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Destiny had finally made it to the gates of the Stonemaul clan. It looked like they were having a gathering today. Festivities were about to be had in the Stonemaul clan! Destiny got off his horse and talked to the attendant.

"You've come to celebrate the ascension of our new patriarch?" said the dwarf.

"Yes." said Destiny.

They escorted him inside like the rest. It was an enormous event. The Stonemaul clan was having a grand unveiling party for their new patriarch. Security was lax, they allowed everyone in. Destiny had on his cloak and tailored attire so he fit in with the rest.

This would be perfect, Destiny would get to understand the workings of the Stonemaul clan at this celebration. Soon the grand hall was filled to the brim with party-goers.

"Today, we the Stonemaul clan celebrate the coronation of our new patriarch," said the host.

"On this day k.u.mur will ascend to the position. With his ascension comes a fresh beginning in the Stonemaul clan."

"k.u.mur wasn't the first choice to ascend to the throne before the Stonemaul clan had a very talented descendant by the name of Glek. Today with his ascension, k.u.mur hopes to finally bring justice to his brother's killer."

In the middle of the hall was an aged female dwarf, beaten and abused. She was in chains on a stage. Her face was filled with sadness. She was being tried and executed for a crime she dare not commit.

How could she kill her son? However, the new ruler wanted to be cleared of all crimes. For the public to look favorably on him as the one true ruler of the Stonemaul clan.

"I am Durda, concubine dowager to the Stonemaul clan," she said.

"I come before you to confess my treason in the sight of G.o.ds and dwarves."

"I betrayed the faith of my clan and the trust of my husband Groken."

"Before his blood was cold, I plotted to murder his son and seize the clan myself."

Gasps were heard around the hall as the crowd riled up.


"Kill her."

"Off with her head."

"She does not belong here."

Destiny felt rage in his heart looking at the scene. This was the only love he would ever know in life, now displayed in shame in front of the Stonemaul clan. He removed his scarf and strolled to the stage, looking at Durda.

'In death, I finally get to rejoin my love, Glen,' Durda thought as she looked upon the crowd. She noticed a dwarf moving to the stage. He reminded her of Glen. She stared into his eyes.

'Glen is that you coming to bring me home' Durda thought.

As Destiny came closer to the stage he tossed aside his cloak and wielded Destiny within his hand, lighting it up with Fire Essence. The entire crowd turned to look at him.

"Wis.h.i.+ng to cause a scene at the Stonemaul clan? Guard's seize him," said k.u.mur.

Destiny felt the time had come. It was time for him to deliver fresh souls to his young lord. Destiny hungered. It was time to feed this cursed weapon.

Destiny stared at k.u.mur as fire ignited his entire corpse. Flames lit his eyes and his chest was exposed as the clothes burned away. Destiny had fully unleashed his aura as a Curse Bound. It was time for the score to be settled.

Five guards rushed towards Destiny with their weapons raised.

u003cSlashu003e A head rolled.

u003cSlashu003e A body was segmented.

u003cStabu003e A body burnt to a crisp receiving the blade.

u003cSlashu003e Another head rolled.

u003cParryu003e A body burnt to a crisp after touching Destiny.

"Too. Weak." said Destiny with his raspy voice.

He slashed Destiny across the air, igniting the ground. Flames danced in the air as the onlookers stepped back at the scene.

"Why are you here? How has my Stonemaul clan offended you?" said k.u.mur.

This intruder was not a weakling. It would be better for him to reach some agreement than go all out in the middle of their party.

"Chase. Me." said Destiny.

"Steal. Love."

"Kill. All."

u003cMighty Slashu003e

Destiny slashed his blade with all his might. k.u.mur's head was ignited and burnt to a crisp.

The crowd was now in a frenzy. Many people ran away in terror.

"No. Escape."

Destiny stabbed Destiny into the ground, and flames engulfed the exits.


"All. Will. Burn." said Destiny.

All the dwarves around the hall fell to the raging flames. Their souls consumed by Destiny. After everything was burnt away Destiny walked up to Durda.

"Glen, you are alive?" said Durda as Destiny burnt away the chains holding her.

"No." said, Destiny.

Unfortunately, he was no longer Glen. He was Destiny. He was no longer part of the living.

"I. Serve." said Destiny.

"Who do you serve?" said Durda as she got up.

"Forge. G.o.d." said Destiny as he engulfed Durda in his healing flames.

'Ignorant Dwarf, what am I supposed to do with this old woman. She's beyond her prime and within the last years of her life.'

"Save. Please." said Destiny as he kneeled to the flames.

'No.' said the voice in the flames as the healing flames extinguished.

"Durda." said Destiny as his hopes were extinguished with the flames.

His young lord had denied him this one act.

"I've lived a long life Glen, to see you in my last moments lets me go peacefully into the afterlife," said Durda.

Destiny held Durda in his arms close.

"Why?" said Destiny.

'Stupid dwarf, you want to resign your one true love to your fate? That would be true cruelty,' said the voice in the flames.

'You serve me eternally. Let her rest, for you can not.'

Destiny came to an understanding. Though he would miss Durda, at least she could rest. It would be cruel for her to join him. His soul was cursed, his body, mind, and soul no longer his own.

Destiny had no tears to cry, his emotions were long gone. All he could feel was rage, anger, and hate.

He buried Durda by a beautiful riverside and then got back on his horse.

The Deepforge clan was his next stop. After his revenge, all he would know was service.

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