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Arnold knew the weak points of these mutated flesh zombie.

They have four weakness!

The first three being the glabella, calf and the top of the head.

While the four was there greatest weakness and also the reason for the existence of these terrific undead!

It is the crystal present in the middle of the brain, hidden by three layer of defense.

The three defenses are its hardened skin and hardened fat, the soft layers of fat and finally the brain itself.

The Crystal provided them with energy and was also the reason of mutation.

All this information were acquired because of the scientist performing to the best of their abilities, experimenting everyday and the soldier that fought on the front line, everyday.

The act of acquiring information and circulating it to the internal members all over the world were executed under the orders of United world government, to avoid ma.s.s panic!

United World government was a «rule» of this Earth. A rule Greater than any nation, state or federal body!

During year 2010, each and every civilization let go of their discrimination, border were opened up joining the whole world under one rule!

This rule also stated as "UWG" have around 200 representatives from each and every country, nation, kingdom and federal government bodies present in the world.

It was beloved by the majority of people, for they combated starvation in poverty-stricken countries and modernized them through providing latest technology!

They did it through the support of the wealthy and affluent, earning grat.i.tude of the poor along the way.

In merely a decade, most countries were modernize and technology made great advances, as there was no tension of war because of a pact!

The pact a.s.serted and strictly affirmed that any country that dare even utter the word 'War' will be put down, blown by nukes dispatched from all the countries in the world.

Hence no nut head dared to make nefarious plan. No one wanted to make the entire world their country enemy!.

UWG commanded all trained and untrained staff to move, right after the meteoroid smashed into the world.

Nearly, all non-active and active officials, personals and military soldiers including trainees present in green-zone were sent to help the afflicted countries, which turned into a battlefield between living and death!

And the others at the red-zone and gray-zone were told to return back and await further order.

They are also the reasons why some cities were still green and even some gray-zone area were cleared up within a week after the apocalypse started!

The «gray-sheen Flesh zombie» trotted towards Andy and was met head on with two gun shot, one thwarted after doing some damage and the other pieced it's head, right at the glabella.

The second bullet managed to penetrate the gray sheen of the monster, as that was one of the weakest part in its entire body.

The bullet reached more than 10cm inside the 50cm giant meaty head, before being cus.h.i.+oned and put to stop by the soft layer of fat!

A layer of dark red blood tickled down its fiendish face!

The red coloured mixed with the ghastly gray fleshly face creating a masterpiece horrid face!

The fiendish goliath didn't even flinch nor stopped trotting toward Arnold, even after getting its head punctured by a bullet.

Arnold s.h.i.+fted the position of the knife and gun, while rus.h.i.+ng towards it. In mere second they were mere 5 centimeters apart.

The zombie opened its arm up wide while hunching and closed them to crush all bones inside arnold body.

Arnold evaded through skidding from the middle of the heinousness wide-open meaty piggy legs, that belonged to neither side!(neither side legs=humans legs and 'normal undead legs')

While skidding from between the legs, he slashed the meaty calf of the «gray-sheen Flesh zombie» left leg and swirled immediately, slas.h.i.+ng the right leg calf.

His knife slashed penetrated deep into the calf such that even the tendons were split off.

Arnold body stooped near the shelves full of items.

[32 seconds....]

All this action happened in merely eight seconds.

After losing the supports of its lower limbs, the «gray sheen flesh zombie» felt down and growled weakly while rolled it's body turning towards Arnold

"Growl" The zombie weakly muttered and suddenly its body hit the ground and longer ahead.

It jumped with it's mouth opened wide towards Arnold, who as if already knew that this would happened, have took a roll towards the right side.

The zombie head hit the shelves, dropping all the items over it and its body getting stuck under mult.i.tude of commodities.

«Bang! Bang! Bang!» All these voices were silenced due to the silencer attached on the gun!

Arnold shot the last five bullets that finally impaled deep within the zombies breaking down the meaty pathway towards the crystal.

Arnold didn't hesitate as he moved his arm like a snake through the penetrated pathway.

His long and st.u.r.dy arms reached deep inside the zombie head and immediately pulled out.

The zombie died down as a dusty crystal tinted with gold on its surface, could be seen held within Arnold hands.

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