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Chapter 324: The Mystery of the Turning Cloud Gesture

Ling Chuxi felt extremely melancholic. It was like having a succulent, delicious roasted duck placed in front of her but she wasn't allowed to touch it. Yes… To Ling Chuxi, such a description was fitting.

After trying for a while, Ling Chuxi had to stop. No matter how clear her memory of the finger gesture was, no matter how accurate her actions were, the movements were meaningless. Since she did not personally experience the power of the finger gesture, it was difficult to comprehend it.

The more she thought about it, the more angry Ling Chuxi became. If that death-deserving fellow hadn't suddenly admitted defeat, she might have figured out the essence of that finger gesture by now!

“Master, what are you doing? Practicing embroidering?” The fifth princess appeared by the doorway of the courtyard and looked at Ling Chuxi curiously.

“Embroidering?” Ling Chuxi glared at the fifth princess. Were her eyes functioning? How did an incredibly powerful gesture become embroidering?

“That's right. It's when you put a thread through a needle, guide it, and start to sew. The actions must be dainty.” The fifth princess imitated Ling Chuxi's movements viciously, apparently mimicking the way a thread was guided through a needle.

“Do you really embroider like that?” Ling Chuxi felt cold sweat dripping from her head. In that moment, she realized something – the fifth princess definitely lacked the skills to be a good wife and mother. How was that embroidering, or even dainty? Someone slaughtering a chicken would still be gentler than that.

“Is it not so?” The fifth princess asked absently as she continued to 'thread the needle'.

“That is called the Turning Cloud Gesture. It is a martial arts skill secretly inherited by the Xiao family of Dong Xing Country. Only you would think that it is embroidering. If you were overheard by someone from the Xiao family, they would definitely fight you,” Fu Chengyu said to the fifth princess as he walked into the courtyard with a smile. He had coincidentally pa.s.sed by and overheard their conversation. His att.i.tude towards the fifth princess was much better these days.

“Finger gesture? It really isn't embroidery?” The fifth princess pursed her lips.

“You recognize this finger gesture?” Ling Chuxi couldn't be bothered with the idiotic princess and asked Fu Chengyu in surprise.

“I have heard Master mention it before, but I have not personally witnessed it. However, your actions just now should be the Turning Cloud Gesture from the Xiao family. Where did you see it?” Fu Chengyu asked curiously.

Ling Chuxi told him about everything that happened with the Lan family.

“It sounds like that could be the case. According to my Master, the Turning Cloud Gesture of the Xiao family can cause Battle Qi to acc.u.mulate and increase immensely. It can even form strong Battle Qi that is above one's own cultivation level. However, although the Turning Cloud Gesture is strong, there are major drawbacks to it. One is that the consumption of Battle Qi is ma.s.sive, another is that when the Battle Qi increase greatly the original cultivation level, it is a lot harder to control. This will hinder the actual power from being displayed, exactly as you have described,” Fu Chengyu explained patiently.

“If someone has reached the realm of the Great Fulfilment, is the finger gesture still usable?” Ling Chuxi asked bluntly. Even if the Turning Cloud Gesture had obvious drawbacks, the ultimate raise in Battle Qi was too tempting. Who knew when it would come in handy?

“Of course it is usable. Are you thinking of learning it?” Fu Chengyu easily realized Ling Chuxi's intentions.

Ling Chuxi merely smiled and did not reply, but her smile told him the answer.

“This type of martial art skill may look simple, but it is actually quite mysterious. If there is no one to give you pointers, even if you researched it your whole life, you many not be able to fully comprehend it,” Fu Chengyu warned as he shook his head.

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