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While the people started moving ahead with precision and extreme care, Chile on the other hand was having a hard time focusing on the people who had left as well as their group who was about to reach their target.

Looking at the new set of people coming out from one particular direction Chile became alert and focused on them while informing his group simultaneously

"Group of people split, half to the mountain, half to sea.

Group of sea will pa.s.s by Fire and through Smoke.

Both hide." came chile's voice

Unfortunately, even after being close to Zhi Xin,it was not yet time to save him. The place where Zhi Xin was, was close to sea hence if someone want's to pa.s.s through it, their team would have ro either attack or take a back step.

After knowing that there were people on this island the team had their curiosity levels increased and were determined to find out the reason of this piece of land being isolated from the world.

Thus, tactically everyone choose to hide and look at the development of the situation.

Luckily they were yet to cross a small mountain and then only they would reach closer to Zhi Xin. That mountain helped too hide Smoke and the entire team.

Both Fire and Smoke found a rock and hided themselves behind it smoothly. It was so smooth taht even the sound of wind was not heard.

Luckily the fact that they came for mission in darkness had helped them a lot, as a normal person would not be able to see in darkness while their group were able to see much better than a normal person.

"Thirty steps to Fire" Chile started giving instruction for the distance of the group of people who were pa.s.sing towards the sea

"Ten steps to fire."

"Hundred steps to Smoke"

"Three steps to Fire"

"Pa.s.sed Fire" at this time the group of people had pa.s.sed Fire and were actively moving towards Smoke.

"Thirty steps from Smoke"

"Ten steps from smoke"

Just at this moment, there were huge ripples created in the sea which shocked everyone. Trying to see what it was everyone stretched their eyes, but to no use. According to their a.n.a.lysis, if such a huge wave ripple was created in water and even after noticing that, if these group of people were so calm..... it means that it wasn't first time. And if it wasn't the first time, then why was it not visible on the data that they had collected.

These questions were running in every team member's mind, increasing their curiosity at another peak.

"A submarine type thing emerged from inside the sea" spoke Chile to calm everyone's curious gazes

"Three steps from Smoke"

"Pa.s.sed Smoke"

"Around the target."

"Stay still"

"Submarine door opened"

"Around the target discussing"

"What are they doing?" asked Smoke after noticing that those group of people were lingering around Zhi Xin for a long time.

Fearing that they might harm him, Smoke was all ready to launch a attack and rescue him when chile spoke something that she never imagined for them to do.

"Checking the breath and body vitals of target."

"Fighting over if they should take the target with them or not"

"One person from the group seems familiar, unable to see clearly"



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