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Chapter 429: Master Poppy, Advertis.e.m.e.nt

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Mr. Ku Ke, h.e.l.lo.” Qin Ran politely greeted him.

In the hall, both Ah Wen and Ah Hai also stood up and respectfully greeted her.

“h.e.l.lo…” Ku Ke returned to his senses, still staring at her. “I've seen you before.”

The room was warm, so Qin Ran undid the b.u.t.tons on her coat. While thinking of the 129 list, she looked up upon hearing this, feeling a little strange. “You've seen me?”

She had a photographic memory. Although she might not remember names, she would surely have an impression of everyone she met.

But she didn't have any impressions of Ku Ke.

“Mr. Ku Ke, you've always been in Continent M. How could you have seen Miss Qin before?” Butler Qin looked at him.

Coming out of the kitchen, Qin Hanqiu's eyes lit up, and his voice sounded a little excited. “Teacher Ku Ke, did you see her on TV? Do you like to go online too? Ran Ran is even more popular than celebrities online now, you must have seen a picture or video of her online.”

“Celebrity?” Ku Ke realized that he wasn't being polite by staring, so he looked away and shook his head. “I don't think so.”

He had just arrived in Beijing and wasn't used to the domestic network operation method. He still used Continent M's engine and rarely got any domestic news.

Other than teaching Qin Ling on normal days, he was also preparing for the written examination of the Yunguang Consortium.

Qin Ran and Qin Ling sat down on the sofa on the left.

“Then, where did you see her?” Butler Qin picked up a teacup and glanced at him. He didn't seem to be joking.

Ku Ke was silent for a moment. “At the beginning of last year's Continent M social event, I was beside Mr. Lu…” He paused and glanced at Qin Ran. “Where are you studying now?”

The gorges in Butler Qin's eyes were obvious as he squinted. “Miss Qin is now in Beijing University's Physics Department and is very impressive. How could you have met her at Continent M's social exchange event?”


With Ku Ke's ident.i.ty, his exchange event must have been a gathering of talented engineering masters.

“Physics?” Ku Ke was less skeptical now. “Then, I might have remembered wrongly…”


“Mr. Ku Ke, is your interview with the Yunguang Consortium going well?” Butler Qin changed the subject.

Still pondering over the previous matter, Ku Ke picked up his teacup, returned to his senses, and politely replied, “I've already submitted the information and am still waiting for the notification of the resume. I hope it can be approved.”

At this point, he suddenly cheered up, and his brown eyes lit up.

Holding a teacup, Qin Ran looked sideways at Qin Ling, who was playing games. Upon hearing that, she looked up at Ku Ke. “Interview?”

Butler Qin helped him explain. “Miss, you might not know, but Mr. Ku Ke is an international senior software engineer. He came to the Yunguang Consortium's headquarters specifically to enter the IT core department. It seems like his idol is inside the Yunguang Consortium. But Mr. Ku Ke, you'll definitely pa.s.s.”

Hearing this, Ku Ke shook his head and laughed. “It isn't so easy to enter the core team. I'm only 30% confident.”

“So exaggerated?” Butler Qin was shocked.

Software engineers were divided into levels: software technicians, a.s.sistant software engineers, software engineers, and senior software engineers. Not many people could obtain the t.i.tle of an international senior software engineer.

One of the reasons Butler Qin and the others respected Ku Ke so much was because of his reputation even in Continent M's IT industry.

“Butler Qin, Master Poppy is back now, and countless engineers want to squeeze into the Yunguang Consortium. Mr. Ku Ke's words aren't exaggerated at all.” Ah Hai shook his head. “The intelligence engine has almost spread all over the world, and everyone is using the master's artificial intelligence management model. Just the name 'Poppy' can cause the international senior software engineers in the IT industry to follow suit.”


“Exactly.” Ku Ke sighed. “This is the first recruitment within the Yunguang Consortium in three years. As far as I know, there are at least 10 international software engineers from all over the world.”

“All of them are at the international level?” Butler Qin looked shocked.

Only a few software engineers in the world could reach the international level, right?

“Mr. Ku Ke, you must enter the big boss team with Master Poppy and Master Lu.” Ah Hai turned to Ku Ke with an excited expression. “If you see Master Poppy, you must get me an autograph!”

But Qin Ran wasn't listening anymore and just looked down to slowly drink her tea.

She couldn't help but take out her phone with her other hand and send a message to her neighbor—

“Is the team recruiting people?”

