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The job was supposed to be an easy one.

He was tasked by a particular client of his to infiltrate the village of Einsberg and kidnapped the Lady whose presumed to be alone. The information of the Baron and his two sons who are away from the village was also provided to him as well by his client; thus, he was confident that he would succeed in his task without difficulties.

Which begs the question…

'How in the f.u.c.king names of the Divines did I end up here?!!' The kidnapper, who recently woke up from his unintended unconsciousness, was currently flabbergasted as to why he is inside a jail, evident by the prison cells that he saw right in front of him accompanied by the sight of the darkroom that he is in. His hands were also bounded with chains to restrict his movement and comfort.

No longer was his belongings among him as he was stripped entirely of it. When one is unconscious, anyone can get access to one's Inventory, similar to looting. Currently, he is dressed in ragged clothing instead of his leather armor that was indeed taken away from him unwillingly.

Despite his troublesome situation, the man forcefully calmed himself down to think for a moment at how he ended up in this f.u.c.k-up situation of his. The last thing he remembered is the unbearable pain on his head while carrying the Lady inside the sack before his consciousness faded away.

'W-wait, is magic the cause of this misfortune?' The man's eyes widen in realization. 'There's no other plausible explanation for this. d.a.m.n that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!! He never told me that there's actually a Mage here in the village!!'

Of course, the man never knew about a particular elven Arcanist visitor as he was only provided with the information of the absence of the Baron and his sons before making his way here in Einsberg.

He was proud and confident of his skills as a stealthy Rogue, and that resorted to his downfall aside from his lack of latest information.

"Oh, look, you're finally awake from your beauty sleep."

The man was snapped out of his thinking as a guard greeted him outside of his cell.

"Trying to abduct the good Lady now, would you?" The guard mocked the prisoner with a sharp look. "Sc.u.m such as yourself deserve to be beheaded by our Executioner."

"H-how?" The man attempted to get some answers to clarify his circ.u.mstance. "How did I get caught?"

"You are not in the position to be asking the questions here, outlaw trash." The guard immediately berated him. "Only we have the authority of such matters. Speaking of questions, you'll be accompanying us to the interrogation room where we'll be asking you… nicely regarding your foul deed. Of course, if you are willing to cooperate, maybe we'll lighten up your punishment."

The man had no other choice but to comply with the guard as the latter opened his cells and dragged the former to where the questioning will take place.


Naturally, everyone inside the Manor has now woken up and warned about the attempted kidnapping as they were all alarmed by the village security being compromised.

As such, Gray and Lily were seen inside Stephania's room, where both of them are accompanied by the Lady's trusted person, the maid Helena. In the case of Isamu and Selena, they don't need to be additional s.p.a.ce inside the room, so they opted to stay out instead.

Gray was allowed access in Stephania's room because he was her savior, and Lily was allowed because she's a healer and will be able to check for Stephania, who was seen being tucked on her bed by the maid Helena.

Once Stephania is secured lying on her bed, Lily began her check-up to determine if any other harmful effects were somehow induced to the Lady. After a short while, Lily was done and told Gray and Helena that there's nothing to be worried about, and she'll be good as new when she'll wake up.

"Oh, thank the blessed Divines!!" Helena sighed with complete relief at knowing that her Lady is finally safe. "Of course, I also would like to thank you, Lord Gray, for saving her. I dread the thought of anything sinister that shall befall unto her."

"It's nothing." Gray smiled at the old woman's genuine concern. "You must really care about her, huh."

"You're correct, my lord." Helena nodded happily in response. "I've known Lady Stephania ever since she was a wee newborn babe on my arms. With the pa.s.sing of her mother, the late Baroness Vivian, during Stephania's birth, the maternal responsibilities fall to me as I raised her into a prim and proper n.o.ble lady of the Walcot family. The same thing also applies to her brothers. As such, I came to treat and love the Walcot siblings as if they are my own, and I want nothing more than their happiness and good health."

"I see," Gray answered with a tone of approval. "Then I'm glad that I could be of great help to you and the family that you have been taking good care of. It's an honor to be of a.s.sistance."

Helena bowed her head down, gratefully at the elf's kind words.

"Well, if she's going to be alright, then I believe our work here is done." Gray declared, gesturing for Lily to come with him to leave the room. "If the Lady has awakened, let us know so that we can say our regards in person. Lily and I will remove ourselves from here so you two can have some privacy. There are also guards stationed outside, so you don't have anything to worry about anymore."

