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Nothing really happened except a new screen popped up.

*Nameless Nest

-Structural Strength: 1900


-Population: 2200(current residents)

-Description: A small nest made of several types of webbing. Has a good foundation but is missing several key facilities and figures.


Well. I wish it would tell me what the nest is actually 'missing'..... I start looking through the different types of things in the territorial screen. One thing in particular catches my eyes.

Magical Construct: Overseer Program

Price: 0-99999*99999 TE, 10 TE-EX(optional)

Description: An overseer program manages territories and bases. One can pay as much as they want for one but, the more invested the better the overseer. An overseer can be improved with TE. The owner of the overseer can change it's permissions at any time. For an added 10 TE-EX, the overseer will be upgraded to an AI life-form that is a exact copy of one of their creator's subordinates.

This is something that I definitely need. I am slightly wary of the AI option but, the program itself should be fine. I input 5000 TE into the screen and purchase it. A pop up appears showing the overseer's information.... It seems the amount of TE put into it affects the amount of functions it can have along with it's calculation ability as well as the amount of things it can manage..... I glimpse through it and toggle different permissions on and off. There are literally hundreds of them with some being rather.... Well.... Bizarre.

One is the permission to allow the overseer to choose subordinates to breed and produce better offspring..... Rather messed up. Another is the permission to allow the overseer to organize death games to produce superior subordinates. Obviously I toggle those off. I don't need these things going on in the background. After going through the whole list of permissions I double check to make sure that everything is in order before confirming them.

Immediately the base starts to have changes. I notice that things are being added like lights and doors. The ground that was uneven in some places start to even out along with the walls. That was an issue that I couldn't really fix. We initially constructed the nest in an even fas.h.i.+on but, over time parts of the nest. started to sink or bend. If it was in one or two places that would have been fine but, the whole nest turned into this uneven mess.

I watch on as the overseer starts to fix issues simply. I have a few notifications pop up as it requests for 2 things.

*Asking permission to build a 'Lesser TE Generator' Y/N

* Asking permission to build 10 'Watchers' Y/N

Apparently, the overseer can't spend more than 10% of Territory Energy on specific items. It also can't spend energy as it wants after TE drops below 50% of the highest value owned unless it is an emergency.

I immediately grant the first permission. A generator is going to be a vital item for the future. I look at what 'watchers' are in the territory screen. I find out that they are items to allow overseers to observe things directly..... The Overseer has a layout of the nest to look at along with permanent features such as the poison pools that I layed out and furniture. However it can't actually see what is going on in the nest. For that it needs watchers. I grant that request as well as I watch my TE drain away.

Different changes keep occuring over the nest bringing my broodmothers over with solemn.... Expressions? I explain to them (mostly Vulki and Kess who was worried about her work so far on the nest being undone) that this is all part of the power that comes with owning a territory and having certain things unlocked.

I am not too sure why this only unlocked now but, it must have something to do with conquering several other territory cores. The exact wording was 'Due to subordinating a ruler of a 'civilization', primary access to territorial energy is unlocked'. What exactly counts as a 'civilisation' though....I'm also a bit curious as to why I didn't get territory cores when I converted the harpies or when the Treants were defeated.....

Anyways, now that the territory is being looked after I can start expanding my vision onward. The next objective is to obtain the one artifact that is supposed to be in the union. I doubt that I'm the only one that wants it.... As long as the drow or elves acquire it I should be fine as the queen can probably muscle it out of whoever gets it. However..... If the Fallen dwarves get it, things could get complicated.

I've been rather confused on how to deal with the fallen dwarves. I initially wanted to just deal with them like how I did the drow but their 'curse' is a bit different from the drow's. According to Vulki, the fallen dwarves used to have two different groups. Those whose G.o.ds banished them and those who abandoned their G.o.ds. Technically I should be able to convert the first group..... The thing is, the groups aren't seperate anymore. They have lived down in this pocket for millennia, far longer than the drow have. So, they interbred to the point that the curses have mixed together. Their situation is more permanent and I can't really deal with that....

I could still subordinate them. Their loyalty would not be very high though..... I know that those who I have converted can't really rebel. The energy in them would end up going berserk and unlike when they were punished by their previous G.o.d, they would just end up dead. On top of that they seem to have lost any sort of 'idea' towards that, which I find weird. I would like to see their loyalty levels. I don't know what numbers are the norm as I have only seen my broodmother's and Set's' loyalties which are all at 100.

I guess in it would be best to just kill any dwarves we come across for now. I'm not a big fan of killing civilians but, the ones we come across would be soldiers so it should be fine. This is all for the future. For now, lets explore some of the different things that were unlocked....

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