He was usually busy, but he replied to her within three minutes—

“Someone ran to learn Physics, so we lack people.”


Qin Ran coughed and didn't dare to reply to him.

A while later, the neighbor sent another message—

“It's very useful to advertise with your name. Many people submitted resumes, do you want to filter through it?”

Without waiting for her reply, he directly sent her a compressed file.

Qin Ran downloaded it, but instead of looking at it in the hall, she went to Qin Ling's room, sat down in front of the computer, and looked at the resume.

Out of those who could be initially selected by the staff were all senior international software engineers, Qin Ran glanced through them and saw 31 people…

All over the world.

Outside the hall, Butler Qin and the others were still listening to Ku Ke talk about the IT industry. Qin Ran and Qin Ling left without them noticing, as they were too devoted to the Yunguang Consortium's affairs.


It was lunchtime in less than an hour.

Walking out with a pot of soup, Qin Hanqiu called them to the table, while Ah Wen, Ah Hai, and the others went to serve the dishes.

When Qin Ran came out, Qin Hanqiu immediately asked, “Why didn't Xiao Cheng come?”

“He's busy,” Qin Ran looked up at him and said expressionlessly.


Qin Hanqiu had always trusted Qin Ran and didn't have any doubts at this time. “He's so busy as a doctor.” He sighed.

After speaking, he went to the kitchen and brought out a bunch of dishes.

Qin Hanqiu's cooking skills were praised by everyone.

After dinner, Mr. Ku Ke brought Qin Ling back to the other side to have their lessons.

Qin Ran didn't leave immediately and just sat on the sofa, waiting for He Chen to send Cheng Juan's order.

On the sofa, Butler Qin was talking to Qin Hanqiu when the phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took it out and saw the Fourth Master's phone number displayed on it. His pupils shrank, and his muddy eyes were stained deep with a layer of invisible hostility.

He stared at the phone for a long while and didn't answer.

The phone automatically hung up.

Qin Hanqiu brought another bowl of dessert over. “Butler Qin, are you okay?”

“I'm fine.” Butler Qin returned to his senses.

Qin Hanqiu simply nodded and then went back to the kitchen to continue was.h.i.+ng his dishes.

Within a minute, Butler Qin's cell phone rang again.

Qin Ran looked up. “Butler Qin?”

Returning to his senses, Butler Qin smiled at her, then took his phone to the door to accept the call.

After answering the call, Butler Qin couldn't hide his bad mood.

“Are you okay?” Qin Ran looked down at the phone. He Chen had already sent Cheng Juan's list.

She put her phone into her pocket without looking at it and then looked up at Butler Qin inquisitively.

“It's okay. It's just a little problem with the company.” Butler Qin looked up and gently smiled at her, his expression cryptic.

Seeing how Butler Qin didn't want to speak about it, she paused, silently stood up, and said in a calm voice, “Okay. I'll go back first, then.”

“You're going already?” Qin Hanqiu came out of the kitchen with a spatula.

Qin Ran walked to the door and wore her coat. Upon hearing this, she tilted her head, and calmly glanced at him. “Yeah, I have matters to attend to.”


Qin Hanqiu knew that she was busy with a Physics project and sent her to the door without another word.

The door closed beside her, and he continued to wash the dishes in the kitchen.

Sitting on the sofa, Butler Qin's smile gradually disappeared.

“Butler Qin, why didn't you tell the truth to Miss Qin? You…” Sitting not far from Butler Qin, Ah Wen glanced at Qin Hanqiu in the kitchen and couldn't help saying in a low voice.

“How could I tell her the truth? How could I say that the Qin family isn't doing well? That the Fourth Master has found out about the Young Master, and that if he fails to pa.s.s the heir a.s.sessment, the direct line will never get out of their predicament? How could I say that due to our incompetence, the Fourth Master found out about the Young Master, and even put our whole bloodline in a dilemma?” Butler Qin shook his head and bitterly smiled.

“How dare I tell her about the Qin family's predicament now…” Butler Qin knew that his att.i.tude hadn't been good at the beginning. Qin Ran only recognized Qin Xiuchen alone, and he didn't have the face to tell her these. “The Sixth Master specifically instructed me not to trouble Miss Qin with the Qin family's issues as she's busy with the Physics research now. It's enough for us to worry about this matter. What can she do if we tell her? It's just one more person worrying.”


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