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"But why did she let the girl go that easily? Because of her, she lost her boyfriend." A girl asked.

Xue Lin replied, "Precisely because of that rival girl, my friend lost a sc.u.mbag and that's why she thanked her for letting her know. Just imagine if she one day married him and had children with him but then he cheated on her, not only her life would be ruined but also the child's as well. Didn't that girl helped my friend get away from that horrible future? How can my friend get mad at her after thinking that?"

She looked at the girl with the bob hair and said, "I must say that this girl came to you like an angel who showed you that the guy you care about is a trash. And a trash belongs with a trash. You are beautiful and have a big heart to cherish a person whole heartedly. It's your boyfriend who couldn't see what's good for him. Why should a kind girl like you lower yourself for someone who doesn't care about you? You are a smart girl. If you weren't, you wouldn't be able to study here. So try to think about it."

"Shut up! You understand nothing! You have never fallen in love. What would you understand?" The bob hair girl shouted and her face turned red.

Xue Lin shrugged. She didn't get angry because of her rude behavior. Since she wasn't being cheated on, she didn't know what that high school girl was feeling. She just needed some time to think about it. "I'm a human. Even if I haven't fallen for a man romantically, I still love those who are good to me and I can do anything for them. However, I won't do anything that will lower myself."

The girl's friends understood Xue Lin since they weren't emotionally blinded like her. They started to persuade their friend.

"I think what she is telling is logical."

"Yes, Mumu, I think she is right. You shouldn't lower yourself."

"Forget that boy! I know he is the hottest guy but to think he is so low to fall for a dirty girl!"

"Mumu, I think so too. There are always bigger fish to catch. And that boy is poor too…"

Xue Lin's eyebrow lifted subtly. She never thought this sort of words could come out of high school girls' mouths. 'I guess that's what happens when parents don't teach their children well.' She scratched her head.

As the girls tried to pursue the bob cut hair girl. She gritted her teeth. She was mad at something but what it was, Xue Lin couldn't understand what it was. Then she saw the girl glared at her, afterward, she turned around and left. The girl followed after her.

After she left, Xue Lin looked at the girl who was standing under the tree. Her black hair had been tied in two braids and they were hanging on her shoulders. Her hair was disheveled and so was her dress. A side of her blue check skirt was torn. Her white s.h.i.+rt was covered in mud. Her face was swollen and the left corner of her lips here cut and it was bleeding. They had beaten her a lot. She had a decent look and she looked scared. She was trembling.

Xue Lin called out to her, "You don't have to stand there. It's lunch time. I don't think you have lunch to eat anymore." Xue Lin looked at the lunch box that was on the ground and the meal was all over the place. She proposed, "Why don't you come and eat with me? I have enough lunch for both of us."

When the girl hesitated, Xue Lin said, "Relax! I won't eat you. If you don't want to use the door, come through the window." Saying that she turned around and put her legs inside the room and stood up.

The girl looked around to see if anyone was there. Later, she picked up her lunch box and came inside Xue Lin's room by climbing the window. Xue Lin told her, "Go to the washroom and wash you face and hands. There is a towel inside. Feel free to use it." It was a good thing that she had a personal washroom inside the room.

Fortunately, Xue Lin bought two sets of chopsticks. The cook prepared riceball vegetable friend rice, egg rolls, chicken b.a.l.l.s and fried shrimps. It was a very appetizing meal. The two of them started to eat.

Xue Lin asked while eating, "Which cla.s.s are you in?"

The girl chewed the fried chicken ball. She quickly gulped it and answered, "In the second year, D – section."

"You can take it easy. No one will eat your food…" Xue Lin said, "D – section, which means you are in the science department. Is it hard?"

The girl shook her head. "Not at all. Science is very interesting and I love it."

"That makes you a talented girl. At your age, I loved Physics. Biology was okay but it was hard for me to memorize the scientific names of the body parts and different species. And I couldn't stand Chemistry. That���s why I didn't choose Science. I was scared of Chemistry." Xue Lin got along with her pretty well.

The girl looked confused. "Umm… aren't you a Psychologist? Then you have to memorize all the scientific names of human parts."

"Oh, you caught that well. Wonderful! You have a good observation skill." Xue Lin was impressed that the girl noticed that she was the Psychiatrist. "Yes, it was hard like h.e.l.l but I overcame that problem with great inner will." The more Xue Lin talked to her, the more she felt that there was something wrong with the bob cut hair girl. This girl didn't look like a person who would steal away someone else's boyfriend. She is also intelligent and polite, unlike that bob cut hair girl.

The thing she has to find out is why she was being bullied. 

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