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Robbie's POV

I looked at the retreating back of Olsen, wondering what did he meant. Fred sneaked up behind me and said in a scathing tone,

"Don't mind his words dude. He is just bitter. You separated him from his beloved daughter so, he is trying to make you and your old man fall out too!"

I hung my head realizing that Fred's words made sense. If thats true then Mr. Olsen tried for nothing as we already had a huge fallout. I pushed Mr. Olsen's words at the back of my head and looked towards the car where Tony was. I didn't want to leave him alone for too long esp at his current mental state. I looked around for the chief officer when I noticed Sarah who had freed herself from Joshua's hold and started chasing after the two officer who were escorting Mr. Olsen. I kept looking at her before she and Joshua disappeared from sight.

I looked at Fred who was beside me and looking at the same thing. I asked in low timid voice,

"Was it too ruthless?"

Fred turned to me and said, rolling his eyes, "Dude, you don't have time for sympathy! It was coming to her whether you like it or not. Don't tell me you regret it!"

"No, I don't regret doing it. Olsen deserved it and Sarah needed to know his true colours but I just feel bad as Sarah kind of lost her only family" I said exhaling heavily

"She isn't totally blameless and you shouldn't forget about the rumour incident with Tony. I do pity her but when you punish one, you are bound to end up hurting more" Fred said ambling over to the Chief officer. It looks like he thought of the same thing that I did.

I made my way towards the car in which Tony was, when I saw Mr. Winters getting in the car. I looked at him feeling cautious. This man had a vibe which makes me uncomfortable. Maybe, he felt my gaze as he suddenly looked up. His cold eyed scanned me before breaking into a professional fake smile,

"If it isn't Mr. Walker junior!" he said, giving a look at me

"Mark Winters" I said, nodding in a short greeting, "What are you doing here?'

"Ah, Mr. Olsen happens to be my client" he spoke in a distant tone

"What? Aren't you my dad's lawyer?" I asked blinking in surprise

"Junior Walker (I hated him calling me that), I am completely under law to have more than one client dealing on the same matter as long as the clients interest doesn't clas.h.!.+" he said, putting his hands inside his pocket.

My eyes became round with curiosity, "You will be representing both my dad and Mr. Olsen on this kidnapping matter?"

Mark pulled one of his hand out of his pocket and checked his watch as he spoke, "The matter involves both my clients and there is no conflicting interest so...." he dragged the word, putting his hand back in his pocket and speaking with a creepy fake grin, "Yes! I will be representing both"

My face fell. After that one encounter with him, I searched about Mark Winters and got to know that this guy is quite ruthless with his methods. He is exceptionally good at arguing his case, is well known for turning tides in near impossible situations and his win record is, unfortunately, above ninety percent which is beyond impressive. I clutched my fist, realizing that until and unless I catch hold of some unrefutable evidence, both of the culprit will get out of this matter unscathed, with some moderate financial loss.

"Dude, what are you doing daydreaming here?" came Fred's booming voice from behind me. I and Mark both turned to look at his bear like structure strolling leisurely towards us, "I have spoken to the chief. He will inform us if they finds anything. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d and the blondie is taken into custody, so, we can now make our way to hospital" he said, scratching his ear

"Fred D'Souza?" came the startled tone of Mark.

I quickly looked at Mark and then at Fred, who too looked taken aback.

"Have we met before?" Fred asked raising his eyebrow

"You are quite the forgetful one aren't you?" Mark said, "Five years back, car accident, your plastic surgery.....ring a bell?"

Fred's eyes filled with recognition but he immediately grimaced, "So, your that scawny dude who handled the case! Imagine meeting you here and to think you even remembered my changed face"

"I have often been complimented for my sharp memory! It was pleasure meeting you again. But now, I am running out of time. See you soon" Marks said checking his watch again, before opening the car door and getting behind wheels

I looked at Fred speaking in a blank voice, "Can there really be such a coincidence? Not only that sly fox is dealing with my dad and Mr. Olsen's case but he somehow happens to be acquainted to you too?"

Fres shrugged and said lazily, "We should make our way to the hospital. Tony needs to be checked"


I stayed at the hospital that night with Tony, Twen and mum. Mum and Sam were already there with Twen when I, Tony and Fred reached. I was heartily relieved seeing Twen all well and healthy, though, he doesn't seem to remember what happened and said he only felt sleepy. On seeing Tony, who fell unconscious in car, being taken by the hospital staff, he threw a huge fuss over seeing him and got mightily p.i.s.sed at me for not allowing it. Fact was, I wanted Tony to rest. He needed to relax his nerves which were very disturbed at the moment. It was only after I explained Twen that Tony needs rest that he reluctantly agreed to wait.

Fred had to leave soon after as he had to close his daily transaction book of all the restaurant. While, another drama ensued as Sam gotta a call from his neighbour about Jenny going into labors after stressing over Twen and Tony all evening. He didn't waited a second after the call and left without saying goodbye. Tanya and her father Jonas decided to stay at the hospital with us, though, mum said there was no necessity but they insisted.

To think that so much happened in just one night. Twen being kidnapped, my returning from my meeting, Tony getting abducted, all the chase, arguements, fall outs, tracing, locating, finding, arresting, and ultimately hospital. Everyone felt tired. I saw Tanya dozing off on her dad's shoulder, Twen slept hugging mum while mum too fell asleep leaning on the chair. I walked over to the room Tony was in and watched him through the small gla.s.s opening still unconscious but at least alive and well. I smiled feeling a little calm seeing Tony but feeling extremely exhausted. Finally, this h.e.l.lish night ended.


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