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[Day 151]

Today in the morning I was greeted with a very submissive and lovely Nanako. It is quite impressive how her perspective s.h.i.+fted. Was its fear, my s.e.xual skills, or both?

Perhaps her despair made her accept her situation faster than I could expect, although I am happy that she understands this, it still a pity that I was not able to "break" her a little bit more… Well, I can still play rough and tease her to satiate the s.a.d.i.s.tic desires that my Sin constantly asks for.

My Slime Minions told me that she hasn't tried anything weird throughout the entire night and slept peacefully… It seems that the submission that she showed last night made her my subordinate immediately, I doubt she will try anything now, as she has been bonded with my own [Epic] and I can manipulate her destiny however I want to.

I gently caressed her silky pink hair until she opened her five scarlet eyes. She has two normal eyes and then three big ones in her forehead, which seem to have very strong magic conductivity and her inborn Psychic Powers.

"Good morning, Master… Yawn~"


"Huh? D-Did I called you Master?! Ah… W-Well… I guess you are now, right?"

Nanako suddenly showed a sudden cuteness and clumsiness that I have never seen before, seeing this side really warmed my heart, she suddenly became an adorable girl in my eyes.

"Since when did you become this adorable? Fufufu… But yes, I am your Master now… You belong to me, Nanako"

"Y-Yes… My body… And Soul, belongs to you, M-Master…"

"Good girl, now, let me repay for your efforts…"


I compensated Nanako for her easy submission with a pa.s.sionate morning, now that I already knew all her weak spots, I was able to tease her to my heart's content. I even played with my slimy tentacles and explored all her insides, because of my unique body, I can mold my glands to something similar to a p.e.n.i.s, but without the produced seed. She certainly did not expect that and was surprised by my sudden "s.e.x change", although she was a very submissive girl and accepted my fake friend with open legs.

When we were finally done, I showed her the castle around, although she had been here before, she had never explored the castle to its fullest like this. I could feel an excitement in her emotions as she imagined herself being my wife and the Queen of Athetosea, one of her highest dreams, could become true now.

"M-Master… Can I go see my family? Are they fine?"

"Your family, the Maki family? Aside from the ones that died in the war, they are fine. Although I hypnotized all the Athetosea population after the war and gained adoration towards me, they still behave with their normal personalities and weren't heavily altered"

"Ah! I-Is it true? You haven't killed them?!"

"I haven't… Although I was planning to eat some, now that you have become my subordinate and possibly my future concubine, I will leave them alone"

Nanako was suddenly taken aback, it seems that she really loves her family. Knowing that they weren't dead brought a new light in her scarlet eyes. And after hearing me guaranteeing their safety, she became even happier.

"M-Master… Thank you very much for your benevolence… I thought… That they were all dead…"

"Benevolence? It is just the normal treatment that those who belong to me get. Why would I do bad things to those who are close to me and bring me happiness? Nonsensical"

Nanako suddenly began to cry through all her eyes, while kneeling down in a typical j.a.panese posture. It surprised me for a bit.

"T-Thank you very much!"

"Stand up, Nanako…"

I caressed her silky pink hair as she raised her face towards me.

"M-Master… Snif… Us of the Azuma Empire always repay the benevolence of those who forgive our lives… Even though we have long left the Empire, we still remained such customs…"

"I see… So, it's something like that"

"I-I pledge to you, Master! I shall accompany you for the rest of my life, and so the Maki family!"

Although she had already unconsciously submitted to me last night, I suppose this is her "official" way to say it, alongside carrying her entire family on it, probably to ensure its safety. I can understand that her primal instinct is still to survive, and it seems more notorious as she is a Demi-Human.

Usually, the desire to live and keep your family alive is stronger in animals than in humans, who have more wicked mindsets and can even hate their offsprings. Even if Demi-Humans can have very high intelligence, comparable to Humans, they still remain their "instinct" and can submit easier than Humans. Seeing the benefits that came with her total submission, guaranteeing her family safety, and possibly the owners of a part of the Kingdom, she quickly submitted to me without overthinking it.

"Alright then, there is no need to do such a scene, standup"

I wanted to present Nanako to my wives, although she was very embarra.s.sed over it and was secretly fearing that they would rip her to shreds as she only remembers them as merciless beasts.

