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Hearing what Qing Shan said and understanding specifically what bothered him Zhi Ruo felt like laughing out loud.

Conttrolling her expressions and making a sad face Zhi Ruo dejectedly spoke, "But I wanted to wear this. I always had dream of myself going to work in this clothes since I was a kid. But.....(with tears in her eyes) if you don't want me to wear this, I will not wear them again."

Zhi Ruo sucked her nose while turning back and leaving to change into home clothes.

Pulling her back and hugging her, Qing Shan quickly apologized and said, "Sorry, I over reacted. you can wear what you like. I shouldn't push my thoughts on you."

Looking in his eyes Zhi Ruo thanked him before leaving to get changed.

'What happened to you Qing Shan, you were the one who did not wanted her to wear those clothes, yet when she accepted your thoughts, you were guilty. Am I going mad?'thought Qing Shan before going to freshen up while scratching his head.

Only If someone could tell Qing Shan that he is slowly becoming a wife slave.


Next day

"Go and change, we still have five minutes to leave." said Qing Shan looking at Zhi Ruo who was almost ready to leave for her office.

Picking her lunch box Zhi Ruo stuffed it in her bag and said while wearing her shoes, "Let's go."

Surprised Qing Shan stood there looking at her without moving.

Smiling at her husband's expressions Zhi Ruo pulled his cheeks and said,"My husband was jealous of other people seeing his beautiful wife, so I am wearing jeans today. Come let's go now, else we both would be late."

Saying Zhi Ruo left home, followed by Qing Shan who had a wide smile on his face. If his smile could brighten the day it would be the brightest one today.


While Zhi Ruo was waiting for the lift to go to her departmental floor some one came from behind her and hugged her hard while jumping up and down.

Giggling along, Zhi Ruo said, "Han Mi, what if you would have fell down?"

Coming in front of her Han Mi entangled her hands with Zhi Ruo's arms while saying coyly, "I know, you won't let me fall down. Hehehhe...."

Looking at Han Mi all giggling and laughing early in the morning Zhi Ruo asked her, "By the way, why are you so happy early in the morning? Anything special?"

Giggling and chuckling more Han Mi leaned completely on Zhi Ruo's body and told her in a low voice,

"It's because after a long time we don't have any pending case today.

Which means, less work....

Which means, too much fun....

And that is..."

"Gossiping. Hehehe." came another source of voice from behind the girls.

Both the girls turned to look at the people behind them with a blank face and spotted the Chief Chu along with Senior Xu.

"Good morning Chief"

"Good morning Senior Xu /Boss"

Greeted both the girl's while trying to smile, which actually looked no worse than crying.

"Morning morning, it's good to see that you have made a new friend Miss Zhi.

Hope you are enjoying the work here." said Chief Chu with a tone of flattery.

Nodding her head Zhi Ruo and Han Mi both turned away from them while Han Mi mouthed,

"How come we are always caught by Boss, Sob Sob...?"

Zhi Ruo raised both of her shoulders lightly implying "I don't know?"

"It's because I am your boss and I can see your actions."

This time both Han Mi and Zhi Ruo quietly kept standing without even moving till they arrived, even blinking was done when necessary.

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