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Chapter 911: She Will Become A Legend

Hou Zi only saw the tip of the iceberg but he was already full of respect for Ye Jian. However, he didn't know that the moment Ye Jian entered the warehouse, she scanned all the cabinets where the guns were placed and her mind started working furiously like a high-speed calculator. She stored all the models of the guns and their locations in her mind.

“You can take these. I just need two guns.” After choosing the guns for Xia Jinyuan, Ye Jian took two HKP7m8 pistols. These pistols used 9 mm parabellum bullets. There was an 8-round magazine and a 13-round magazine for this gun. Its effective shooting range was 50 meters.

Ye Jian picked this gun because it had a small recoil. It was safe so she was able to carry it even when it was loaded. Normally, it was easy to misfire when you carry a loaded gun but this wouldn't happen for this pistol.

Hence, she could use her gun immediately when needed. She just needed to unlock the safety hatch and shoot.

Picking guns and picking magazines, Ye Jian had found all the weapons that they needed. There were a total of nine guns and their bullets. Xia Jinyuan held Ye Jian's hand and left this small-scale weapons armory with many gains.

Hou Zi walked at the back. Before he switched off the lights, he scanned this warehouse where he placed his first gun 15 years ago. A cold and vicious look flashed past his eyes. He flicked the switch and turned to leave.

He walked away quickly without an ounce of hesitation.

Since he had already decided to give up on this gun warehouse, he wouldn't hesitate again.

After leaving the bas.e.m.e.nt, ten minutes later, the staff working at the scenic spot sent their lunch to the entrance of the villa.

Xia Jinyuan pushed the fridge to block the entrance of the bas.e.m.e.nt. His gaze landed on a soft hose… This hose appeared beside the wooden gun cabinet too.

It was a natural gas pipeline. Hou Zi extended the pipeline to the bas.e.m.e.nt. Once an accident occurs, it is best to blow up the warehouse using gas. The warehouse was situated under the kitchen so he could say that the explosion was caused by gas leakage.

“Let's eat. After we eat, we will go back to the city.” Hou Zi called the two youngsters over to the dining table. He opened a bottle of red wine and poured a gla.s.s for Ye Jian first. “Ye Jian, you have my respect.”

She was even more vicious than him when he was 17 years old. She was more capable too.

There was no way to not respect her! She fought ten gangsters alone and crippled three of them. She was able to talk about guns so smoothly too. A 17-year-old young lady made him understand what it meant by “There's always someone better. There's no limit to the universe.”

Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled. She looked like a flower blooming silently. She looked so harmless. “Brother Zi, you're being too kind. I'm just a student, a second-year high school student. I don't have any other ident.i.ty.”

“Everything I know, I learned from…” She glanced at Xia Jinyuan who had already started eating elegantly. Then, she smiled and continued, “I learned everything from him. That's all I know.”

Hou Zi laughed. This young lady was still vigilant against him. He said to Xia Jinyuan who seemed indifferent, “You're really lucky to be able to find such a good young lady. Come, Brother Zi will offer you a toast. You have good taste. I want to thank you for your reminder too. Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” Xia Jinyuan lifted his wine gla.s.s and touched Hou Zi's gla.s.s lightly. “I hope that Brother Zi will get what you want too.”

Hou Zi was elated. He liked what Old Sixth said. He wished that he would realize his goal… His dream will definitely come true.

He collaborated with this piece of land solely because he didn't want his woman to get s.n.a.t.c.hed by someone else.

Hou Zi sat in front of the dining table and started chatting cheerfully. He wasn't ruthless like what other people said. Although he would show some arrogance of a person of high-status occasionally during his conversation, his words were humorous and interesting. People would be unconsciously attracted to his speech.

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