ne…. Necromancer magic! Monster!! You are not human... you are a demon!!" The young paladin fell on his b.u.t.t and fearfully crawled back, leaving his magic sword behind.

This was the first time he was meeting someone as terrifying as Blake. Even after watching the death mage act ruthlessly over the years, he didn't consider the death mage as someone too frightening but Blake was something else entirely. While Derik represented death, Blake was the true meaning of darkness and evil. He finally realized why the youth dared to claim he would be the one to succeed and surpa.s.s the death mage?

"Demon? No no no, let's not do that�� The death mage is the demon, while I am the devil…" Blake chuckled lightly.

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