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Chapter 533 Another Level-Up, and Hard-Earned Experience and Credit

Kincaid opened his eyes wide. “She will be my wife.”

Luke shrugged. “Then, may you have a baby


Kincaid simply raised his middle finger at him.

Just like that, they walked out of the bar, one holding a bottle of wine and the other a can of juice.

Kincaid remarked casually, “You look a little like someone I know. Your technique is pretty similar, except that you're not as good at shooting and not as handsome. Your beard is also fake.”

Unbothered, Luke took a swig of his juice. “Someone who's actually better-looking than I am Who?”

Kincaid thought for a moment and in the end still decided to answer his question. “His name's John. He's an old guy who's already retired. I don't think you'll ever run into him.”

As they chatted, they left the bar.

Getting into his pickup, Luke waved at Kincaid who was getting into a Ford. “See you. I have a plane to catch.”

Kincaid simply waved back, and the two men went their separate ways in their respective cars.

The bar fight had just been a game to them, and a way to make an impression on each other.

In the wee hours of the morning, Luke got on a plane bound for Los Angeles.

His lips curved up as he read the system notifications.

Mission: Eliminate drug dealers and destroy their nest at the bar. Completed.

Total experience: 2,000. Total credit: 2,000.

Contribution rate: 60%. EXP +1,200. Credit +1,200.

As experience has reached 50,000 points, the host is now level 13.

Extra stat points: 5.

Thanks to his harvest back in Mexico, he already had more than 15,000 experience points before this trip to Rio.

In the next dozen days or so in Rio, Luke went on a killing spree and earned 3000+ every night.

By the time he arrived in Honduras, his experience had surpa.s.sed 48,000 points.

He had only gone back to the bar because he needed the last thousand experience points to level up.

And given his slight OCD, he didn't want to wait until he returned to Los Angeles to obtain the points. Let the level-up be the best bonus for this field trip!

Looking at his stats, Luke fell into deep thought.

40 Strength, 20 Dexterity, and 20 Mental Strength. Overall, this was the optimal configuration for him for most circ.u.mstances. If it wasn't for Elementary Self-Healing, he might have stacked Dexterity or Mental Strength so that they reached 40 first.

He was now facing a conundrum: Whether to improve Dexterity or Mental Strength first.

Since 40 was the second threshold, the most cost-effective choice naturally was to increase Dexterity or Mental Strength to 40 first.

Splitting the points between the two attributes would mean that neither of them would operate to maximum effect for a long time, not until they both reached 40.

Currently, the demand for experience points soared every five levels, and this ma.s.sive increase meant that every subsequent threshold he reached required the sum of practically all the experience points of the last ten or so levels. The experience points required for every new level, on the other hand, was an increase of 20,000 points.

Level 13 required 50,000 experience points, level 14 70,000 points, and level 15 90,000.

It was impossible for him to fly all over the world every day and kill criminals everywhere.

If hundreds of homicides were to happen wherever he went, and it happened too often, any idiot would notice it had to do with him.

All this time, he had done his best to conceal traces of his involvement by using scapegoats.

In his forays out to earn experience points in France's neuf trois, even the Paris police didn't know what happened, to say nothing of American intelligence organizations.

None of these gangs would let the police know what happened; they were only too happy to snap up the territories of gangs that had gone missing Back in Mexico, Luke didn't leave any evidence behind. Nothing could be traced back to him.

However, he had indeed made quite a scene in Rio. If he wanted to earn experience and credit points like this again, he couldn't use his real ident.i.ty.

He already had a plan for that.

For now, he could only stay in Los Angeles and steadily earn experience and credit points until the time was ripe for him to open a new playing field.

That also meant that he couldn't level up too quickly.

This time, he had advanced to a new level in less than a month, but that wouldn't happen often.

After pondering for a long time, he finally made his choice in the system and clicked.

Mental Strength 21.

Sensing the itchy feeling in his brain, he took a deep breath.

Now that he had made his choice, he could only continue forward without any hesitation.

Thinking that, Luke closed his eyes and began to review his Rio trip. He knew that he wasn't too smart, so he had to make up for it with diligence. A little more self-reflection never hurt.

It was a good thing that he had Elementary Self-Healing, and his Mental Strength had surpa.s.sed 20.

Apart from two hours of sleep, his brain was almost never idle for the remaining 22 hours in a day.

He spent most of the time reflecting on his operations and reviewing the follow-up.

That was why he was always busy.

After a short flight, Luke was back in Los Angeles.

Taking a deep breath of the familiar air, he shook his head with a smile. “It's a lot worse than in Rio, but I still like it here.”

Taking the secondhand Ford which he had left in the airport parking lot, he drove home.

Luke frowned when he entered the house.

He didn't need to look around to know that it was empty.

That was because the security system was fully activated, which was only the case when both of them were out.

So, the question was: Where did Selina go?

Did she go out shopping at three in the morning?

Luke wasn't too worried. He sent her a text message before he started unpacking his stuff and cleaning up.

Half an hour later, the door opened and Selina scuttled in.

Seeing Luke, who was sitting on the couch with his legs crossed as he looked at his laptop, she said with an awkward smile, “You're back, darling.”

Luke raised his head and pointed next to him. “Sit down and tell me what Gold Nugget put you up to this time.”

Selina sat down and hesitated before she said, “We were just… carrying out a small experiment.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Then you beat up a bunch of people until they spat blood and saliva? Don't tell me you were so bored you joined an underground fight ring?”

Selina chuckled and said, “No. I just… beat up some hooligans.”

Luke hummed and said, “Then that's fine. Take a shower and go to bed.”

Seeing his expression, Selina knew that he really didn't think it was a big deal, and she was stunned. “You're not mad?” Luke found that strange. “Why would I be mad?”

Young lady, you can only cause a punch-up at most. What's with this sense of guilt? You need to toughen up! Luke mocked inwardly. Selina relaxed, then went over to pull at him. “Go, let's go to the training room. I made some progress in my training recently.”

Luke didn't resist, and just got up with a smile.

In the training room, Selina put on her gloves and looked at Luke in his pajamas and slippers. “You should change your clothes.”

Luke shook his head and kicked off the slippers. He then hung his pajamas on the workout equipment on the side. Picking up two hand targets, he waved and said, “Let's do this.”

He had some idea of what she wanted to show him, and he was very interested.

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