However, everything went quite well, the moment my wives sense my scent in the women that I bedded, they will immediately treat her as an equal, well, that's in the demi-human part, but the humans are way more rational and don't act like beasts.

After I explained things clearly to them during breakfast, they all greeted Nanako as a new member, with happy and honest expressions. Nanako suddenly blushed after seeing the kind side of my wives and also got to know my four children. And saw confirmation in my statement of being able to impregnate women.

Today there were some changes in Nephiana, she finally evolved. Her new appearance wasn't as I expected her, she still had her pet.i.te body and cuteness, and her body barely maturated a little bit. Her waits became wider and her breast more "packed". However, she was confident in saying that she had maturated greatly, as the colors in the feathers of her head became pink, purple, blue and green, which represents when a Harpy as entered in their adult stage. Her feathers formed a beautiful crest that resembled a crown.

Her bird talons became covered in a golden scale that was as hard as adamantine, the claws in her feet also became golden colored. Her wings increased their size by two times, and also gained the pink, purple, blue and green colors, resembling some kind of festive attire from Earth's festivals.

Her back wasn't nude anymore as it was covered in a thin layer of beautiful feathers, her b.u.t.t was also properly covered, with a beautiful long tail made of feathers similar to the ones in her head. Nephiana's hair was now a combination of all these colors and her eyes became scarlet-colored.

Her new species was named [Celestial Emerald Harpy Empress] and were a Unique Species that showed up the moment she gained the full power of her blessing alongside the t.i.tle of Heroine. She also received a t.i.tle named [Celestial Matriarch of the Harpy Folk], which gave her total domination over any type of harpy, even the Gale Bird Valkyries and Ocypete were included.

Hmm… Now that she is wors.h.i.+ped as a matriarch… It probably means that she wants to have even more babies. Although she had already seven eggs fertilized, she was insisting a lot is going to make more, but I was worried about her belly bursting from so many eggs. Although she can fertilize up to thirty eggs according to her father, I will only have "unfertilized" s.e.x with her from now on, if she ever wants to have so many babies, I will only accept batches of 5-7 eggs and no more… Ugh, I can already imagine being drowned in a pile of little harpy babies.

Anyways, her stats increased a lot, and she gained a new set of skills for herself too. Her muscles, although still thin, were very packed and st.u.r.dy, her talons in specific had become tremendous weapons and I was thinking in forging her some kind of leg armor that can also work as a weapon, to increase her kicking potential.

[NAME: Nephiana

[CLa.s.s: [Harpy Heroine of Raging Winds]

[SUBCLa.s.s: [Storm Paladin]

[RACE: [Celestial Emerald Harpy Empress]

[LEVEL: 001/350 EXP: 0000000/6000000

[STATUS: Excellent.

[ITEM BOX: 072/250

[HP: 482/482 MP: 396/396

[STAMINA: 220/220



[MAGIC: 420


[SPEED: 690


[LUCK: 10

[New Skills]

[Blessing of the G.o.d of Storms and Winds] [Divine Protection of the G.o.d of Storms and Winds]

[Celestial Emerald Flesh and Blood] [Supreme Domination of the Harpy Empress]

[Celestial Golden Talons of the Harpy Empress] [Celestial Multi-Colored Feather Armor]

[Celestial Emerald Skin] [Imposing Presence of the Harpy Empress] [Wind's Talk]

[Wind's Transportation] [Celestial Emerald Wind Manipulation and Creation]

[Wind's Void] [Overwhelming and Superior Leg Strength] [Overwhelming Enhanced Kicking Power]

[Kicking Empress] [Wind Kick Arts: One Thousand Kicks Onslaught]

[Wind Kick Arts: Blazing Wind Kick] [Wind Kick Arts: Sudden Wind's Step]

[Wind Kick Arts: Downhill Kick Barrage] 

Proud by Nephiana's new powers, I congratulated her and promised to craft her a powerful set of greaves to increase her strong point.

Afterward, I spent a big part of the day with my wives in various activities around the Kingdom. I also accompanied Nanako towards her family territory as her family was surprised over her being alive, and even cried just like her.

When everything was mostly done, I had a meeting with various of the hypnotized n.o.bles alongside the King and the Rin Sisters. Much like Aquaria, Athetosea was now officially part of my Kingdom after the war, and the royalty in charge quickly could use the Kingdom System and the Construction System, greatly improving the possibilities of production.