"Very well." Helena agreed with the elf. "And once again, I thank you both for tending to Stephania's side, even if it's not entirely needed."

Gray simply nodded in acknowledgment as he and Lily left the room, going back to their own guest quarters so they too can catch up some sleep.


The sunny morning came, and the gang found themselves in the living room where they're currently together sitting on a comfortable couch.

The quartet sat on one couch and facing in front of them is the same furniture, with the pair of both Stephania and Helena occupying, dressed in their respective proper outfit fitted in their own stations. Additionally, Stephania is also seen to be carrying an ornate rectangular box case on her lap.

"I heard from Helena that it was you who saved me a while ago, Lord Gray." Stephania bowed her head down sincerely with complete grat.i.tude. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"It's my pleasure to do so," Gray answered, smiling. "If I'm going to be honest, the circ.u.mstance is also strange that lead to your rescue, given that I woke up from a bad dream of a sort which led me to open the window outside for some relaxing take of fresh night air before resuming my sleep. Luck is apparently on my side when I saw the kidnapper's vile act with my own eyes and utilized my magic to stop him."

"It matters not." Stephania giggled at the elf's tale. "Your noteworthy action today has proved worthy for our family to consider you an honorable friend. Of course, such valiant deed, no doubt, should be rewarded."

True to her words, Stephania handed over the box that she was carrying to Gray, causing the elf himself to wonder in antic.i.p.ation of the contents of the said item.

"Inside the box contains an a.s.sortment of original jewelry and gems that I've prepared personally for you this morning." The Lady said as she told Gray about the box. "I've estimated that you'll get at around the amount of 12,000 gold if you sell it at the local jewelry dealer at Flocaster. In addition, the Walcot family will always welcome you and will be glad to a.s.sist with whatever troubles you will face in the future, an alliance I would like to call it. That I promised in the Divine Name of the Trade G.o.d, s.h.i.+karath. Why don't you open it and see for yourself?"

Following Stephania's suggestion, Gray opened the box. Indeed, he and his companions were amazed by the different colors of trinkets and gems inside, glistening beautifully in its marvelous splendor.

'Well, more money in the purse is always nice.' Gray thought with absolute delight at this reward. Not to mention, he has cemented some sort of alliance as well with the Walcot family, so that's one thing that can be taken into consideration should he encounter some complications in his forthcoming endeavors.

"Wow." Isamu, who is beside Gray, commented with sheer awe upon looking at the box's contents. "We are so going to be rich, hehe."

'Big brother, before selling the jewelry, let me first pick a nice ring and necklace for me to keep.' Selena telepathically asked as she was on Gray's other side.

"This is incredible." Lily voiced out her favorable view on the matter as she went behind the couch to see the contents of the box more clearly. Her eyes then sparkled upon seeing a specific green gemstone that she instantly took a liking. "Ooohhh, that's a pretty emerald. May I keep that one instead, Baron Gray?"

"Yeah, yeah, you materialistic buffoons." Gray could only shake his head amusingly at each of his companion's antics and their rather secular view. Of course, he too, is also the same, and he could not wait to sell the jewelry for some precious gold coins.

Stephania smiled at the display of Gray and his gang's positive vibe towards one another, where they shared their plans and talked with one another openly. As a result, she could also not help but envy them a bit, and would also like to experience something similar.

After the gang had their small talk, Stephania cleared her throat to once more get their attention.

"I've also taken the liberty of sending a courier in advance to warn father and my brothers of this incident." The Lady said. "Should you ever cross paths with them in town or along the road, don't hesitate to introduce yourself, and they'll surely be on generous terms with you in an instant."

"Noted, my lady." Gray nodded in agreement.

As they continue their talk, they were interrupted by the guard captain, the same person who spoke personally with Gray a while ago during the incident. The guard captain bowed his head down to greet the group.

"Lady Stephania, Lord Gray." The captain said with respect. "I bring news of the results of the interrogation that we conducted to the kidnapper."

"I see," Stephania responded with her tone now all serious, as appropriate to the authority that she possessed here in the village. "Speak, captain. I want to hear what you and your men found about the motives behind his actions."

"My lady." The captain frowned and told her the grave news.

"The kidnapper… he's dead."

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