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By this time, I arrived at Hesperides with Park Muyeol. A large cloud greeted us as soon as we arrived. It was as Park Muyeol told me last time. Hesperides still existed.

“Why does this look harder?”

Park Muyeol pounded on the clouds with the wooden stick he was holding. No, it really was different. It was natural since it allowed one intrusion and the intruders got away.

“A thief entered so security was naturally enhanced.”

“Hmm, I see. By the way, there is no light here.”

Park Muyeol looked around with a surprised expression. Well, it was the same for me. I thought there would be one around, here but it seemed the Star Fruit Park Muyeol ate last time was it.

“However, there was one at the active volcano we pa.s.sed by before.”

“So there was.”

There were four pillars of light that I encountered here. There were four volcanoes in the Vulcan volcanic zone. They were in the east, west, north and south. Bright white lights were rising from the top of them. By the way, if it was the west then there must be that existence...

“Let's go in.”

At the same time, a light s.h.i.+mmered from Park Muyeol's wooden sword. At first glance, it was Hercules' constellation skill Stick's Protection. He said he didn't want to go but he acted as soon as he came.


Park Muyeol's sword filled with great power and struck the barrier in front of him. Yet contrary to expectations, the barrier was intact. It just shook like there was a vibration.

“What? I hit it with the same intensity as the other day...?”

I sighed and pushed Park Muyeol to the side. “Come out.”

“Eh? Uhh.”

Park Muyeol stepped back with a surprised expression and I stood in his previous position. I immediately used the Black Night Arrow. The Black Night Arrow shook in my hand and at the same time, cold air swirled around me. The Black Night Arrow grew longer as I spoke to Park Muyeol, “Stay a bit further away from me.”

“Yes. Wait a moment.”

Park Muyeol nodded and ran back. Park Muyeol was familiar with the explosion radius of the Black Night Arrow and ran far away. I chuckled and aimed the Black Night Arrow I was holding straight into the barrier. There was the sound of the wind tearing and then a storm of black icicles followed. 

It struck the barrier indiscriminately again and again. Eventually, the dark night and cold came together and soared into the sky. A huge circular storm continued to swallow the area in front of me. There was a series of explosions like a train explosion, shaking the barrier several times. Finally, once the explosion ended and the smoke went away...

“It's open.”

The barrier seemed wide open as if telling us to enter.

Suddenly, Park Muyeol approached me. “Hey, it's good to go in but be careful. Didn't I say it before? Those three sisters...”

“Ah really. I told you it is fine. Are you still scared? Tsk tsk. Cowardly guy...”

I shook my head and stepped into the barrier. I didn't know what this felt like, but if I had to express it in words, it was the feeling of crossing a barrier I shouldn't have crossed. Should I go beyond it even though something was telling me not to cross it? In any case, I had to do so.

“Tsk. Nothing happened. What is so scary...”

It was at this time...


A shout that shook the heaven and earth rang in my ears. There was a small earthquake.


A swarm of monsters was running in the distance.



Park Muyeol and I were both fl.u.s.tered. No, the more fl.u.s.tered one was Park Muyeol. No, was it Hercules?

[The stick star, 'Hercules,' is fl.u.s.tered.]

Currently, Park Muyeol and I were connected to a star cl.u.s.ter so I could feel the embarra.s.sment of Hercules in the sky. Hercules were very scared of the master of this voice. What type of relations.h.i.+p did they have? I had no way of knowing. In this way, the master of the voice arrived. As expected, she wasn't alone.


“h.e.l.lo? Cloud beard man?”

“You have come here.”

The tall women who seemed like giants stared at us with all types of expressions. The first woman who spoke was probably Arethusa. She was the one showing the most hostility to Park Muyeol.


Arethusa aimed at Park Muyeol with a sword made of clouds. She was armed with various clouds like a cloud warrior. Park Muyeol groaned and placed his hand on a wooden sword. He would fight back the moment he was attacked.

“Hercules' successor! You ran away well last time!” Arethusa growled like a beast.

We were surrounded by a horde of monsters in an instant. I could feel the air around Arethusa and it was obvious the three sisters were very motivated. Perhaps we would die here.

[The stick star, 'Hercules,' is sweating.]

I quietly asked Hercules, “...Hercules, what is the relations.h.i.+p between the two of you?”

[The stick star, 'Hercules,' is hesitating to speak.]

“You have to speak up in a situation like this.”

[The stick star, 'Hercules,' is asking if he can trust you.]

“You can trust me. I can swear on the Styx River if you want.”

Hercules hesitated before sending a message again like he had finished his brief troubles.

[The stick star, 'Hercules,' is saying it was a love affair in the past.]



This was crazy. Park Muyeol and I simultaneously shut our mouths. In other words, it was a relations.h.i.+p and it definitely wasn't a good breakup. This could be seen by the reaction of Arethusa in front of us.

“...Hah.” I sighed deeply and approached Arethusa who was still aiming her sword. This didn't mean it was impossible. Well, to be honest, I would be fine, but I couldn't guarantee anything about Park Muyeol. Still, I had to try it.


“...Who are you? How do you know my name?”

Of course I knew it.

The reason—

Solar's eyes filled with a blue energy. It was Prometheus who descended into Solar.

[The first apostle, 'Prometheus,' is emitting his presence!]

The sea of fire that abruptly appeared made it impossible for the surrounding monsters to move. I was also fl.u.s.tered as I was surrounded by the sea of fire. Why was this guy suddenly acting so pretentious?


“W-Who are you?”

[Your uncle.]


Arethusa's eyes shook like there was an earthquake.


