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"Aw, are you worried for me? Well, we should introduce our ident.i.ty from the organization." Yue Yingque said, his eyes smiling.

"Yingque, you will start first."

"Yes, honey~"

Yue Yingyue turns his attention towards Dilireba.

"In the organization, we have our own code names and rank as well as job and responsibility. My code name in the organization is Hephaestus, you can say that I'm a spy, but personally I would say that I'm the intel collector, working with the material and weaponry aspects. And I'm gold rank."

Qi Weilan nodded.

"My code name in the organization is Hestia and I'm an My rank is the same as Yue Yingque's, gold rank."

"Hephaestus and Hestia? Isn't that the name of the Greek G.o.ds in mythology?"


"Hephaestus is known as the blacksmith of the G.o.d who works with weaponry, so that I get, but is there a reason why Lan jie is known as Hestia the G.o.ddess of the hearth?"

Yue Yingque tried to swallow the laughter.

Qi Weilan sighed and sent a look towards Yue Yingque. 'If you dare laugh, you are sleeping on the couch tonight.'

Yue Yingque choked and tried to maintain a serious expression.

"That's because she is the mother figure in the organization as well as the only mother in the whole organization. And the way she completes her mission as an was a bit… different compared to other methods. While others are using methods such as seduction, honey traps, and hallucinations, she used um 'disciplinary' and the carrot and stick method. Instead of an, she is more like a disciplinary officer and usually just knocks the target out after the lesson."


"The organization doesn't kill people although we would bankrupt them and hand them over to the police. Of course, if they did someone that is related to the organization then that is a different matter, and depending on the severity of their action would decide their punishment."

"I see. Then the people you deal with..."

"Rest a.s.sured, we never take on missions that we are not sure of taking care of."

"Then Mantou…"

"Mantou's code name is Adonis and a well-known hacker. His rank is pure gold, which is one rank higher than us." Qi Weilan said with a sense of pride.

"Adonis? You mean-"


"I knew that little bun is extraordinary, and you kept this secret from me?" Dilireba said dramatically but pride can be detected from her tone.

[Looks like she isn't mad, that's great.]

"I wonder if there is anything else that you guys are hiding from me."

Qi Weilan and Yue Yingque held up their hands in surrender, "We're innocent, we don't mean to hide this from you."

Dilireba raised an eyebrow. Qi Weilan and Yue Yingque direct the sincerest and most innocent expression that they can master towards Dilireba.

She laughed.

Their bond is very strong, and they have their own reason why they didn't tell her earlier. She knows that if there are people that one can trust with their lives then Qi Weilan and Yue Yingque were the people that Dilireba that she can entrust her life to.

Especially Qi Weilan.

Mantou was also included, after all, she also took part in molding Mantou, teaching, and guiding him as he grew up.

The three chatted for a while before deciding to exit the private room.

"Well then, I'll go see what Mantou is doing."


Dilireba walked towards Mantou's room and quietly entered the room.

Mantou had already detected Dilireba when she came into the room and was reading.

Dilireba looks at Mantou in amus.e.m.e.nt. She leans against the wall, crossing her arms as she watches Mantou.

Mantou continues reading as if he didn't know that Dilireba entered the room and pretends that nothing is wrong.

[Since you want to act, then I'll follow the script and cooperate with you~]

After five minutes, Mantou put down his book calmly and stood up turning around. He looks at Dilireba in surprise.

"Reba jiejie, when did you come in?"

Dilireba smiles, trying to hide her amus.e.m.e.nt and laughter.

"Mantou, you finished the homework?"

"Yes." 'Of course, it's easy.'

Now that Dilireba knows that Mantou is Adonis, she can somewhat know what Mantou's inner dialogue is saying. After all, this level of difficulty for Mantou is simply as easy as drinking water and breathing air for him that it's almost laughable.

Dilireba continues to stare at Mantou.

Mantou tilts his head.

"Reba jiejie, is there something on my face?"


"Then why is Reba jiejie looking at me like this?"

"Hm? Am I not allowed to look at you?"

"No, you can."

[Of course, you can~ It will be best if you can look at me all the time, and forget those wolves and They're just straining your eyes. Humph.]

Mantou clings onto Dilireba and tugs her arm.

"Reba jiejie, let's play~"

"What do you want to play?"

"Em… lightbot jr.?"

Dilireba can't hold her laughter anymore.

She teased Mantou, "The well-known Adonis playing lightbot jr. a game for basic coding?"

Mantou looks at Dilireba in shock, his eyes widened.

"Reba jiejie, you knew?!"

"If I didn't know, how long are you going to keep acting, hm?"

Mantou coughed, his ears turning red.

"Did mother tell you?"

"Yup. If the hacker world knew that the Adonis is such a cute child, how would they react?"

Dilireba laughed and pinched Mantou on the cheek.

Mantou mumbled, "Since you know, why didn't you say anything when you come in and cooperate with me?"

Dilireba laughed, her eyes s.h.i.+ning, "Then it wouldn't be fun anymore isn't it?"

Dilireba winked. "Great acting skills, even I don't realize. I wonder if you became an actor instead of a hacker, would you take the t.i.tle of the Acting Emperor in a few years?"

The little bun's face was flushed red.

"I'm not old enough to get that t.i.tle and besides I don't really have an interest in acting…" [Since I would be away for a long time if I act in a drama.]

"Alright, alright. I won't tease you anymore.���

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