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Dracula stood behind his master whose body have been releasing red as blood and ruby aura. Atop his master head a gigantic b.l.o.o.d.y sword was materializing.

'What a great scene this is!' Dracula thought in his mind. He looked at his serious master who have two thick wing of the mythical creature Roc upon his upper back and announced.

"Master, Will you please pa.s.s me the mobile so that I can start live streaming!"

After taking the mobile from Dracula Feng forgot to return it back because he was lost in remembering the recitation of the «Scripture of divinities». Hence, Feng still has the holographic smartphone in his pocket.

Feng still condensing his «Asura butchering G.o.d like pigs sword» pa.s.sed his Hub-Tub 100 to Dracula by using a rope made out of blood.

Dracula happily took it and said,

"Master, I am going to start live streaming"

Feng with a serious face said in his arharic voice full of profoundness and wisdom.

"Yes, do your best!" He only said three words, because he is affected by the disease called *Seriousness*.

After the talk, Dracula instantly hopped backwards, springing his body up in the air and going away from the point of clash between his master and the humongous demon.

He ran towards the forest, so that he will climb up a tree and get a better angle for the clash between the two t.i.tans.

After all, the better the quality of the video the more the chances for him to be upgraded!

His feet stepped upon the clean spot of the ground and he merrily hopped like a bunny on the track of cessation.

With ease, Dracula evaded all the remain of the zombies and the putrid blood that littered out of their bodies, forming a lake of blood on the ground.

Dracula moved toward his destination and he covered a distance of dozens of meter in some seconds.

A Handful of chrysanthemum flower levitated along his pathway and Dracula finally reached near a thick tree.

Dracula tapped both his soles on the ground and hurdled his body upwards, easily climbing up the thick chrysanthemum tree.

He turned on the Hub Tub-100 smartphone and a holographic screen appeared in the air. He Hacked into multiple platforms and caused, who knows how many people to die, once again.

The live stream with the name, «Humanity Fight back! Zombies Butchered Like Pigs! The Savior of Humanity. The great Chosen Hero Feng Mei Son of Feng Mian! The inheritor of the legacies of the dragon, chosen by Elder-immortal origin dragon. Part 2» Started.


A while ago, in a place extremely far away from m.u.f.fin city!

A slim, young and buffed, golden hair man, looking like the Son of G.o.d sat upon a yellowish Throne. A person with an eye of an expert craftsman will immediately ident.i.ty the golden throne to be completely 100% made out of Lanthanated tungsten. A task labelled as impossible to be completed.

Around the man there were three holographic screen.

Three different people could be seen in the holographic screens.

A buffed and ripped old man with a white mustach. A Old woman whose face was covered in heavy makeup and a extremely Old being.

The old man is cla.s.sified as a being because more than half his body is covered on metallic substances!

"Feng Mei, this person has the family name of Feng. Not only that, his father name is also Feng Mian. Old man Feng, wasn't he the discarded eldest son of your only wife. The one you considered as a big disgrace because he didn't do what you wished and stopped following your commands like a dog. Cheh... Cheh... Chen... What a messed up family! HuHuHu." The old woman laughed in a haughty manner and creepily taunted Old man Feng.

A vein nearly p.o.o.ped on old man Feng head but he managed to control his anger and calmly gazed at the woman. But the words that came out of his mind proved how irritated he is.

"Old hag, your clan tree isn't any better. I believe the moment you die the family name of Daeyang will vanish in the river of history. And If you wish I can make this happen right away!" Old Man Feng roared like a lion shaking the robotic giant upon which he sat and causing the lake of blood in his surrounding to ripple and produce a wave.

Old Man Feng Sat upon an robotic Giant. Both he and the Giant was missing an arm.

Due to his shout, some blood spewed upon the white clothes wrapped around his shoulder while the cords coming out of the broken arms of the robotic giant produced glitching sound.

The Silver robotic giant had many dents on it but it still shone like the moon in the starry skies.

Around Old man Feng and the silver robotic giant laid ripped and blasted bodies belonging to dozens of undead creature.

The field of corpses was made up of more than ten thousands of normal zombies, hundreds of mutated one and more than ten of «Copper-demon»!

Old man Feng words caused old hag Daeyang to tremble and roar back in anger.

"Old man Feng. your clan really have a lot of descendant don't they? I believe not of them are now rotten meats and staggering the land for fresh human flesh and your dead ancestor are probably still trying to get out of their graves", The old woman retorted in a loud voice by thumping at her stool.

Her roar caused some white powder of her thick make up to Decline off her face.

Old Man Feng also lost his calm after he listened to old hag Daeyang, cursing his ancestor and jinxing his descended.

A grand war of curses began between the two, until,

"Shut up, both of you! we have more important matter to discuss" The golden haired man heavily smashed upon the arm rest of his throne. His command caused both Old man Feng and Old hag Daeyang to stop their bickering.

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