Tomorrow the population will begin the construction of more factories, alongside the reinforcement of the walls. I will also have to expand my Slime Wall project here, although Athetosea is small compared to the entire Grand Forest, so it won't take long to generate a Slime Wall for them.

When it was time for lunch, I devoured the Knight of Shadows and the Champion of Black Flames. Their flesh was certainly of superior cla.s.s. The Knight of Shadows had a very tender and sweet flesh, filled with magical energy, while the Champion of Black Flames had firmer meat, but she barely had enough as she had a very pet.i.te body.

Because sharing these knights and champions meat for my entire family is unrealistic as there is too little meat for everyone, I decided to share the meat with those who would benefit from the skills the most. This time it was Zehe and Ryo due to their very high Dark and Shadow Magic affinity.

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Shadow Transformation]

[Shadow Knight Arts: Ambus.h.i.+ng Shadow]

[Shadow and Dark Absorption]

[Blessing of the Demi-G.o.d of Black Flames Azlo]

[Forbidden Black Flames Creation and Manipulation]

[Soul Corroding Black Flames Curse]

[Black Flames Beast Transformation; Fenrir]

I contacted my people back in My Kingdom for a bit and found out that there has been an explosion in evolution variety, more than sixty Goblins and Trolls have evolved, alongside a few other races. All of these soldiers were survivors from the war, such a ma.s.sacre really gave a ma.s.sive amount of EXP.

Aside from this, Evan has also improved his strength after finally awakening from his coma, he almost died when he fought Reynold, his stepbrother, but thankfully, my Slime Clones healed him in time. It seems as if my Slime Clones had to fuse themselves with Evan using [Symbiosis] and even [Synthesis] so he wouldn't die from the number of organs being destroyed by his stepbrother.

When he woke up, Evan felt a sudden surge in strength and also new capabilities, it seems that he has successfully fused with my own Slime Clone, and possess some Slime Flesh abilities like me, being able to mold some parts of his body at will, but not entirely. He also gained tons of extra stats and some of my Slimes skills.

Today he opened the Relic Prize that he obtained after killing Reynold and told him to keep it as his reward. It was a ma.s.sive claymore with a pale-yellow l.u.s.ter, it was covered in several [Divine Gemstones] that seemed to be of Light and Holy element. The sword was named [Divine Claymore of Piercing Heavens; Durandal], it was ideal for him. Aside from killing his brother, he also gained more levels and new skills and even a t.i.tle, but not If I want to unlock his full potential, he needs to be awakened by me. However, I want him to reach his complete limits before this awakening.

Moving on, Redgaria used the corpse and soul of the Champion of Freezing Winters and made himself a new Undead Knight, she seems to have retained most of her memories but was now obsessed with serving Redgaria, to an almost fanatic level, even the weird Necromancer was now regretting his decision. He also told me that the Relic Prize that he obtained after killing her was mine, so I just need to go pick it up when we go back to my Kingdom.

It seems that Redgaria finally got himself a cute girl that it's not just his sister... Maybe he will stop being a siscon?

Truhan and Celica gained lots of levels in the war, and so did their subordinates, most of them evolving to reflect their leader's strength and influence, becoming Half-Inferno Lords, Lava Ogres, Half-Shadow Lords, and so on. Something to note was that Truhan gifted the Champion of Earth-Shattering Arms equipment to Celica, this equipment and weapon were enhanced to Phantasmal rank after the Champion suddenly awakened to Hero, but after Truhan killed him, he also obtained a Relic Prize of Phantasmal rank! He said that he would save it for me, just like Redgaria.

The Slave Team leaders, the Slime Family, and the Demi-Humans have all evolved due to the absurd amount of EXP gained, they all have become even stronger and powerful, gaining new abilities and appearances, I will test their new strength whenever I am back in the Kingdom. I have been already told about the Demon Trio evolving too.

Before having dinner, Alice alongside Nesiphae brought some new food to taste, it was the preserved corpse of Reynold, Evan stepbrother, alongside giant chunks of the burned wood from the giant tree, which originally was the Champion of Emerald Trees, perhaps if I eat this wood I can gain some of his abilities? Worth a try.




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