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Chapter 323: A Pair of Little Lovers with a b.u.mpy Future

The Lan family had won and they were all overjoyed. The citizens of White Stone City were also delighted. Only Ling Chuxi was feeling dejected. What exactly was that finger gesture, and who was that person addressed as Senior Brother Xiao by Fang Yuanqiu? She did not have any answers – how could Ling Chuxi not feel depressed?

However, before that person left, he had said that he was antic.i.p.ating fighting her next time. What did that mean? Ling Chuxi was confused, but was too lazy to think it through. It would be better to eat some good food first, that was much more practical. After deciding on that, she picked up Little White and left to buy roasted chicken.

Ling Chuxi spent the holidays in comfort. She ate and slept every day, pa.s.sing the days like a worm. From time to time, she would go out with Ling Yichen and Lan Xinyu to the mountain behind to hunt, fish, and then have a picnic.

“Chuxi, school is about to reopen. Aiya, how boring.” Lan Xinyu swung the roasted fish in her hand and sighed.

“Has Baili come to see you yet?” Ling Chuxi asked suddenly. She was a little curious as to how far their relations.h.i.+p had developed.

“Don't bring it up. That liar! Liar!” Lan Xinyu snarled angrily. “He said he would come and find me, but I haven't even seen his shadow recently!”

Ling Chuxi stared at the furious Lan Xinyu and slowly said, “Lan Xinyu, you stupid pig.”

“Why are you scolding me?!” Lan Xinyu glared at Ling Chuxi.

“You seemed to have forgotten a very important fact,” Ling Chuxi continued in a lazy drawl, “Baili Han is a directionally challenged idiot. Perhaps he had departed from his house the moment the holidays started, but now… he probably has no idea where he is.”

“Ah!!!” Lan Xinyu's shriek could have pierced the heavens. She scratched her head anxiously. How could she forget?! Baili Han was an unbelievably directionally challenged idiot, and it was very likely that he had no idea where he was at the moment.

“I'm going to find him!” Lan Xinyu tossed the bony fish head in her hands and leaped up as if fire was burning her b.u.t.t as she anxiously ran off.

Seeing Lan Xinyu's back, Ling Chuxi shook her head in helplessness and pity. This pair of little lovers had a b.u.mpy future ahead of them.

Ling Yichen looked at Ling Chuxi who was all smiles and couldn't help but smile too, his heart warming. The time he spent with Chuxi always made him feel so relaxed and calm.

Lan Xinyu finally found the lost Baili Han a few days before school started. They could only spend a few days together, and had to separate right after that. Ling Chuxi felt like she might die of laughter. Baili Han – what a directionally challenged idiot! It would be better if he let Lan Xinyu come and find him next time.

It was time to leave for the capital. Ling Chuxi bid farewell to the Ling family and returned to the capital with Ling Yichen. Baili Han was to go back later, and Lan Xinyu would send someone to accompany him. If no one guided this directionally challenged idiot, it may take half a month or even an entire month for him to complete a journey that would normally only take a few days.

At the capital, in the quiet courtyard of Fu Chengyu's residence, Ling Chuxi sharpened her focus as she moved both hands slightly, forming a finger gesture.

After returning from s.h.i.+ Qu Town, Ling Chuxi had been studying this finger gesture, but she was always unable to comprehend the secret behind it.

Her mind was completely focused on the finger gesture when the enlightening light flashed in her mind, but it quickly disappeared. It felt like she was only one step away to comprehending the mystery, but for reasons she couldn't understand, this very step always remained just out of her reach.

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