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However, Xue Lin didn't have to ask her anything. The girl spoke on her own. She hesitated before saying, "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"I think you are intelligent." Xue Lin said while looking her in the eyes so that she (the girl) could trust her.

The girl bit down her lower lip and mumbled, "But they said that I took her boyfriend and yet you let me eat with you… and you called me trash…"

Xue Lin firmly said, "Listen girly, as long as I don't see and a.n.a.lyze the situation on my own, I would never believe a thing. At that time, I believed that you were being bullied and so I saved you. I didn't see you seducing anyone and so no matter what others tell me, I won't believe it. Though people say, when there's smoke, there's fire. But it doesn't work in every scenario. If a person doesn't understand that, they will face difficulties in the future… and I didn't call you trash. I did say that a trash belongs to trash but I didn't specifically said that you were trash and that bob cut girl's boyfriend was also trash. Don't jump to conclusion like that." She lowered her voice and said, "Why don't you tell me what actually happened?"

The girl listen to her and her expression looked much better. She gathered some confidence and said, "Um… well… they aren't wrong… I do like him."

Xue Lin almost chocked. She quickly controlled herself and took a side glance at the girl who was sitting face to face. The girl was looking down so she didn't notice Xue Lin's reaction. Xue Lin acted as if nothing happened and asked, "So, when did everything start?"

She started to explain, "Last year, we went to summer camp. We were playing treasure hunt in the evening and I lost my way. He was our captain and it was his responsibility to look after everyone. He came to search for me and…"

Xue Lin told herself in her mind, '…And he got stuck with you at the same cottage.'

The girl continued, "…he found me at the cottage but it started raining heavily and we stayed in the empty cottage for the whole night. We started to have a light chat and I realized despite being so young, he had great sense of responsibility. He is popular and good at everything but it was the first time I got to know him. I knew he had a girlfriend but it wasn't wrong if I secretly admired him, was it?"

"As long as it's a secret but it's not secret anymore, is it?" Xue Lin chomped the shrimp and chewed it. 'Oh G.o.d! This is so good!' She didn't regret hiring Su Fengfei's cook. This chef is a genius! She asked, "So, how did everyone find out about your admiration?"

The girl looked down. "This is the first time I'm in love, I don't know how to control my emotions. I joined the student council to stay close to him and my cheeks felt hot whenever we talked. I got excited whenever our fingers touched. And he also blushed…"

Xue Lin listened with great interest. 'If the opposite s.e.x is conscious about his presence, whether he is a guy or a girl, they would be conscious too. They are both in p.u.b.erty. Who would blame them if their hearts flutter?'

The girl kept going, 'Other girls who admired him, they noticed his change and they spread the news and his girlfriend found out. From that day, I'm being hara.s.sed everywhere. Since other girls also saw me as their enemy, they also bullied me openly and no one came to help me."

"Not even the boys?" Xue Lin frowned.

The girl replied, "Not even the boys."

Xue Lin leaned back and said, "So, you are saying that the guy you admire is innocent."

"He is completely innocent. I'm the one who is at fault." The girl averted her gaze and dared not to look at Xue Lin. Her hands were clasped together.

"Why do I feel like you are keeping something from me?' Xue Lin looked at her sharply.

The girl flinched and nervously said, "Um… no, I'm telling you the truth."

At that time, someone knocked on the door impatiently and opened hurriedly. Xue Lin and the girl both looked at the doorway and saw a boy standing there, panting heavily.

Xue Lin saw his desperate expression and asked, "Is there something you want to talk to me?"

The boy came inside and the girl who was sitting stood up. She asked, "Why… why are you here?"

The boy grabbed her hand and said, "I heard you were bullied by that witch. I was looking for you everywhere and I found your lunch on the ground." He touched her cheek and said, "They bullied you so much and yet you didn't come to look for me."

Xue Lin coughed dryly to interrupt them. The two of them were startled and the girl moved away from the boy. Her face paled and he looked hurt. Xue Lin put down her chopsticks, she put her right elbow on the table and rested her face on her right palm. "So, are you that well known boyfriend of that bob cut girl?"

The boy frowned. "Bob cut girl... you mean Xiao Mumu? Miss, you are absolutely wrong. We aren't going out."

"Who are you going out with then?" Xue Lin asked. 'Thing are getting interesting.'

"I'm not going out with anyone but I like Susu." The guy said and looked at the girl beside her. The girl blushed and looked down.

Xue Lin also glanced at the girl. "I see, your name is Susu and that bob cut girl is Mumu… these two names have harmony. Are you two sisters?"

The girl named Susu shook her head. "We are not related in any way."

"But you two have same type name. How strange!" Xue Lin spoke from her heart.

[A/N: There is nothing strange. I'm too tired of finding Chinese names and memorizing them.]

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