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Old man Feng and old hag Daeyang had to stop their bulls.h.i.+t, because the golden-haired man is the first supreme belonging to the *Council of Supreme*. He is also the one with the most knowledge about Mech and Tech combined.

The (UNG) United World Government upper-most section, that controlled the entire Government Basically this world *Rule* is the *Council Of Supremes*.

In the Council of Supremes there are only 5 seats. Each of the fives seat cla.s.sifies a person hierarchy in this council. The fifth seat being the lowest in ranking and the First seat being the highest in ranking.

The first seat is the throne(i.e c.o.c.kpit) of the Mech overseer!

The second seat is the c.o.c.kpit of the Mech Saturn!

The third seat is the c.o.c.kpit of the Mech Starry skies!

The fourth seat is the c.o.c.kpit of the Mech Moon!

The fifth seat is the c.o.c.kpit of the Mech Ocean!

The Supremes are ranked according to their knowledge about Mech, Tech and combat prowess.

The gold-haired man is No.1, Ent.i.tled: Worlds Overseeing Supreme.

The Mechanized Old-man is No.2, Ent.i.tled The supreme of Saturn and Jupiter.

Old Man Feng is number 4, Ent.i.tled: The Supreme Moon.

Old hag is pitifully the last Supreme No.5, Ent.i.tled: Ocean Supreme.

The golden-haired man was gonna start detailing about the information he obtained when,

"Aneurin, why have the third Supreme not joined this meeting?" The mechanized Old man calmly said, looking at the golden-haired man.

The golden haired man, Basically Aneurin gazed toward the old man,

"There were two reasons as to why I held this meeting. The first reason was naturally to talk about Old man Feng supernatural grandson and what we should do with him! The second is to inform you all that Third Supreme Borealis is dead, that too by the hands of multiple zombies." Aneurin Announced, not even a ripple of any kind of emotion could be seen in his eyes. Almost, as if the dead of the the third supreme Borealis was equal to the death of an ant.

His words caused shock to wave over every Supreme. For a while, they couldn't believe Aneurin words.

"How can a zombie kill Borealis! He had an army made up of more than a thousands Mech! Even if Borealis fought «Sky-reaching t.i.tan Flesh Zombie» codename *It* he still wouldn't have died and actually even manage to kill «Sky-reaching t.i.tan Flesh Zombie» during the battle." Old man Feng said in a vociferous manner, unable to believe that Borealis that treacherous old man is dead.

The most astonis.h.i.+ngly fact was that Old man Feng is still full of vitality even after losing his arm!

"Cheh, Old man Feng can you not even utilize a microscopic fraction of your brain? Or did Muscles take over your entire intelligence? Must «Sky-reaching t.i.tan Flesh Zombie» be the reason that caused Borealis to die? The zombie are evolving in all sorts of way, his death might very well be caused by a new mutant zombie" Old woman Daeyang dissed at Old man Feng, not missing even a single chance to curse at her rival.

"Crazy b.i.t.c.h, would you die if you don't bark at me, for a while?" Old man Feng retorted, causing Old hag Daeyang to lose her temper.

Another war of curses was gonna start between them when Aneurin snapped his finger and pointed at Daeyang.

"Actually, Fifth Supreme Daeyang your words are right on Mark. Three zombies sneaked and Third Supreme Borealis" Aneurin said.

His words once again caused Old Feng muscle brain to overload with questions, so he hurriedly reply,

"But how can zombies sneak up on Borealis? He have thousand of Mech and his main Mech starry skies is attached with sensory system so advanced, that even the best professional won't be able to sneak 100000 meter near him, without being notice!"

Old man Feng words made sense, so much that even Old hag agreed this time..

"This time even I am in support of Old Man Feng" she said.

Even the Mechanized Old-man, whose face expression said that he has experienced all that the world has to offer, said,

"Me too, this just doesn't make sense."

"Well, just like you all, even I was in disbelieve when I saw Borealis getting" Aneurin said with a calm expression.

'Even you can have a expression of Disbelieve,'Old man Feng thought.

'Wow, I wonder how his face full of disbelieve would look like,' Old hag Daeyang thought.

Aneurin continued saying "There were three different types of mutants zombie that Borealis. There intelligence were on par with Elite humans.

They waited for Borealis to clean out an entire Gray-zone, he even managed to kill «Sky-reaching t.i.tan zombie». After the extensive battle he stepped out of the c.o.c.kpit of his Mech. A weird mutation of zombie, which I cla.s.sified as a wraith, suddenly appeared out of no where. He jumped right at borealis but borealis managed to kill it. Right than a metallic scythe appeared out of nowhere and slashed Borealis head off. Later s.p.a.ce fabric ripped apart and a zombie with metallic scythes like hand appeared and started munching on borealis body" Aneurin detailedly explained with an emotionless face, causing all of the Supreme to turn serious.

'Did you really have to say the last part' Daeyang thought in her mind.

Aneurin continued, "I have already forwarded you all a video. The video contains all the information of how third supreme Borealis died and the structure of the zombie that killed him. You all can see for yourself."

His speech ended and Right than,

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Multiple notification rang out in holographic meeting taking place.

In the smartphone of all the *Supreme* Feng live stream notification appeared.

The t.i.tle said, «Humanity Fight back! Zombies Butchered Like Pigs! The Savior of Humanity. The great Chosen Hero Feng Mei Son of Feng Mian! The inheritor of the legacies of the dragon, chosen by Elder-immortal origin dragon. Part 2»

"This is... your grandson at it again!" Old woman Daeyang helplessly said looking at Old man Feng.

"Haha, Old hag you jealous that my grandson has somehow become a mythical creature chosen?Ahahahahahah" Old Feng joyfully laughed to the highest heaven

"Huhuhu, but does your grandson that you are his grandpa? After all, you discarded his father before he was even birthed" Old hag wickedly taunted him. Hitting right where it hurts.

"For now focus on the live stream" The first supreme said, and they all looked towards their smartphone intently watching the battle between Feng Mei and «Copper-sheen Flesh zombie» code-name «Copper Demon».

In the screen, a gigantic blood-red sword had materialized above Feng Mei head, While the Solar blast of the copper demon had entirely condensed above the «Copper-Demon» opened Jaws, the solar blast taking the shape of a 2 meter globe!

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