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Chapter 532 They're Here For You? They're Together!

Seeing the gangsters' att.i.tude, the customers in the bar silently retreated to hide in the corners without needing to be told.

Kincaid glanced at the strangers. “Are they here for you?”

Luke asked, “Why can't they be here for you?”

Kincaid shrugged. “I don't think I've p.i.s.sed off anyone here.”

Luke scoffed and drew two circles on his face. “Don't forget the guy whose face you stamped into a tomato pizza. You think you didn't p.i.s.s him off?”

Kincaid nodded helplessly. “Fine. But you shot three unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the leg, and then you and your girlfriend killed six of their friends who wanted revenge. That's way worse than what I did, right?” Luke said, “But that can't prove that these people are here for me, can it?”. “That's him! That's the white boy who killed Ferreno and the rest!” shouted one of the newcomers.

All of them aimed their guns at Luke.

Kincaid burst out laughing and moved to the side. “See, it really is your business.”

There was nothing Luke could do except raise his middle finger at Kincaid.

“The black baldie's with him. He ruined Sam's face earlier,” the same guy shouted again.

Immediately, half the newcomers s.h.i.+fted their guns to point them at Kincaid. Luke was amused. “Looks like this is also your business. Half each?”

Kincaid said, “Fine. Let's get this over with. I still need to bond with my wife.”

“Your 'future' wife,” Luke said unrelentingly.

As they mocked each other, the gangsters at the door grew impatient. “Kill them!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Just before the gangsters opened fire, Luke lunged and rolled to hide behind a coffee table and chairs on the side. Keeping low, he darted into a corner, before he gave a thumbs up to the other side. “Keep it up, Kincaid. I believe in


“Haha, nice try! Half each!” Kincaid had basically moved the same time as Luke as he flipped over the counter to hide behind it. He curled his lip in disdain.

Luke shrugged. “Fine, deal.”

The barrage of bullets wrecked the wine cabinet and counter. All kinds of alcohol and objects were sent flying.

In the meantime, the dust had been kicked up in Luke's corner as bullets nicked the wall.

When the two of them split up, the gangsters subconsciously pressed forward.

Their guns were still firing wildly. For a moment, the whole s.p.a.ce was filled with deafening gunfire.

Luke had already put on earplugs to block the noise and prevent his ears from ringing.

The gangsters, on the other hand, frowned at the pain in their ears as they fired.

Looking at the counter, Luke had to praise Kincaid, that wily old fox.

After jumping behind the counter, he had slipped out and was now watching the show from a distant corner.

Luke raised a hand and signaled for him to fire on the count of three.

Kincaid replied with an OK gesture.

As Luke counted down, the gangsters' gunfire suddenly slowed down.

These guys were super amateurs who couldn't even keep up ongoing gunfire. Half of them had used up their clips and were busy reloading at the same time.

Luke finished counting down at just the right time.

Almost in unison, Luke and Kincaid both stuck their guns out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kincaid and Luke were in two different corners. Caught in the crossfire, half the gangsters were instantly killed. Luke didn't even bother to aim. He didn't have to show off his marksmans.h.i.+p in front of Kincaid at all.

These dumba.s.s gangsters thought that they had the advantage in numbers. From the moment they came in and opened fire as they pressed forward, they didn't even spread out.

In such a confined s.p.a.ce, this group of a dozen gangsters had ma.s.sive bullseyes on their backs.

Kincaid and Luke quickly emptied their clips. Only three of the dozen gangsters were lucky enough not to be shot. Scared witless, they ducked to the sides.

While reloading, Kincaid made a “carry on” gesture at Luke.

Luke shrugged. He was half a second quicker at reloading than the black baldie, and he stuck his gun out again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Two gangsters who didn't hide well enough screamed and collapsed, one shot in the heel and the other in the elbow.

Bang! Bang!

Casually shooting them in the chest, Luke reloaded again.

On the other side, Kincaid applauded him soundlessly.

Luke raised his hand and made a “it's your turn” gesture.

Kincaid smiled. He didn't stick his head out, but simply flicked his wrist and raised his gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The last gangster was shot in his upper torso and couldn't move anymore.

Luke clapped soundlessly as well.

Kincaid hadn't fired off random shots; he had aimed at his target using the reflection in a mirror at the counter.

This wasn't something that a regular shooter could do.

Luke had reloaded by then, and he walked out.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

All the gangsters who had still been screaming were shot in the chest.

Luke then fired behind him without even turning his head.

Bang! Bang! The last two bullets weren't wasted. The bartender who had planned to ambush him with a rifle was shot in his thigh. When he screamed, his head was blown up.

Those gangsters had known to come here for Luke only because the bartender had told them.

Luke knew that this bar was in their territory and that the bartender worked for them.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have returned to this bar.


Kincaid walked out and aimed at someone behind Luke.

A guy who was secretly aiming at Luke from the crowd took a bullet to the head.

Kincaid said with a smile, “You owe me your life.”

Luke curled his lip and suddenly flung his empty M1911.

With a clunk, the gun hit the face of another gangster at the door who was aiming his gun at Kincaid.

Luke shrugged. “Now we're even.”

Those two were with the gangsters, but had pretended to be customers and didn't step out at the beginning.

Now that the two covert gunmen were dead, there were no more people among the customers hiding in the corners who took out any guns.

Luke went over and picked up a gun from one of the gangsters before he returned to the counter.

Kincaid was rummaging around at the moment, and after a while, he gave an “Aha!” and took out a bottle of red wine.

Luke glanced at the label but didn't recognize it. “Is this good wine?”

Kincaid curled his lip. “So-so, but it's the real deal at least. The tequila that the bartender gave me earlier was definitely fake and tasted c.r.a.p. This bottle of wine will be his compensation to me. I'll take it to Sonia later.”

Luke picked up his can of juice from the counter; it was a miracle that the can had survived the barrage.

Taking a leisurely sip, he asked, “Sonia? Is that your future wife?”

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