At Union Square Stadium in Gangnam, Seoul...

-After last year, the United States has won another glory. It is truly amazing!

-Based on this match, we've learned that the reputation of the world number one isn't for nothing. Michael is still the best in the world.

-What about Player Zhen Sulong? He shows a performance that is never inferior to Michael.

-I think he is a new talent who was discovered in this compet.i.tion along with Choi Chuntaek. I hoped that Choi Chuntaek and Michael would meet in the finals. It is a pity.

-Haha. In fact, I am the same. It is really regrettable.

It was the United States who won the gold medal of glory.

Clap clap clap!

There were shouts and applause from all over. They were congratulating the hard work of the two proud players who fought for an hour. It was also respect and grat.i.tude. Zhen Sulong grabbed Michael's wrist and raised his hand as if congratulating him.


Michael waved to the audience. Then Zhen Sulong quickly stepped down as if trying to escape his position. Michael expressed his grat.i.tude to Zhen Sulong.

'Thank you very much.'

'Don't mention it.'

China got third place in this World Compet.i.tion and won the bronze medal. It was a good achievement compared to last year when no medals were won. The silver medal went to a really unexpected country. The protagonist was South Korea. This was the result of Choi Chuntaek and Park Muyeol's presence. They were really great old men.

'Sigh. I still managed to get first place.'

Through this victory, Michel once again proved himself to the world. It was clearly an achievement that even his cold father would like.

'Are you watching, Father? I won. I am first.'

It wasn't an easy victory. Zhen Sulong's lightning couldn't pa.s.s through Michael's sand. Michael had the advantage from the beginning, but the white lightning still burned the sand black and made it useless. If he hadn't hit back with a counter at the end, he would be the one defeated right now. Every one of Zhen Sulong's blows were deadly and sharp.

Michael waved while seeing the disappearing backs of Zhen Sulong and the Chinese players.


It might be an obsession, always insisting on being first place. Yet strangely, he wasn't happy after winning like this. It felt like he was being chased and he could barely take a breath. He felt like he was fighting for others, not himself. It was as if he was fighting to show his father.

'...It is empty.'

This didn't mean he had no convictions. Michael fought this battle with his own convictions. Thus, the result was a win. Nevertheless...

'...It is empty.'

Michael had an unfulfilled feeling in his heart and looked back on himself again. Michael vowed to resolve this emptiness when returning to the game this time.


At the land of the dead, west of the Parta Princ.i.p.ality... There were many undead living here. It was called many different names, but 'land of the dead' was the most common name. Some called it the land of the dead or the black land. The Parta Princ.i.p.ality was always on alert to respond to attacks by the undead. It was safe to call the nation itself a fortification.

The Parta Princ.i.p.ality and the undead were in a hostile relations.h.i.+p. Now there was a man who stepped onto the land of the dead.

“...The land here is always wet.”

Louis Ca.s.sel murmured to himself as he looked at the muddy black ground. Still, it wasn't bad. This was called a holy land for necromancers. Low level necromancers who stepped here were eaten by the energy of death and had their power taken away.

On the contrary, those who had a high power of death could acc.u.mulate more power. This was why it was Louis Ca.s.sel's exclusive property. It became a research inst.i.tute and a training ground. It was also the place where he acquired his cla.s.s, 'Descendant of the Lich King.'


Louis Ca.s.sel looked up at the sky and fell into deep regret. The World Compet.i.tion was over. The winner was the United States. Perhaps not surprisingly, he who was called the French Black Rose fell into the abyss. Every time he looked at the TV and newspapers, the French media were busy shaming him.

'The fall of the n.o.ble black rose who froze to death.'

Louis Ca.s.sel had returned to the waiting room the moment he was eliminated from PvP. He became upset when he heard from a teammate that the World Compet.i.tion had been won by the United States. He connected to the game for the sake of calming his head, but he became even angrier.

“Lowly fellows. What do you guys know? Michael, Zhen Sulong, and Choi Chuntaek. Those guys...”

In order to forget everything, Louis Ca.s.sel repeated his efforts to kill and study the undead. This would allow him to gain a purer energy of death. He didn't hesitate to issue an attack on the Parta Princ.i.p.ality in order to carry out an undead performance test. In the meantime, there was something that kept catching his attention.

“By the way, what is that?”

The dark light that caught his eyes from the beginning. There were dozens of them. He couldn't even count how many there were. They surrounded the land of the dead like a barrier. He didn't know when it started, but it was very beautiful. It was always night time in this place so it felt like the stars of his hometown had been placed on the ground.

Step, step.


Just then, Louis Ca.s.sel heard footsteps for the first time in this place. Therefore, he had to be surprised. He turned around immediately.

'It isn't one...?'

Those who exuded an enormous energy of death were surrounding him. He didn't know who they were but he could tell one thing.

'Every one of them is stronger than me. It is such a deep energy of death!'

The group approached before they stopped at one point. Then a man stepped forward from the group. They were all wearing black hoods so their faces were unknown.

“You... Nekron...”

A listless voice that was like a death sentence. The creepy feeling of going to h.e.l.l swept over Louis Ca.s.sel's back.

“That's right. Who are you...?”

Nevertheless, Louis Ca.s.sel tried not to show fear. He wondered if these people had come to steal this place, which was his property. This was why he couldn't relax his vigilance. However, the faceless man spoke like he had guessed Louis Ca.s.sel's att.i.tude.

“There is no need to compete. We... aren't enemies...”

“You aren't enemies? Then what are you?”

The man answered Louis Ca.s.sel's question, “We are followers of Pandora... we have been watching you for a long time.”

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